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Even though those were very powerful Instant Cast Spells, these were not the most powerful abilities of the evil divinity. There was a more perverted Instant Cast Spell among Soran’s Gifted Abilities.

This rather common Gifted Ability was [Vampiric Touch].

“Vampiric Touch [Gifted Ability]: You’ve succeeded in integrating with the divinity of Fear. When you activate this Gifted Ability, you can condense negative energy to erode the enemy’s vitality and temporarily transfer it to you. Any enemy you touch directly after launching this ability will lose (3 * Spellcasting Score) HP and you will absorb up to 60 HP. This HP will be transferred to you and treat your injuries. If the HP absorbed exceeds your maximum HP, this HP will be retained for an hour, increasing the upper limit of your HP. The effect of this spell cannot be stacked, and the target may die because of the exhaustion of vitality. [Can be used once per day]

That was Vampiric Touch.

One of the most powerful low-grade spells among the Necromancy Spells.

Soran now had the ability to absorb more than 30 HP at a time, which could be used to heal his wounds. If there were no injuries, the HP would be stacked on his HP and could last for an hour. If he was injured later, these temporary vitalities would be consumed first to restore and heal his injuries.

In fact, this spell was difficult for Wizards to use.

Since it was difficult for the Wizard to touch the enemy when they relied on range attacks. But for a Rogue, like Soran, it was only a very simple task to touch the enemy.

A simple Instant Cast followed by touch, and the effects of Vampiric Touch would begin to take effect: The enemy would lose some 30 HP, while Soran would gain some 30 HP.

This would basically take away more than 60 HP, equivalent to instantly getting Treat Serious Wounds!

The effects brought about by divinity were rather complex.

Firstly, divinity itself brought about an attribute bonus, which currently Soran was still seven points short. If enough was accumulated, Soran would advance into Minor Divinity and all his attributes would +1. Secondly were the Gifted Abilities brought about by divinity. These abilities varied according to the divinity itself. For example, the divinity of the Good Alignment would bring about mostly divine healing, instant blessings, buff spells, and so on. The divinity of the Evil Alignment essentially consisted of damage spells and negative energy-life absorbing spells.

The divinity of Fear would definitely bring about abilities of fear. Then there was also the ability brought by the Evil Alignment which was ‘Vampiric Touch’.

Soran was once on the receiving end of it!

He accidentally let himself get touched by his opponent and lost more than 50 HP in an instant; he was then left seriously injured and the other party basically recovered completely.

This was the most important Gifted Ability he wanted to gain by risking an integration with the divinity!

One “Vampiric Touch” had the ability to turn things around, and Soran was now not afraid to fight head-on even against the high-grade professions.

That was how big the power gap was between deities and mere mortals.

The deities who fell and became saints could basically Instant Cast all spells below level 6; some powerful deities were even able to Instant Cast level 9 spells.

The number of abilities they had was just insane!

Soran slowly walked out.

Outside, there were two or three northern men that were chatting. They had white skin but thick pores. The hairs on their body were exuberant and their physique was obviously a little stronger than the southern people. This was a grocery store which looked like it also sold some wine and food. There should also be some spare rooms upstairs. Anyway, it was just an ordinary shop which carried small amounts of everything. Soran saw three children who looked like each other. Two boys and one girl, and their little faces were all a little chubby. Those must be their children.

Raising three children at the same time does require them to make as much money as possible.

Soran nodded slightly. He looked at the man outside and pulled out ten Gold Derahls from his pocket. Then he handed them to the man who was obviously the shopkeeper.

“No…Not that much!… That’s way too much!…”

The tall northern man was a little embarrassed and muttered, “That noble lady had already paid for everything!… She already paid for a week’s accommodation and meals!…”

Soran laughed and said, “Keep it. Consider it my thanks.”

The civilian’s financial situation was not great, but there were not many places they need to spend money on. That was why adventurers were able to earn the money they needed for the rest of their lives. Ten Gold Derahls was not a small sum of money for them. It was enough for them to pay for the tuition fees for their three children to follow the scholars for one year and master some of the most basic knowledge. The chubby owner beside him was obviously looking at the money with some intent. The northern man hesitated for a moment, but still kept the ten Gold Derahls. This was how much they made two to three months.

