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The night got deeper.

Soran sat on the cold rock with a quill pen. In front of him was a piece of spell scroll on a stone table which he had split with his curved sword. For an adventurer like him, his ability to adapt to the environment was undoubtedly very strong. Whether it was a quiet and comfortable inn or a deserted cave, he could always concentrate on what he should do. Next to him was Princess Anna, with her head askew. Her little face seemed to have a little baby fat as she held her chin in her hands. She was still cute and lovely of course.

Soran did not know how long he had been studying magic. By the time he looked up, Princess Anna was already a little sleepy, but she was still sitting beside him, without interrupting him at all. After noticing this, Soran put down his quill pen, put the spell scroll aside, turned around and said, “Sleep if you’re tired. I have a tent blanket here that you could spread out and sleep on.”

Soran had three multi-dimensional bags on him and was thus carrying a substantial amount of things on him.

Since Soran had not enough wealth to buy bigger storage equipment, he could only rely on quantity to overcome the problem. Previously, there was a popular joke. The specific content needn’t be talked about, but it was a joke about how it was related to the Beggars’ Sect. For example, Soran would now be the “third-generation disciple” of the Beggars’ Sect (Since Soran had three low-grade multi-dimensional bags on him). Some people who had too many personal belongings but did not have enough financial resources were directly ridiculed as “the ninth generation master” of the Beggars’ Sect. Soran once even someone who was labeled the “eleventh generation grandmaster”; this person had all kinds of low-level multi-dimensional bags on him.

It was unwise to carry many multi-dimensional bags since it would affect combat effectiveness. After all, multi-dimension bags had weight. Although they reduced the weight of things by more than 90%, it was still a burden to carry so many bags into battle. Those who were jokingly referred to as the disciples of the Beggars’ Sect were all trained in their skills to avoid being affected too much by the multi-dimensional bags in battle. In Soran’s memory, there were many Beggars’ Sect disciples in the past. For a long time, many people carried two to three multi-dimensional bags.

However, those who carried nine to eleven multi-dimensional bags were not that common.

Princess Anna was energetic when she heard him speak. She could not help stand up and shaking her head. “No,” she said. “You need to concentrate on memorizing spells. I can stay watch at night and wake you up if there’s any movement outside.

What a clever Princess.

Soran didn’t realize that the Princess was so smart and good. He could not help smiling and unconsciously wanted to reach out and touch her little head. But then he remembered that she was not Vivian, so he just smiled and nodded, “All right. If you feel sleepy, go to bed. I’ve already set up some traps outside.”

Princess Anna gently nodded her head and her face was slightly red; maybe she was in a good mood.

Soran continued to study the spell structure.

As he learned more and more spells, he became more proficient in the field of spell models. Many seemingly difficult spells could be solved by some simple steps and learning the preposition spells. For example, the spell Feather Fall which Soran was learning was a fairly simple Transmutation spell. The number of Spell Circuit and Spell Node were a little less than that of the spell Fly. Then there was the advanced spell of Feather Fall, Levitate, which was a complex version of Feather Fall. Many of the Spell Circuits of Feather Fall were the same, and the spell model of Feather Fall was a part of the spell Levitate.

That was why Soran wanted to first learn Feather Fall, then Levitate followed by Fly.

As a result, the time consumed would be greatly reduced, because the basic spell models in low-grade spells were also present in higher grade spells. Learning Feather Fall was equal to learning one-third of the spell model of Levitate, and learning Levitate was equal to learning one-fifth of Fly. The minute spell models in low-grade spells would help Soran master more advanced spells. Basically, he had now found a way to learn higher grade spells more efficiently; He could now rely on his knowledge of low-grade spells to improve the speed of mastery and success rate of high-grade spells.

The night went past quickly.

When Soran put away his quill pen, Princess Anna was already somewhat drowsy. She had insisted on staying up all night; sitting beside him and staring at the spell model he was studying. Occasionally, she would listen for sounds outside.

Because she had not slept for a whole night, her beautiful big eyes had a little black rim below now. She probably had never been awake for so long.

“You better rest for a while.”

Soran stood up, touched her forehead with his hand, then took out the blanket and spread it on the rock. He whispered, “You’d better get some shut-eye; I’ll wake you up later for some food.”

“Oh…no…no need!”

