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The Ice Quetzalcoatlus had a huge body.

The male weighed more than three tons, and the other two weighed about two tons. Since Soran was alone he could only pack as much as possible and pick the better parts to take back; A normal adventure group consisted of around five or six people, which could carry almost everything back. There was no infinite storage ring in this world. The closest thing Soran had seen was, namely, the 30-foot Glove of Storage. The only profession that had infinite storage was the legendary spellcasters. Then there were also the powerful deities who could open up dimensional spaces.

Without a dimensional space, the rare grade equipment only had limited space.

Soran was bloody. He took a rest to tidy up his clothes. Then he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The bloodstains gradually disappeared, but there was still a faint smell of blood left behind; Level 0 spells were very practical in most situations and could help solve day to day problems. When adventuring in the wilderness, Rogues were often the dirtiest; because they needed to investigate and explore. They could not take care of their appearance. When they had to lay on the ground, they laid on the ground. When feces was in the mud, they still had to prone down and Sneak. The next dirty professions in line were the Fighters and Rangers. They sometimes had to take up the role of the scout. The only profession in the team who had the cleanest boots were the spellcasters. They were often the cleanest the neatest of the lot.

Sometimes the Dwarfs were the dirtiest. Because they had short limbs they often fell into ditches; in fact, this was especially common among those who were overconfident of their jumping ability.

One could always expect some fun accidents from them!

Soran was almost done handling the Ice Quetzalcoatlus. Just then, the bloody smell seemed to have attracted the attention of some creatures; Soran seemed to have heard some sound from the blowing wind. He looked at the cliff in front of him and began to pack his most important trophy, the dragon eggs in the dragon’s nest. The price of these eggs was hard to determine, it could be very valuable, or it may only be suitable for eating. Domesticating these beasts were extremely difficult.

Only people around dragon cities knew the techniques of domesticating the dragon subspecies; people from other regions had absolutely no idea.

Many creatures were wild and difficult to tame. This was especially true in those with the genetic memory of their native race. The best utilizers of the draconic ability in the past hundred years were the Drows in the Underdark regions. Their approach was simple and crude; only needing a male pure-blooded dragon to achieve their goals.

The cliff had very smooth walls all around the nest; the dragon subspecies was very good at picking the location of their nest.

These cliffs were sprayed with Cold Breath and were nearly three centimeters thick. Soran felt that it was so smooth that he could not climb it at all. But he wasn’t helpless; Soran pulled a dagger out and stabbed it into the slippery cliff and climbed up, bit by bit. He soon reached the height of a three-story building and jumped into the dragon’s nest with a push from his leg.

Inside the nest were three white dragon eggs. They were about the size of a basketball and were half-buried inside the cold snow.

Hatching the dragon eggs required special circumstances.

Soran also saw a small pile of Gold Derahls in the Dragon’s Nest. These Ice Quetzalcoatlus probably attacked other creatures; It was the nature of the dragons to collect wealth, especially shiny things. The items in the nest were mostly low-value items, some even damaged, but there were also some minerals; many were crystal, amber, and agate. There was also a fist-sized piece of natural gold. Dragon subspecies would sometimes attack Kobolds, and some of their loot would be carried to the Dragon’s Nests.

Soran took out a piece of Dragon Meat and threw it away. In place of it, were the gold and stones. The things there probably had a value of around three thousand Gold Derahls.

Finally, there were the three dragon eggs. He put out his finger and knocked on them to check for movement. Then he lifted them to the sun to check; there was no trace of living things in them. It seems that they were laid not so long ago. These eggs still had a long time before they would hatch. These kinds of eggs could also be eaten directly and was a first-class delicacy with no toxicity.

These eggs could not be kept for a long time since they had temperature requirements.

Soran packed two, and then returned along the original path he took. Suddenly, Soran seemed to have heard the sounds of Trolls; He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but there were many Ice Trolls in the Frost Kingdom.

Those creatures were even harder to deal with!

When she saw Soran coming back, Princess Anna was obviously relieved. Her little hand patted on her chest and said, “You’re back at last! I heard loud noises and almost wanted to go over and see!…”

Good thing you didn’t come over.

Soran raised the eggs he had in hand and said, “I’ll treat you to something great.”