“Thank you all.”

Soran nodded slightly, then turned to the door.

This placed seemed to be the edge of Waterdeep. In the distance, there were tall walls and many areas scattered around the city.

These people were definitely not from the city, but they weren’t foreigners either.

There was still a lot of snow and ice on the road, but you could still see children fishing nearby. There was a river on the right side of the city, which had been frozen.

There were very few fish in the river. Since the river had been overfished, there were almost no fish in the river.

Soran looked up at the sky and then walked towards the city. He wanted to get rid of some jewelry, trophies, replenish some consumables, and buy some magic scrolls he needed.

Even though Soran felt that Vivian was safe, he still wanted to see her as soon as possible.

Without her by his side, he felt somewhat empty.

Along a broad road, a coachman drove in a special carriage which was followed by seven or eight fully armed Knights nearby. At first glance, they seemed to be good escorts. They rode northern horses, which were small and hairy. Even though they were not as powerful as the southern breeds, their endurance was outstanding. The Pack Beasts that they used here had basically adapted to the environment. Occasionally strong reindeer could also be seen. Horse breeds in the north were expensive and consumed more than those in the south. Only the wealthy noble could use them.

“Mother Grenna.”

A girl’s crisp voice came from the gorgeous carriage, and she seemed to be complaining, “Why can’t I take that man with us? He looked like a powerful adventurer!”

“Maybe he’s a good storyteller? The books always said that such adventurers would have many stories!”

Then a serious female voice rang out and said slowly, “Your Highness Anna. You should pay attention to your words and deeds. Your noble status represents the dignity of Arendell. You must not stay with those greedy, dirty and murderous adventurers. If there is no law, these people are likely to become a gang of robbers!”

“You’ve saved his life. If you hadn’t met him, he might have frozen to death in the snow.”

The girl seemed to have not listened to her at all and muttered with her head, “The book always said that the princess would meet a knight in distress, then the knight will fall in love with the princess. After that, they would regain the throne and fight against evil people. Oh, they would also kill some dragon or something. That man may not be a knight, but maybe he’s a very good adventurer? In recent books, adventurers have often replaced knights as protagonists.”

“I managed to find an adventurer after much difficulty but you lost him!”

The middle-aged woman, Grenna, seemed to be out of breath then said with a straight face, “First of all. Arendell has a mighty elder princess, and no one can threaten her. Secondly, he is not a knight or even a great adventurer. An experienced adventurer would never be in such a vulnerable state, plus he didn’t seem to have met any terrible enemies.”

“Lastly. The elder princess will be coronated soon.”

“Your Highness Anna, could you imagine the expression of the elder princess when she sees the adventurer you picked up from the road?”

“I believe you won’t want her to be angry?”

The beautiful girl seemed to be somewhat depressed, playing with her ponytail with her white fingers. She unraveled the ponytail on the other side then tied it into a single ponytail with a delicate hairband. She then flat-mouthed and whispered, “I’m just a little bored. The princess’s lives in books are so wonderful. They either fought against terrible evil or slew mighty dragons. Only I am confined in my room every day, learning either court etiquette or how to manage the kingdom. Every day I learn this and that.

“How boring!”

The more she talked, the angrier she became. She even stretched out her hand and pulled off her hair band, making her beautiful hair messy.

The middle-aged woman seemed to be helpless and slowly said: “You are one of Arendell’s two most dazzling pearls! When your elder sister is crowned queen, you would have to run the kingdom together! ”

“I think you ought to read less of those dirty books, which are used entirely by cheap Bards to fool ignorant girls!”

The girl’s beautiful eyes were wide and her beautiful face was full of anger. She seemed to want to refute, but suddenly the carriage shook, and all around the carriage became strangely quiet.

The middle-aged woman shielded the princess behind with astonishing agility, then pulled the curtain and looked out.

The coachman was strangely stiff in his place, his eyes twirling wildly. His lips moved ever so slightly, but he could not utter a sound. All the guards outside remained stiff in their place, and the horses were like wooden puppets.

“Group Hold [Instant Cast]!”

A level 9 spell.

Nearby, there was a near-legendary Wizards or Priest who used [Spontaneous Casting] of the Metamagic Abilities to keep the entire convoy of guards in place.