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There were two touch spells among the close-quarter low-grade spells.

One was Vampiric Touch, which could reduce the enemy’s HP and transfer it to one’s own body. The other was Ghoul Touch; If the other party could not pass the Test of Toughness, then it would be paralyzed instantly.

After absorbing more than 30 HP, Soran had recovered from his injuries, and the frostbite on his arm was almost immediately eliminated. Necromancy spells were very useful in actual combat. The Ice Quetzalcoatlus that Soran was on slowed down because of the injury.


Soran’s Rogue had a Profession Level of 9. He could launch 9 Shadowstrikes per day. As long as there was contact with the opponent, Shadowstrike would cause 9 points of Corrosive Damage. Perhaps this damaging effect was nothing compared to Soran’s curved sword attacks. However, the Corrosive Damage ignored defenses and would directly affect the vitality of the organism itself.

Both attacks were made on the skin of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus, but the skin around it had become somewhat dark blue, and the blood vessels were markedly atrophied. Shadow Energy was very corrosive. Not only could it cause great harm to enemies, but it also caused harm to the user. So. many Shadowcasters had to transform themselves into Half-Shadow creatures after some mistakes in some experiments. In this aspect, Rogues were safer because they grew up assimilating Shadow Energy.

Screaming echoed!

After Soran dodged, he rolled over to a rock; the action wasn’t very flashy and it was called “Rolling Donkey” in martial arts maneuver. People who liked to act cool would hardly use it, but Soran did not pay any attention to this; he paid more attention to combat effectiveness. Soran didn’t care about the manner of fighting at all and didn’t care whether he was cool or ugly. Anyone who had a lot of combat experience knew that the rolling dodge was better than the average dodge.

Combat was a serious manner.

It was silly to lose your life for the sake of gracefulness; life and death was not something cool at all.

Soran took a deep breath and began to increase the amount of oxygen inhaled to improve his explosive capacity. Epinephrine secretion could be accelerated through some special technique, which was key in their everyday training. His pupils were slightly bloodshot, the size of his pupils was 1.5 times larger. There were also other subtle features in his body, which were not supernatural abilities, but characteristics formed after countless battles.

Soran was still not in Berserk mode. If it were a Fury Warrior, they would be able to double the size of their pupils in a moment and increase the secretion of epinephrine several times over. The most notable class was Barbarian; After a legendary Barbarian activates Berserk, their eyeballs would become almost one color. Their pupils and the whites of their eyes were almost fused. All these characteristics were not caused by the ability but were only the external manifestation of the explosive state. During this period, the profession would have exceptional dynamic capturing.

The heart began to beat faster, like a thundering drum.

At the moment Soran rushed out, his heart rate almost doubled. This explosive technique needed a strong Constitution to support it. The consequence of not having a strong Constitution was that it would cause blood vessels to burst. That was why so many Fury Warrior’s had short life spans. Their Constitution could not keep up with energy consumption. They overused the Berserk ability so much that it killed their vitality. This was similar to the professional out-fighters, most of which did not live as long as the average person.

That was why Soran allocated a lot of points into his Constitution; to deal with situations like this!


He leaped out and landed directly on the back of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus. Then he twisted his waist and stepped into a twisting slice attack. By relying on his fantastic balance, he leveraged his step on the back of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus and then used [Sword Form- Heavy Hack] again!

A list of data appeared in his vision suddenly:

“Activated Shadowstrike!”

“Activated [Sword Form- Heavy Hack]!”

“You have dealt 72 Chop Damage (Critical hit)!… Armor Piercing effects!… Sharpness!… Successfully activated Beheading!… Beheading failed!… Target’s Test of Fortitude failed!… Target entered a state of heavy bleeding!”


Soran’s curved sword had cut into the neck of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus. This time, it failed to cut through between the bones. Instead, it cut directly into the bones, which made his palms feel a little numb. The Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s neck bone was cut ten centimeters deep and halved. Without the support of great Strength, Soran still could not cut through Dragon Bone with a rare grade weapon; he did, however, cause serious damage to the target. A large amount of blood poured out in a frenzied manner. The Ice Quetzalcoatlus gave out a desperate howl as its whole body began to shake violently to shake off Soran.


Soran’s Stoneskin was hit; He was swept by the dragon’s wing and felt his ribs brake. A mouthful of blood came up his throat, but he forced himself to swallow it back down. The Ice Quetzalcoatlus whose neck was cut in half seemed to have also injured its blood vessels; blood sprayed out like a large tap and the vicinity became a bloody scene. With the rapid depletion of blood, the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s breathing also became weaker and weaker.

“Just one more!”

