Abyss Domination

Chapter 147 - Ice Quetzalcoatlus

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Everyone who climbed mountains knew how difficult it was.

Soran walked steadily, but he was very tired with a person on his back. The upper limit of his weight limit was about 300 pounds, so if he weighed more than 300 pounds, it would begin to affect his movement. Although Soran had a strong physique, he still only had 14 Strength, which was similar to the average human laborer. The weight of about 100 pounds was still within his bearable limit, but the speed of energy consumption had increased a lot. He needed to rest after a short walk; that was to ensure that it did not affect his explosive power when he encountered monsters.

Under normal circumstances.

The adventurer should maintain his or her energy level at 70% or above, the ideal number would be 80%-90%.

The chance of unexpected events in the wilderness was not low. Soran had encountered unexpected battles more than once, so he had to maintain his total energy level at more than 80%. So when he felt a little tired, he would immediately rest for a while to restore his energy level to more than 90%. The danger of subspecies of dragons was no laughing matter and Soran doesn’t want to be out of breath before he starts fighting.

Out of nowhere, there was a fragrant smell.

Soran couldn’t tell whether it was the fragrance of flowers or what, but it gave him a sense of comfort. It also had the unique fresh smell of a girl. Occasionally, strands of hair blew onto Soran’s cheek, which was a little itchy. Princess Anna’s breathing was very even and she seemed to be observing Soran’s ears. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to reach out and pinch them. The more she looked at them, the more she felt that Soran’s ears were a little sharp. She even reached out and touched her ears for comparison.

Soran could feel two soft masses on his back that moved from time to time. The Princess might have felt embarrassed about it as the slightest friction had made her cheeks slightly red. However, it was not the kind of adult’s desire. As the Princess of Arendell, Anna’s education was very complete, and the present situation made her shy.

The wind on top of the mountain was really strong.

Soran’s expression was very calm, his mind was focused on the surrounding environment, especially at the sky. That was because the Ice Quetzalcoatlus could fly in such weather and even launch dive attacks on targets. Occasionally, he would feel the girl on his back move slightly, but it would not arouse his other thoughts. Soran, after experiencing the Underdark, had become somewhat numb to these kinds of things.

All the female Drows, be it mothers or daughters, were good at seduction. Their ability to seduce males was even one of the main courses they had to learn!

Just like how Human needed to learn about religion and geography.

Indistinct sounds were heard.

Soran seemed to have heard some sounds in the cold wind. He carefully lowered the girl on his back and murmured, “We’re almost there. You go find a safe place to hide, and remember not to come out later.”

Ice Quetzalcoatlus.

One of the subtypes of the Quetzalcoatlus. They were quite similar to the pterosaurs in the dinosaur era. They do not have scales like the pure-blood dragons but have one layer of skin so breaking their armor was relatively low. They have strong hind limbs and forelimbs to form their wings and when they walked on the ground, they would gather their wings. They were distributed in small groups on the top of mountains in cold regions usually composed of a male and two females; their pups were occasionally seen.

Dragons have a difficult time reproducing. That’s why the Quetzalcoatlus laid eggs every three years. Their distribution in the world was also very loose.

“Ice Quetzalcoatlus [Dragon Suspecies] (Grade 4) (Herd Creatures)

Challenge Rating: Level 14 (Monster Level: 17), has spell-like abilities

Highest and Lowest Attributes: 22 and 10 (Total Attribute Points: 90-100)

Specialty: Dragon Bite, Cold Breath, Wing Attack

Loot Drop: 1.5 times

Difficulty: C+

Soran found a rock crevice on the top of the mountain. He calculated the size and decided that the Ice Quetzalcoatlus could not go in at all. Then he whispered to the girl next to him, “Stay here and don’t move around. Do not, under any circumstances, come out later.”

Slaughtering dragons was dangerous business.

Princess Anna’s little face was a little excited, she even nervously grasped the sword in her hand and whispered, “You can rest assured. I’m not going to run out and mess things up.”


Soran nodded his head lightly and began to prepare for the hunt.

Going out guns blazing to kill the Ice Quetzalcoatlus was actually suicidal. A dive attack would kill a grade 4 of profession instantly. These Ice Quetzalcoatlus could weigh about three tons, be about seven meters long, and have a wingspan width of about five meters. Their strong limbs allowed their Wing Attacks to push back the adult mammoth back several meters. It was useless to wear any armor as any equipment could not withstand such fierce force; it was so powerful that it could sever the human spine.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s Strength ranged from 20 to 22, and its real power was much more lethal than any other creature of equal Strength.

