Soran strolled around this strange northern city, wondering if the locals liked fish because there was often a faint fishy smell in the northern city. Amber City was also a city by the river, but there wasn’t much of a fishy smell.

Soran could smell the fishy smell in the air as he walked through the streets. Waterdeep was also a transit city in the Frost Kingdom. Because food decayed slowly in the cold climate, most of the meat sources in the north were fish caught from here.

This was a paradise for seafood gourmets. You could buy crabs the size of porcelain bowls with five just Copper Derahls.

However, it seemed that people in this area did not like seafood very much because there was not enough seasoning to remove the fishy smell. Thus, much of the nutritious seafood fish were only eaten by the lower class of civilians. There were many toxic kinds of seafood. Although the poisons were not fatal, eating too much would make someone more prone to illness. They could lose their lives from the illness. However, there was still more than a dozen type of fish that the people of the north ate as their staple food.

Soran even bought a very big king crab with three Silver Derahls.

These crabs could be temporarily stored in his multi-dimensional bag and chopped up to be consumed later.

Soran replenished a lot of stuff he needed. In addition to his weapons and equipment, he also needed to replenish part of his food stock. Soran was still about two or three days away from Arendell which was a city close to the sea.

Soran’s figure was more conspicuous among the northern races, and sometimes people would look at him with ill intentions. However, after seeing the curved sword at his waist, they quickly looked away. The most important skill on the streets was being able to make good evaluations of people. Those who were not good at it often did not live long.

Sure enough, Soran was not someone that seemed weak at all!

Bows and crossbows were not often used in the north because of the climate. The cold weather often affected the bowstring. However, iron products here were relatively developed. Here you could see soldiers outfitted with shields, daggers, and javelins. The northerners were quite good at javelin throwing. Some of them could even break through the defenses of heavily armored Fighters. The weapons Soran added to his arsenal included 60-centimeter-long javelin. He got five short javelins, which were very useful against large beasts, including some subspecies of dragons.

Wizard’s Magic Stores were located all over the world. The most common magic scrolls here, however, were the ice spells of the Exocation System.

Soran purchased magic scrolls such as Feather Fall, Levitate, Fly. He used nearly 1,600 Gold Derahls, almost spending most of the proceeds of the gemstones he sold. Fly was also not a spell that could be directly mastered. Learning the prerequisite spells could only improve the efficiency of learning Fly.

Soran did not stop in the city for too long.

After obtaining the necessary supplies, he quickly headed for the wilderness. He had accumulated a lot of Slaughter EXP, and after killing three or five Bugbears, he would be able to raise the rank of Wizard once.

The Profession Rogue would level up in a straight line after reaching Profession Level 9. After leveling to level 14, he would have gained more than 100,000 killing experiences. A purebred profession who did not multi-profession would also need more than 2 million Slaughter EXP to level up to the realm of legends.

That was why Soran wanted to prioritize leveling up his Wizard; maximizing the effects of the Slaughter EXP gained.

The Profession Level of Wizards would erupt in a straight line after the 9th level. However, the Slaughter EXP required could reach tens of thousands of points without even calculating the requirements of the multi-profession. Wizards above level 14 would need more than 200,000 Slaughter EXP to level up one time. That was why the number of high-grade Wizards had been very scarce. Unless they had amazing talents, it would take decades for the average Wizard to enter the field of high-grade Wizards.

Soran previously tried to slaughter dragons when he reached a Profession Level 15.

Of course, Soran did not go after the pure-blood dragons. Instead, he went for the subspecies: Drake, Quetzalcoatlus, Wyvern, and so on. When he reached Profession Level 16, he killed his first pure-blood dragon. Unfortunately, it was just a White Dragon that had just grown up.

Before reaching grade 3, Slaughter EXP gaining was rather easy, and the speed of leveling up was faster. However, leveling after that would be much harder and it would be useless to kill small useless creatures. The Slaughter EXP of a Quetzalcoatlus was higher than that of cleaning up a large group of goblin population, and the value of the rewards harvested was more valuable!

Entering the realm of legends was also a difficult path, not only was Slaughter EXP required, but a big sum of Derahls was also needed.

Everything needed money!

Soran was not even financially well-off enough to carry out the ritual of “bloodline purification” for himself, let alone get a complete set of high-grade rare equipment. The value of a legendary Wizard was more than one million Gold Derahls, which was equivalent to the wealth of a city. Only about half that was needed to accomplish a Wizard Tower.

Since the Rogue was just a mediocre profession, it did not need that much money for leveling!

Although he still had a long way to go, Soran had begun planning to get into the realm of legends. He still needed a lot of things, and at present, what he needed the most was money.

