Abyss Domination

Chapter 139 - Divinity of Fear

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The faint light awakened the sleeping Soran.

The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to turn over and reach for his weapon next to him. When he touched his curved sword next to him, his face relaxed a little. Series of memories began to emerge in his mind. He walked a long way, saw a city, and although he was very tired, he had finally reached the highest point of his Will power. His journey was like sharpening a knife. At the moment when Soran was most tired was also the moment when his Will, Spirits, and momentum were gathered to the highest point.

In the next moment, Soran did not hesitate and chose to fuse with the gained divinity. Immediately, he was seemingly dragged into a very real dream realm!

Soran seemingly saw many demons, but there was only one thought in his mind: to kill any creature that dared to block him.

Soran did not know how many he had killed, but when he finally relaxed, all the demons, including the will of the Dread Lord were killed by him. He also heard Vivian’s voice vaguely, but he became unconscious before he could see her clearly. Seven days of accumulated fatigue and injury had finally broken out at the moment he relaxed, and he felt as if his whole person had fallen into darkness.

The high tension had finally burst!

Soran had used his firm Will to hold everything up until the last moment, but when he killed the Will of the Dread Lord, he heard Vivian’s voice which reassured him. All of a sudden all the fatigue came out. Since had encountered the hunters until now, Soran’s nerves had suddenly relaxed, and the result was him instantly passing out.

He became unconscious in the snowy environment and fell into the cold snow beside an unknown city road.

When Soran had finally gotten up, his clothes had been changed. Everything was neatly placed beside him, and no one seemed to have touched them. The wounds on his whole body had almost recovered. Soran didn’t know whether it was due to the effect of the integration of divinity, or whether someone had treated him. Maybe both because his last accumulated frostbite damage had brought him into a state of serious injury, which was very difficult to recover from in a short time.

It probably was only the second day. His intuition told him that he had not passed out for that long.

Outside there were sounds of human activities. He looked at the room he was in and found that it was simple and solemn, made from rough thick wood structures. This was the most common house in the north. The owner probably was a citizen with good earnings and an acceptable status. Fires rarely occurred in the Frost Kingdom because of the cold climate. The trees at this part of the world were tall which made them good timber for building houses. He took off his clothes, which seemed to be the clothes of another man. The clothes were rough, and he figured the owner of the clothes was taller than he was.

Soran changed into his clothes then checked his multi-dimensional bag. Everything was still there.

Someone had probably saved him.

After Soran was unconscious, he was brought here. The person who saved him seemed good since he didn’t take anything of Sorans.

A kind of person like this was rare.

It was as if he had heard sounds inside the room, but in fact, the sound of heavy footsteps came from outside. A northern woman, who looked a little round, came in. She was about thirty years old. She might be obese and weighed more than 200 pounds. Her face, however, seemed kind and easy to get along with.

“You’re awake?” The obese northern woman smiled and said, “You’ve been asleep for a day.”

Soran bowed slightly to thank her and said, “Did you save me? You can rest assured that I will give you what you deserve in return.”

“No! No!…” The obese woman waved her hand and looked at the curved sword in his hand. It seemed she was a little frightened. Noticing this, Soran quickly put the sword down and the woman’s face became more natural. She then smiled and said, “It’s a noble lady who saved you! And she seemed to be of high rank. Her maid asked me to take good care of you and even paid for a Priest to treat you.”

“She was a king hearted noble lady. I’ve not seen such a kind-hearted nobleman for years!”


Soran frowned slightly and then asked, “Where is she? Maybe I should thank her and give her back the Gold Derahls she had spent.”

The chubby woman giggled and replied, “Well, unfortunately, she had already left yesterday without even leaving her name.”

“She also told me not to go through your things, saying that an adventurer like you might be more vicious. But it looks like you’re a kind person, just like my nephew. Everything of yours is over there. I left it there and didn’t even move it.”

She even emphasized the part where she did not touch Soran’s items in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Already left?

Soran was taken aback slightly, then continued to ask, “where did she go?”

It seems like I’m really lucky…

“I think she was headed to Arendell.” The northern woman smiled and said, “She must have been in a high position because many guards were around her. I felt that she must have had more power than the Lord of Waterdeep. You must be hungry? Shall get you something to eat?”

Soran nodded slightly and replied thankfully, “Sorry to be troubling you.”