But all dragons had one weakness, and that was they were not at all agile.

Some pure-blood dragons only had 10-15 Dexterity, and their body shape determined that their flexibility would be low.

Their only advantage was that they could fly!

Soran took the javelins out and reassembled the metal head of the javelins with tools. The best way to deal with dragons was to use fine steel weapons as heavy as possible. He fixed the javelins on his back and made sure they could be pulled out and thrown in an instant. Then he began to prepare other tools, which were sort of like trap tools for tripping the dragons. Soran simply fixed it with a chain and then turned around a little. There were balls at both ends so that it could temporarily restrict the Ice Quetzalcoatlus’s flight when used.

Dragons had very good resistance to a variety of things.

The venom had little effect on them, thus Soran did not want to waste the expensive Wyvern Venom on them; He only filled the crossbow with normal arrows and hung it around his waist.

After he was ready, he took a glance at the girl beside her and went out.


Princess Anna watched Soran’s back as he walked out. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She snuggled in slightly, clasped her hands in front of her chest, and lowered her forehead to her fingertips, as if she were praying, “Goddess of Winter! Please guide him and give him safe passage!…”

The snowy winds on top of the mountain gave it low visibility.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus didn’t hunt very often at this time of year and would reduce their frequency of hunting to about twice a week.

Soran did not go into Sneak because the traces of him treading on the snow were too obvious, and the nests of the Ice Quetzalcoatlus were very difficult to approach.

More sounds were heard as Soran went ahead.

When Soran went over a rock, he saw a steep hillside, about fifteen meters high, with a simple dragon’s nest on it. It was like a huge bird’s nest made of various shrub branches. In the center was a giant Ice Quetzalcoatlus, with two smaller Ice Quetzalcoatlus beside it. He also seemed to have seen dragon eggs, which was undoubtedly a good thing; that was because if there were dragon eggs, the Ice Quetzalcoatlus would not rush out in one swarm, giving Soran a good chance to deal with them.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus were gray-white in color and had very good eyesight. After laying eggs, they watch their environment vigilantly.

That was why they soon detected Soran, the incubating Ice Quetzalcoatlus were full of aggression. After seeing Soran in front of them, the male Ice Quetzalcoatlus roared, as if warning him to leave immediately. The dragon subspecies did not have much intelligence. After seeing Soran stay still, the male Ice Quetzalcoatlus immediately spread its wings and flew into the air; instantly flying tens of meters.

The attacks of the dragons were very aggressive.

But they did have a general pattern. The male Ice Quetzalcoatlus circled in the sky once then dived down towards Soran. When it opened its large mouth, which was filled with sharp teeth, a stream of cold frost instantly spewed out. This was the first attack of dragons. More than half of the dragon types liked to use Dragon’s Breath to kill their enemies.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus dived so fast that it only opened its mouth 10 meters before it reached the ground. Then it fluttered its wings violently and went back into the air.

This was a critical moment in dealing with a Quetzalcoatlus!

Although they looked like wild animals, they were actually very cunning and dangerous. Adult Quetzalcoatlus rarely fought their targets on the ground. They usually hovered in the air until they could find the opportunity to launch an attack and then dive down. Since the power of their dive was enormous. Even the legendary Fighters with shields would be injured. The Quetzalcoatlus would always look for opportunities to kill their targets with a dive.

Only in desperate situations would they come down to do battle!

To deal with them, Soran first had to force them down. To force them down, however, he had to resist the Cold Breath. When a strong stench came on his face, he suddenly twisted away a little bit and threw the chain out of his hand in an instant. Soran’s left arm was frozen at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even though half of his body was covered with frost, the chain in his hand was thrown out at a high speed. After hitting the Quetzalcoatlus’s narrow neck, the chain continued to wrap once around the claws of its left wing.

This was not a spectacular trap and was just a simple binding which had bound the left-wing.

The Ice Quetzalcoatlus was not injured.

But its flight trajectory completely changed, and its wings could not flap at all. It basically fluttered down from a height of more than ten meters, then slammed into the cold rock on the ground.

This was when it received the most damage; the damage it received was more than a strike from Soran!