He knocked open the dragon’s eggs with a knife handle; the eggshell was rather strong. Then he took out a spoon and stirred it. He poured a small bag of flour into it and stirred it with a little fine salt. Dragon eggs could be roasted directly over a fire. They tasted almost like chicken eggs but were packed with more flavor. In the past, he would often peel them open and eat them as is. Dragon subspecies were widely distributed and could be seen almost all over the world. Most higher-grade adventurers would have had dragon eggs. Sometimes, even roasted the eggs of the pure-blood dragons. [The survival rate of dragon eggs was only one-tenth. ]

Princess Anna looked worried. She poked Soran with her white finger, and then whispered, “I think I heard something moving in the north while you were gone.”


Soran went to the south-west direction, thus the sounds from the north must be from something else.

His face was slightly grave. After placing the dragon’s eggs, he jumped onto a rock and looked around. Unfortunately, he could not see anything. Then he came down slowly and said, “It may be an Ice Troll. We’ll go around it later and stay on the mountainside for two days. Then we’ll cross the mountains and head for the sea. The believers of Torture would not have guessed that you could cross the mountains; thus we’ll go to Arendell from there.

Princess Anna stood up and looked at the mountains in the distance and murmured, “Would we be able to cross it? There are no roads on either side and most places are just not passable!”

“That’s true.” Soran stirred the cooking dragon egg and continued, “That’s why you’ll have to wait until I master a spell.”

Princess Anna had a surprised expression and asked, “You’re a Wizard too?”


Soran did not answer this question. He cooked the eggs and split them into halves with his curved sword. Adventurers were not very particular in this aspect; swords that were used to kill could also be used to cut meat. He handed the other half to Princess Anna and said, “Eat it all up. This could temporarily give you resistance to cold and enough energy to support you for two or three days.”

Only a few rare foods could add buffs; the dragon egg was one of them.

They were even used in the making of resistance potions in Alchemy.

The two filled their stomachs in silence, and the bruises on Princess Anna seemed to have been reduced after eating dragon eggs. She had regained her mobility, but when Soran was ready to go, she still leaned over with a blush on her face and laid on his back. Soran did not pay much attention to this. He picked up the girl and headed southeast, ready to cross the rugged mountain path. Since he agreed to send her back, he could not give up halfway. Soran was a man of his word.

Half a day went by quickly.

They found an abandoned cave that seemed to be a polar bear nest. The inside had a terrible smell.

Princess Anna was dirty, mainly because she was doing some cleaning. Apart from her beautiful and clean face, there was nothing noble left about the Princess. The girl’s adaptability was good. She even knew how to clean because they were going to stay there for a few days.

Soran installed two traps and a simple warning system.

Maybe it was because he hasn’t set traps for a while, but it took him more than half an hour to get it right; in fact, Soran still preferred to be a combative Rogue, so he rarely studied about trap devices.

It was a waste of time for him, because he figured enemies might not step into it, and it took plenty of time to set it up.

It gradually became dark.

Soran lit a candle and turned the magic scroll open. From time to time, he would write on it with a goose feather. He even cut stone into a simple platform. Next to him was Princess Anna with her head slanted. She brushed her clothes with a little snow, tied her hair into two ponytails, and sat quietly beside him. Maybe it was because she ate the dragon’s eggs, but her face was a little red. Maybe it was the energy brought about by dragon’s eggs which sped up her blood circulation, or maybe it’s because of other effects.

The girl seemed to be very used to boring things.

Her patience must be good since she could sit beside Soran and watch him Scribe Spells for three hours straight.

In fact, the life of a princess was very boring.

Especially when she was second in line to run the kingdom; other princesses would spend most of their time playing, while she had to read books. Books were the most important source of knowledge in the world. She needed to learn law, literature, religion, etiquette, art, geography and so on. Sometimes the amount she had to learn was even more than that of the Ice Wizards.

The princesses who grew up just to marry other royal families certainly did not need to learn these things, because that was not they were born to do. However, since Princess Anna was one of Arendell’s two pearls, she would need to manage at least half of the kingdom’s affairs when she reached adulthood; the people under her rule was over millions. She also needed to help the elder Princess deal with the affairs of the whole country. As a future ruler, it was certainly not possible for her to only play and enjoy herself.

Even though she was only a princess now, the education she received was that of a ruler’s education.

If no accidents occurred, Arendell’s future ruler could be her child. This is because few men could match the mighty elder princess, who might not have any children at all. In fact, she may even become a godlike existence.

The elder princess, which had the qualifications to become a deity, might choose to become one. Then Princess Anna would be the next in line to be queen.

Princess Anna would be the one to continue the royal bloodline.

Although she was somewhat inexperienced and childish, she was still very young. It was impossible to ask too much from a sixteen-year-old girl.