The chubby woman quickly went, and Soran began to tidy up his things, putting them away one by one. No one had moved his stuff and he didn’t find anything missing either. Even the wounds on his body healed quickly. So, Soran figured the woman probably told the truth. However, Soran really couldn’t remember who saved him. Someone must have passed by, found him unconscious on the side of the road, and then brought him here.

He checked his stats and found that there were more things.

Lesser Cold Resistance [Personal Ability]: In the process of fighting the cold, you became more and more able to resist the cold environment. You will adapt to most of the cold climates and the resistance to special cold environments had also greatly improved. From now on, you are immune to any frostbite damage below 3. When attacked by spells or spell-like abilities, any damage with cold effects would be reduced by 3. [Prerequisite: Constitution above 18. ]

Soran’s ability to resist cold had been improved.

After accumulating hundreds of frostbite damage, he finally acquired the ability [Lesser Cold Resistance].

Then there was another important ability.

“The Ascetic [Passive Ability]: You trained your Will in extreme circumstances. While fighting the cold, pain, and the danger of death, your Will had been further refined. You’ve used your Will power to fight the extreme conditions. In this process, your Will had gradually become as strong as steel. When you are faced with a test of your Will, you would have an extra 3 points. [Will + 3, the Ascetic’s precondition for advancement. ]

Soran definitely would not advance into the class Ascetic.

All this hard training was so that he could confront the Dread Lord’s Will at the moment when his Will was at its peak.

If he had given up midway or even had the idea of giving up, then Soran would not dare to fuse with the Dread Lord’s divinity.

However, in the end, the opposite was true and Soran was able to push through!

As he integrated with the divinity, another row of data also appeared in front of Soran: [3/10] (Minor Divinity).

Soran needed 10 divinity to advance into the level of Minor Divinity.

For the time being, Soran was not able to gain any attribute bonuses from the divinity, but he had gained some special abilities.

“Fear Gaze [Gifted Abilities]: You have succeeded in integrating with the divinity of Fear. When you concentrate on exerting Fear pressure, anyone who looks directly at you will feel fear. They must pass the Test of Will with a difficulty (10 + Divinity Value). Otherwise, anyone looking at you would be affected by the effects equivalent to being frightened. ”

Fear was a level 0 spell.

This Gifted Ability was equivalent to the ability Fear but better; there was unlimited use and could be used on any target. If the other party’s Will was not strong enough, they may be instantly scared until they shat themselves.

However, even though this ability was useful against average people, it was not so against people with professions.

Then there was the second Gifted Ability.

“Fear [Gifted Abilities]: You have succeeded in integrating with the divinity of Fear. You can instantly cast Fear once a day. Any creature within 30 feet must make a compulsory Test of Will. The difficulty of the test is equivalent to the combined value of your Spellcasting Level and Spellcasting Score. Any creature that cannot pass the exemption will feel extreme fear and produce emotional reactions such as giving up, running away in panic, despair, and tremor. It’s also possible to kill small and weak targets directly. [The number of times the spell can be cast increases with the increase of divinity. ]

This was the most important ability of Fear divinity.

After seeing an Instant Cast spell, Soran’s finally showed a small smile.

There were many kinds of spell that could trigger the Test of Will, ranging from the level 0 Scare, level 1 Cause Fear, level 2 Cause Group Fear, level 3 Fear, to the higher-level Cloak of Fear, Power Word: fear. Divine Word: fear and so on. All these spells were very powerful control abilities. If the target couldn’t pass the Test of Will, then the target would be almost finished.

However, Soran did not care too much about the strength of the spells. He cared more about the fact that most were spells that could be cast instantly!

What was Instant Cast?

Basically the ability to raise a finger, without even pointing. Casting Fear was instantaneous and would then force the other party to take a Test of Will.

What would happen if your will power was challenged by fear? How would your body react?

Unless that person’s Will was completely resistant to Fear, there would inevitably be a short period of latent reaction. Soran had also experienced the level 3 spell Fear previously. His heartbeat suddenly started to accelerate, as if he had been terribly shocked. Even though he passed the Test of Will, it still took a little while for him to recover.

If the target did not pass the test, the frightened target would completely breakdown!

The most common reactions were to flee, tremble, or give up. There was also the possibility of dying instantly.

Fear could be used to kill someone.

A level 3 spell instantly causing a coward to die was also very normal.