Abyss Domination

Chapter 148 - Beheading!

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The snow on the ground flew up.

Soran shook his arm and shook the ice off his body, and then he immediately pulled out his javelin and threw it at the Ice Quetzalcoatlus in front of him. Cold Breath had brought him more than twenty frostbite damage. If he hadn’t gained the Lesser Cold Resistance ability, he would have been stiff for a while before he could regain his movement.

The most important thing when dealing with an Ice Quetzalcoatlus was to remove their flight. Although Soran had the chance to attack the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s head, he still threw the javelin on its wings.


The heavy javelin penetrated the wings of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus. It was stuck between the dragon’s bones, nailing it into the ground. While the Ice Quetzalcoatlus uttered a painful scream, Soran swung its sword at it at full speed. The skull of a dragon could not be attacked directly. Even rare grade weapons wouldn’t make a dent. It was also impossible to attack those seemingly vital places.

The vitality of a dragon was very tenacious. They just wouldn’t die fast. Attacking the vital organs of the dragons was also difficult since special dragon-slaying weapons were needed.

It was similar to giving someone a sword and asking him to pierce the skin of an elephant and hit the heart.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus was so large that injuring its heart would require penetrating several centimeters of thick skin. Instead of attacking the neck, Soran cut open the wings of the dragon with a curved sword. Blood spilled on to the ice as the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s wings were cut in half, like a ragged shawl flying in the cold winds. These injuries weren’t fatal but took away their ability to fly.

A sharp claw swung toward Soran; The male Ice Quetzalcoatlus even opened its mouth and wanted to bite Soran’s neck!

It was very dangerous.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s narrow neck was almost one meter long, and its head could turn at an angle close to 360 degrees. As long as something was within the scope of its attack, there were hardly any blind spots, and there was no possibility of avoidance.

The Reflex Evasion ability brought about by Soran’s Shadow Dancer profession came into effect at this moment. Soran’s reflexes allowed him to hit the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s neck with a backhand punch, deflecting his opponent’s attack a little. Then he hunched back, avoided the dragon’s biting jaw. And with a violent leap, he hit the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s jaw with his head in an instant.

Painful screams echoed!

Soran was dizzy for a moment because the impact was strong; his head was not comfortable. The Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s lower jaw hit its upper jaw hard, and several sharp tusks of the dragon broke down. Soran’s instant reaction was so fast that if he slowed down a little, he might have had his head bitten off by the beast.

Then suddenly, the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s wings fluttered violently. If the wings had not been cut by Soran, there would have been strong gusts of wind. Now, however, it could only flap its wings in front of Soran.

Wing Attack!

One of the most dangerous and lethal attacks from the dragons.

If people were asked where the strongest muscle in the whole body of the dragon was, there would be many different answers. Some would say it’s at their hind legs and thighs, some would say it’s at their forelimbs and head. However, the strongest muscle groups were in the dragon’s wings. When they used Wing Attack, it could cause a sweeping injury effect.

Soran had been waiting for this moment!

The dragon’s most dangerous attack was their Wing Attack. Even though the Ice Quetzalcoatlus were the biggest among the Quetzalcoatlus, they could still use the weaker version of Wing Attack. Because this ability consumed a lot of energy. The dragons could not continuously use Wing Attack; as long as one could avoid this attack, the danger of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus would be cut in half!

Soran’s extraordinary Dexterity took effect at this critical moment.

Soran’s body bent to an almost 90-degree angle, avoiding the flapping of the dragon’s wings by mere millimeters. The fierce wind blew his hair up as the wing missed his head. The rocks beside him were all cracked by the dragon’s claws. Right then, Soran changed from a one-handed grip to a two-handed grip on his weapon. Then, along with the gaps between the bones, he cut the muscles along it. Soran had cut a wound nearly half a meter long! The hot dragon blood splashed on him and caused his skin to be slightly burnt.

Most of the dragon subspecies had acidic blood!

All muscles grew in a certain pattern and path, thus It would be much easier to cut the muscles along those lines. Like a butcher skillfully butchering an animal, Soran had cut. All legendary close-quarter combat professions had the legendary ability “Expose Weakness” which had similar effects. This skill enabled them to do more damage even though their attacks weren’t that powerful. Soran seemed to have burst into this state at the moment, causing nearly 50 points of Slash Damage to the Ice Quetzalcoatlus.

As he rolled away, his arm was slightly cut by the sharp ice on the ground. After that, he immediately turned over and stood up.

Suddenly, Soran heard some noise from behind; other Ice Quetzalcoatlus had come!

Sure enough.

When the male Ice Quetzalcoatlus seemed in danger, the two female frost pterosaurs became restless. One of them flew into the air immediately and went straight for Soran. He pulled out another javelin in an instant and did not aim at the target. He had no time to aim at it and just threw it by intuition.

