On the way to Arendell, out of nowhere, appeared an iceberg. The height of the iceberg was about 30 meters; it had a bluish color and some sort of energy. The grass and trees nearby had been frozen, and there were some ice-bound statues, including the masked man who had since lost their life.

Almost no one else dared to approach it, and even an idiot knew that something dangerous must have happened.

The iceberg stood for quite some time.

And traces of cold spread to the surroundings, causing the temperature to drop drastically.

Suddenly, a slight crack appeared on the iceberg, which spread down at an alarming rate. Finally, with a loud noise, the whole iceberg began to collapse and crumble. Even the ice-sealed statues burst apart, revealing dark red flesh that had been frostbitten. Countless pieces of crushed ice fell and pitted the ground one by one, but there seemed to be something in the center of the iceberg. The falling ice was bouncing off something, an oval transparent Energy Shield.

“Damn it!”

The Drow walked out with a pale and stiff face. She must have been trapped in it for a long time as her dark skin appeared very pale. Her fingers trembled slightly as a faint white frost melted rapidly. Her robe was soaked through, revealing her exquisite body, as well as the striking whip marks on her back, which could be seen through the wet clothes. She snapped her fingers and immediately the moisture disappeared and her appearance turned back to normal.

With blood-red pupils, the Drow looked coldly at the frozen and fragmented corpse next to her, then frowned and said, “A bunch of junk-like males!”

Her figure flew up after saying that.

The Drow looked at the crushed ice in front of her. After the ice was crushed, it rapidly dissolved. It was ice produced by supernatural forces, not natural ice. She looked up in the direction of the sea, where Arendell was, frowned and murmured, “How could the projection of a Fatespinner trap me?”

“This frost magic could even seal up the other dimensions!”

“This is not the power that mortals can possess at all!… Elder Princess of Arendell!… Frostmaiden, what on earth did you hide from me?!…”

She put her finger out, seemingly opened a space and step into it.

The ice on the ground had become less and less, gradually showing icy bloodstains, as well as the fragmented limbs and broken arms. After some time the faint smell of blood spread around.

On top of the castle in Arendell, the elder Princess who was almost identical to Princess Anna turned her head. Inside the ice mirror in front of her was an iceberg. As she stepped forward, her figure disappeared in thin air. Her remaining figure disappeared with the cold wind, and glittering snowflakes could be seen flying, then falling on the ground.

In the next moment!

Her figure appeared on the coast, the flying snow gathered in the air and turned into a beautiful elder Princess.


The Princess looked at the frozen figures beside the dock and a trace of anger appeared in her blue pupils. Just a moment of delay and thousands of people nearby had become frozen. A trace of ice magic was spreading toward Arendell and cries of terror from civilians surrounded the Princess.

For this godlike power, the mortals could not resist. As long as they were touched by the diffusing ice, they would immediately turn into ice sculptures.

The expression on the Princess’s face was so fierce. When she waved angrily like a high queen, dozens of Ice Spikes raised from the frozen seashore; pushing the figure of the Frostmaiden back hundreds of meters. The frozen seashore cracked rapidly around her, and the frozen fish could be seen in it. The frozen seashore was not only frozen on the surface but also the seawater below; the whole sea in that area had been completely frozen.

The power spread and the ice and snow suddenly intensified.

As the most acclaimed female heir in the history of Arendelle, the elder Princess and Anna were different. It was difficult to describe her temperament in words. If anything, she possed the aura of a true ruler.

She was someone that gave off the feeling that she was the highest queen, making you feel at awe.

In Arendell, some even worshiped her.

“Your Majesty!”

A magic light emerged, and the court Wizards of Arendelle finally arrived. Many of them were women, and a blue light broke through the sky; It was a legendary profession. Arendell was a wonderful country where women were far more talented than men. Nearly half of the spellcasters in the court were women. Women could also be feudal lords and had the same status as men, but they did not discriminate against men as the Drows did.

Legend has it they were the descendants of the Goddess of Winter; the ancient deity was said to have been here and left many direct bloodline descendants.

In the history of Arendelle, there were as many queens regnant as there were kings. Almost half of the history of Arendelle was ruled by Queens.

The elder Princess turned to glance at them then said coldly, “Stand down.”

The existence in front of them was not what ordinary people could fight against at all, even the legendary professions would not be able to go against her.