Soran didn’t look back. He immediately went into the shadows and then activated “Evade Sight” to go into Sneak. A dragon’s claw passed by Soran was and broke apart the cold rock, leaving claw marks of more than ten centimeters long. These Ice Quetzalcoatlus had sharper and stronger claws than metal, and Soran’s leather armor simply couldn’t stop them; only his protective Stoneskin could resist their attack.

Once the attack failed, the Ice Quetzalcoatlus had a claw retracting action.

Soran came out from the side and hit the enemy’s neck with his sword; maybe it was because their necks were too long or because Soran liked the pleasure of the beheading attack. He hit the enemy’s neck several times in the next few moves. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to exert force. Ordinary slashing could only break the dragon’s skin at most; if he was unlucky, his sword might even get stuck in between the neck bones. However, the effect of the attacks was undoubtedly good. The enemy bled faster and faster and its head could not rotate conveniently.

Right then, a moment arose.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus retracted its wings; Soran seized the opportunity. He turned over and sat on the neck of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus. Then, he pressed its head down as hard as he could. Continuous injuries and bloodshed had reduced the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s strength. Then for a brief moment, its head sank. In the next second, a cold light flashed through, and Soran launched another beheading attack.

This time, however, the data which appeared were different!

“You have dealt 78 Chop Damage(Critical hit)!… Armor Piercing effects!… Sharpness!… Successfully activated Beheading!… Beheading successful!… Target’s Test of Death failed!… Target instant death!”

“Battle ended.”

“After this battle, you have gained a new understanding of [Sword Form- Heavy Hack]!”

Data regarding a battle ability had appeared.

Soran threw himself on his knees, gasped slightly for air, and then struggled to get up. Instead of rushing to clean up the battlefield, he took off his clothes. There was a notable dent in his chest where the ribs were broken by the Ice Quetzalcoatlus. Fortunately, most of the damage had been blocked by his Stoneskin. The degree of rib fracture was not serious and had not punctured his lungs. If his ribs had punctured his lungs, it would have reduced his explosive power by 30% in an instant.


Soran grunted, gritted his teeth and fixed his broken ribs. He then sat there for some time to rest.

Sometimes blunt injuries were more serious than puncture injuries; especially blunt injuries to the head, which may directly knock someone out. He previously liked to use blunt attacks against heavily armored Fighters, as he could put an enemy with low Fortitude into temporary dizziness. To deal with those heavily armored Fighters, the effect of cutting and puncturing alone was insufficient and could not cause fatal damage to them. Soran’s chest, for example, had sustained a blunt attack, which was the easiest way to break bones. [Fracture, paralysis, shock, unconsciousness, dizziness. ]

Soran read the battle ability data that had appeared, then went on to check on his loot.

Firstly, he had to skin the Ice Quetzalcoatlus, as Dragon Skin was an important material in rare grade armor making and sold for a good price!

Quetzalcoatlus meat could not be eaten directly. Even with Soran’s extraordinary Constitution, he could barely consume it. Ordinary people may be poisoned if they ate it. The most toxic dragon subspecies were the Wyverns. Their meat was extremely poisonous. Ice Quetzalcoatlus meat was cooling in nature. Soran even remembers that there was a talented person in Traditional Chinese Medicine who recorded the medicinal properties of dragon flesh and blood.

For example, the Ice Quetzalcoatlus, cooling food (Great Cooling), cold toxicity, enters the liver, lung, kidney meridians, and invigorates the body. Strengthen muscles and bones while warming and invigorating the kidney’s Yang energy. It calms the liver and clears the eyes. People with weak spleen and stomach should not eat it. Consuming it would cause their chest and abdomen to be depressed. It could detoxify, but it should not be consumed excessively or be eaten for a long time. Women on their period should not consume it as it would cause severe bleeding and threaten life.

There was a man was worshiped by many.

He was the only person in Soran’s memory who had trained his Heal ability to more than 600 points; almost using his Heal ability to become a real profession. It was said that his Heal ability could stimulate natural energies and produce a therapeutic effect similar to that of divine healing. This person was also a very famous gourmet at that time. He had almost traveled to all the planes and even counted the medicinal properties of more than hundreds of organisms.

He was even popular among the gourmets.

Legend has it his Constitution even fell from 18 to 12 because he had been constantly eating random things; even divine powers could not recover the lost Constitution.

In the end, he died.

Soran couldn’t remember how exactly he died, but it was sure he must have eaten something he shouldn’t have eaten and was finally poisoned.

At least he died doing what he loved.

Soran picked the right spot and started the skinning; he even cut off some dragon meat parts. The intestines of the dragon subspecies could be used as materials. Dragon blood was suitable for low-level Alchemy and Scribe Scroll. The most valuable part, however, was the Dragon Bone Whip, which could be sold for thousands of Gold Derahls. All these parts added together was roughly ten thousand Gold Derahls.

Overall, it could be said that Soran had enough material for his Alchemy and Scribe Scroll studies.