Princess Anna, who was obviously very sleepy but still very persistent. She whispered, “You haven’t slept all night either; why don’t you sleep for a while, then I’ll sleep after you wake up.”

Soran laughed, touched her head subconsciously and said slowly, “It’s nothing to me. It’s normal for me not to sleep for ten days to half a month in a row during adventures. On the contrary, you have never had such an experience before, so you should take a good rest and refresh yourself since we probably need to stay here for another two days.”

Sure enough, Princess Anna did not resist anymore. She laid down on the furry mat and soon dozed off.

Her eyes were shut and her breathing was steady; she’s probably having a good sleep.

Soran looked at the sleeping girl. She was so cute and beautiful that he wanted to lean over and kiss her on the cheek. However, he just removed the dust off the girl’s hair. Soran then stretched for a bit and went outside the cave.

The road to the realm of legends was indeed hard.

If he could not resist this little temptation, Soran would not be where he was right now, nor would he be qualified to become a legend that could fight with the gods.

A legend must be able to bear with loneliness and resist temptations.

A grade 3 or 4 profession could easily become a city’s administrative class or a leader of a gangster if he gave up trying to build his Strength and Will. Power, money, and women would all be within his reach. It was not difficult to lead an extravagant and absurd life if a person was in charge of part of the underground forces, or had become a well-dressed official noble. They could marry a wealthy noble lady, hire and buy three or five beautiful maids, or buy beautiful slaves through some channels if they had that fetish.

However, doing so would mean the degradation of the heart and losing the strive for greatness.

Many adventurers had not fallen under the hands of fierce monsters, nor in the difficult living environment; they had even withstood the test of death and faced countless dangers. But eventually, their hearts were easily eroded by the pleasure of life.

Legends were legendary.

Because they were outstanding!

Why were legendary Wizards so powerful? That was because they spent countless days and nights in boring research of spells. They meditate in their towers and they stare at the stars in the middle of the night; they pursue the principal forces of this world and the rawest power! They were the wealthiest professions and had more wealth than royalty and nobility!

How many intelligent creatures had been gifted in the past and present, but how many people had been able to reach the realm of legends in the thousands of years?

Power was not just power.

It also represented immortality and long life. Would you rather stand at a high place and laugh at the vicissitudes of the world, or would you like to be reduced to loess after a hundred years?

Reincarnation was nothing but a consolation.

When the soul was remodeled, it would be erased and used to reconstruct a soul with the power from the `source’.

There was also no “Tao” in this world. Maybe many professions couldn’t understand what was called “Tao”, but they all had their own beliefs in mind; Those beliefs were the “Tao” they were pursuing. For example, the ascetic Pugilist or the Sword Saint Soran saw in the small village had powers that could easily bring them control, wealth, and beauty. However, they did not do that and were still strick on themselves!

Only legends could stand a chance against the gods.

If you wanted to stand among men, then the training of your Will would be a ladder you must climb.

Outside the cave, Soran stood on the mountainside and looked into the distance. He could see the vast snow-white land. There were still mountains in the distance but many were blocked by the snow and wind. Even though it was only halfway up the hill, Soran felt open-minded when he stood there looking down. He looked at the scenery silently for a moment, then began to practice his spells, trying to master the ability [Spell Control].

He did not have the blood of a deity nor any amazing talents.

To reach the realm of legends, he would need to climb up step by step. In the future, Soran would have many enemies to fight and may even need to face the gods that had been looking down on the world for thousands of years.

Vivian was still waiting for his return, and the Sons of Fear were still slaughtering each other.

The shadow of the gods had already covered the world!

He hadn’t arrived at the time when he could stop to rest and enjoy himself. It did not mean that he lacked any desires, but that he had something he cared more about in his heart.

No one would volunteer to train in the cold nor to always have to fight for one’s life.

The pain left on the body was still pain and the scars on the body were still scars. Trying to survive on the tip of the knife would never be enjoyable, and death was something feared by any living creature. Soran seldom expressed his feelings, but it did not mean that he did not feel pain when he was hurt. When he bled, it was still something uncomfortable. Never would something like this become a pleasure. It scarred the body, it left marks on the soul, and it would be imprinted on the mind.

All this would only make him stronger!

His name is Soran and he is on the path to becoming a legend. Injuries are part of his daily routine, and bleeding is even more common.

He does not fall. Instead, he has become stronger than ever!