However, such an attack was good enough for a giant Ice Quetzalcoatlus. The short javelin hit the Ice Quetzalcoatlus in the abdomen, and it struggled and wailed, swaying slightly as it flew.

Dragon’s claws swooped in from the side!

Soran’s body emitted a faint magic glow, and Stoneskin was immediately cast. The dragon’s claws hit him and pushed him more than three meters away, but did not cause any fatal damage. The third Ice Quetzalcoatlus also flew up; It must have figured this adventurer was more dangerous than expected. It gave up guarding its eggs temporarily and launched a dive attack with a roar.


Soran’s crossbow bolts hit the enemy, and he immediately leaped behind the rock to avoid the attack. He raised his palm to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. Then, he took out his last javelin and jumped over the rock, throwing it at the previously wounded female Ice Quetzalcoatlus. Soran wanted to take down the previously injured female Ice Quetzalcoatlus first since the other Ice Quetzalcoatlus couldn’t attack. After a dive attack, it had to circle in the sky again, to attack from the right angle again.

Soran had limited time. He had at most thirty seconds before the Ice Quetzalcoatlus would turn around to do a dive attack again.

The javelin hit the smaller female Ice Quetzalcoatlus again, and it finally swayed and fell. The muscles close to the wings were penetrated by the javelin, making its flight power substantially reduced.

The subspecies of dragons were very tenacious. They had a Basic Health of more than 12 thus any subspecies of dragons had nearly the life force of legendary Fighters; roughly having more than 300 HP. If the critical hit could not be dealt, then the only other option was to slowly exhaust its HP.


Soran gave out a roar and sliced open the belly of the male Ice Quetzalcoatlus. Then he jumped on its back; the Ice Quetzalcoatlus immediately struggled violently, trying to shake Soran off. However, Soran suddenly exerted all his strength, his toes even creating a dent on the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s back, and his figure leaped up in an instant. When he came down, he focused all his power and combined it with the force of falling. Then, he clenched his curved sword with both hands and slashed down. [Sword Form-Heavy Hack] combined with the power of Shadowstrike, slashing the Ice Quetzalcoatlus at its neck.


The head of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus was cut down directly, and blood gushed crazily covering Soran’s entire body. As if he had taken a bath with dragon’s blood, his whole body was now covered in blood.

A list of data appeared in his vision suddenly:

“Activated Shadowstrike!”

“Activated [Sword Form- Heavy Hack]!”

“You have dealt 85 Chop Damage( Critical hit)!… Armor Piercing effects!… Sharpness!… Successfully activated Beheading!… Beheading successful!… Target’s Test of Death failed!… Target instant death!”

The body of the male Ice Quetzalcoatlus crashed to the ground. Even though it had hundreds of HP, it was dead. Only the corpse was still twitching. The dragon’s wings swayed slightly, and the remaining vitality was rapidly depleted. The female Ice Quetzalcoatlus roared in the sky, and the still circling Ice Quetzalcoatlus plunged from the sky toward Soran.

This time, however, Soran had no room to dodge. He was in a rigid position right after the outburst of power. Because he had just cut off the head of the male Ice Quetzalcoatlus, his position was very vulnerable and was at the line of attack of the female Ice Quetzalcoatlus.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus, in the sky, dived down toward Soran, and the Ice Quetzalcoatlus with two javelins on it also pounced at him. There was hardly any room for him to dodge, and his body could not recover after the explosive jump. At that moment, Soran took a deep breath, then rolled back along the ground. He was covered in the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s blood as he rolled into the shadow of the dead male Ice Quetzalcoatlus; right then, Soran completely disappeared.

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Jump!”

Soran’s shadow suddenly twisted and he disappeared in place. The Ice Quetzalcoatlus swooping down from the skies had their claws stretched out. As they came close the sharp claws cut the skin and flesh of the corpse, leaving marks of more than 10 centimeters deep on the ground. If it had hit Soran, then his stomach would be cut open!

A shadow beside a rock began to twist and Soran’s figure appeared around twenty meters away.

Soran raised his finger and fired several Arcane Missiles; then there was a flash of faint light in his eyes and the spell Fear landed upon the two Ice Quetzalcoatlus.

Without a doubt!

Fear was not effective against the dragon subspecies; Soran’s spells were still too weak.

However, he was not in the slightest panic. After taking a deep breath, he jumped up and rushed directly to the injured Ice Quetzalcoatlus. His fingertips showed a strange dark red light, and his pale face became lively again at the instant he touched the Ice Quetzalcoatlus.

“Vampiric Touch!”

Soran’s injuries were now reduced to Minor Injuries; the Ice Quetzalcoatlus he touched screamed, and its face suddenly became a lot paler.