He needed it for a set of rare grade equipment.

Learning magic and Alchemy were costly. Wizards were professions that were always short of money and had never enough to spend.

To a Wizard, money rivaled power. Low-grade Wizards could only become powerful after spending enormous amounts of money.

So far, it was impossible for a Wizard to cross the grades to challenge their superior counterparts. The main reason was not the disparity in strength, but the lack of money.

Sometimes, Soran felt that he should get closer to the Goddess of Riches.

After resting for a day, Soran left Waterdeep and headed for the deserted wilderness. He knew there was a place in the Frost Kingdom where the Quetzalcoatlus gathered. They were a mixed species of the White Dragon and were distributed in three or five groups. They could spit out ice but had a Challenge Rating in the C class. They should be relatively easy to deal with.

As long as he killed a group of them, he would be able to get a set of rare grade equipment!

The wilderness in the Frost Kingdom seemed rather dead. The distribution of wildlife in the field was actually very scattered. Species were split by the territory they had and the monsters were not grouped together either. It was even possible to have traveled all day to encounter only a few scattered monsters.

The situation at Whiterun was special because some events had happened to lead to the gathering of monsters!

In normal circumstances, the number of monsters would balance out when food was scarce.

In Soran’s memory, the term ‘farming’ actually referred to obtaining people’s heads. The most common thing in the world were actually not the monsters, but the ubiquitous intelligent creatures. These were the limitless sources of experience that could never end. So for a long time in the past, people in the Evil Alignment were generally two or two levels higher than those in the Good Alignment. Unfortunately, those people did not end up very well.

It was taboo.

In this world where belief played a major role, and humans were the cornerstone of beliefs that also provided for the shrines around the world, breaking some taboos would bring about the wrath of the shrines.

The only place where Soran was able to kill large amounts of people was in the desert. The desert bandits that no one loved or needed. They were not only numerous but also densely distributed. Even when Soran killed a lot, it would only attract the attention of a demigod shrine. There were no serious consequences.

Soran seemed to have completely adapted to the cold.

His cold resistance was now very high, so traveling in the Frost Kingdom was a piece of cake.

It was noon.

Soran found a relatively dry place to set up a campfire, then cut down a section of the king crab and set it up for roasting. This delicacy was only available in a few areas, and the price was quite cheap.

Spices were extremely expensive in this world since spices were almost equal to the value of gold. Even with the income of an adventurer, he could hardly afford it. Soran used to use very little spices. Even now he only carried a little. He didn’t like the feeling of eating gold or the feeling of consuming rare grade equipment away.

It was fairly easy to live in this world, but luxury items were extremely expensive!

The sea salt was slightly bitter.

The best and most refined salt was filtered through a process in Alchemy, and the price was slightly more expensive. Soran, however, was not very particular. He sprinkled some salt and spices and ate it as is.

The king crab was not bad, so Soran didn’t quite understand why people in this era were a bit shy about eating crabs. When he was half full, he suddenly felt that he heard something.

He swiftly stood up and grabbed his curved sword.

Soran pushed aside the snow-covered bushes and moved cautiously ahead, to the place where the sound was made. The sound was not very far from him and was only about a hundred meters away; a plopping sound.

There was nothing in front of him!

But there seemed to be a slight dent in the snow. Soran’s expression was somewhat strange. He took a vigilant step forward and carefully extended his finger and touched it.

He felt what seemed to be soft skin, even though he could not see anything in front of him.

“Greater Invisibility?!”

Soran retracted his finger in surprise, and carefully touched the position of the other person’s nose, which was a little small and exquisite. It seemed like a woman, breathing weakly, and seemed to have fainted. Soran still couldn’t see anything because the effect of Greater Invisibility was too strong. It seemed far stronger than ordinary Invisibility spell.

Soran could only rely on touch to figure out who this was. He felt a long silky hair and a delicate ear.

He followed the neck down and found two soft plumps in front. They felt quite good and were very flexible to touch. This was a young girl. The person’s clothes seemed to be very exquisite and seemed to be made out of high-grade silk fabrics. Soran couldn’t feel blood on the body, and the heart seemed to be beating smoothly.

Soran hesitated for a while, but finally decided to bend over and hold up the person who he couldn’t see it at all. Then he turned around and walk towards the bonfire.

Since Greater Invisibility could not last long and Soran could not break the spell, he could only let the spell ware off.

Hopefully saving this girl would not bring trouble!

The old Soran would not have done something like this. But since he was saved once, he thought he should do some good too.

The girl he carried was very light, as though she also had other buffs on her.

How could a girl suddenly appear with Greater Invisibility and faint? I feel like she will bring me trouble!