That was because she was Frostmaiden.

One of the deities in the world that had existed for a long time. Although she had always been confined to the powers between Minor Divine Power to Lesser Divine Power, she was still much stronger than most of the legendary professions.

The court Wizards around her hesitated for a moment, but they obediently retreated to the rear, including one of the legendary profession. It seems that the elder Princess had high prestige in Arendell.

Immediately after the Wizards of the court around her retreated, they began to join hands to cast spells, opening up a barrier to the incoming cold and resisting the spreading ice. The ice spells of the Evocation System were very popular in the Frost Kingdoms; it was also where many Ice Wizards were.

The Frostmaiden finally opened her mouth to say something.

But her voice seemed so vague that it was almost non-existent. She stared at the elder Princess expressionlessly and said slowly, “I’ll get back what belongs to me! A mortal is not worthy of such power!”

The elder princess frowned as she didn’t quite understand what she meant.

However, the Princess still replied in a serious tone, “Deities should not come to the mortal realm at will, let alone hurt innocent civilians. Frostmaiden! Please take back your avatar, or you will be punished!…”

A strange smile appeared on Frostmaiden’s face, and she said slowly, “Do you think this is just my avatar?”

Out of nowhere, the Frostmaiden disappeared.

A bitterly cold wind blew, and the figure of the Frostmaiden disappeared with the wind. The next moment, she appeared directly behind the elder Princess. She turned her finger into a cold bliss and pierced the Princess’s heart in an instant.

Blood flew into the air.

Her white palm that was like a sharp knife passed through the heart of the elder Princess and the blood-covered hand was now holding a beating heart; then with a tight grip!


The Frostmaiden showed a cruel smile on her face and slowly said, “Sure enough, you’re just a humble mortal… Not qualified to have such power at all!”

Cries surrounded the two.


“Your Majesty!…”

Successive figures started to fly out and a blue light appeared in the sky. Vaguely there seemed to be strange creatures that were not human and were wrapped in ice.

The heart in Frostmaiden’s hand became powder and the fresh blood suddenly turned into snowflakes.

The elder Princess’s stiff body disappeared with the wind, turning into the snow, flying all over the air. Even all the drops of blood had melted away. The smile on Frostmaiden’s face was stiff, and she swiftly looked at the sea below her feet.

Another elder Princess appeared on the sea.

Her blue eyes showed a glow of light while her long silvery hair flew with the wind; the original dress she wore had turned into a crystal blue color, even the space around her seemed to be somewhat twisted. In the next moment, the elder Princess raised her foot and stomped on the ice-covered sea. In the blink of an eye, there was a glittering snowflake silhouette appearing on the sea, covering an area of hundreds of meters.

Then swiftly, six pillars of ice rose and countless ice began to spread out; while this was happening the whole sea shook violently.

The glittering ice crystal diffused at an alarming speed. The flying ice and snow formed walls on the sea and emblems of four snowflakes appeared on the newly formed walls. Within seconds an ice fortress with a diameter of more than a 100 meters had formed; It was like a prison that enveloped the figure of Frostmaiden in it.

The elder Princess appeared in front of the icy fortress.

Her expression was very grave as she looked sternly at Frostmaiden. The Princess could feel a huge force was brewing and knew that the enemy had not been hurt, but only temporarily trapped in it.

Cracks began to appear on the surface of the frozen sea.

The ice fortress that had formed in the blink of an eye, stood on the frozen sea. The Princess then raised her hand and opened a dark portal with a finger. Inside it, there were countless stars and glittering materials. She frowned and took a deep breath, then stretched out her slender fingers and slowly lifted it. As if there was a huge crash, the whole sea began collapsing rapidly and the ice fortress, with a footprint of a 100 meters, began to rise gradually. A huge hole could be seen on the frozen sea.

Soon after, the whole ice fortress was sent into the space of another dimension, while the frozen sea had a huge hole in it.

The elder Princess’s face was pale, and she looked up at the sky. The dark emptiness of the other dimension had disappeared. Vaguely, one could still see the blue icy fortress flying away into the void; along with the glittering materials and stars, the fortress soon went so far that it was just a speck of light.

After some time, she waved her hands and the frozen sea began to thaw; the endless ice also began to dissipate.