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In the Northern tower.

The ice on the river surface was very thick. The children in the northern part of the world would cut through the ice to fish. When they caught some, they would take it back to roast and eat it. Children of their age liked to eat more, but they dare not easily get near the tower, which was a forbidden area for the others. They were warned by their parents early on not to disturb the mysterious northern Witches. Occasionally, they would look with their with envious eyes, dreaming to become powerful wizards in the future.

Gloria buried herself in a pile of notebooks, reading dense numbers and symbols.

She had been in the lab for three days, and occasionally slept there when she was tired. She sometimes went to see Vivian’s condition. She was ready to advance to the legendary realm of the Northern Witch, during which time she had begun to explore the deeper parts of the Magic Network while studying some level 9 spells. If she succeeded in completing a level 9 spell, then she would enter the quasi-legendary realm. Given a little more time, she would be able to steadily rise to the realm of legends.


Gloria seemed to have felt something. She raised her head from the high stack of books, reached out, and took off her crystal glasses. She frowned and looked out. Her eyesight was actually very good, but she would wear these delicate silver-rimmed crystal glasses when researching magic. Her glasses were rare grade enchanted equipment, which helped her with spell research.

Gloria really felt something. She got excited and vanished in thin air.


She stared at the little girl who had just opened her eyes in surprise. Because she had slept for too long and had woken up a little confused, she rubbed her eyes with her white hands, and then asked in a half-awake state, “Sister Gloria? Did I sleep long? Why do I feel dizzy! ”

Gloria hugged Vivian, leaned over her, and kissed her on the forehead. Slowly, Gloria said, “You’ve been in a coma for almost half a month!”

“Big brother!” It seems that the little girl had remembered something. She asked in a panic manner, “My big brother? Is he not here?”

Gloria was silent. She raised her finger and stroked her long hair which had strands of silver in it. She murmured in a low voice, “We were separated from Soran, but he’s supposed to be okay. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Vivian was silent.

Then the little girl raised her head and looked at Gloria, wondering, “No! I just saw my brother! ”


Gloria was puzzled by the answer and frowned, “Did you see Soran? Here? Impossible! This tower is all covered by my consciousness. If Soran were here, I would know it!”

As if she had thought of something, Gloria’s face suddenly turned pale and her eyes grew sad.

Had Soran really died?

If it was his spirit, she might not be able to discover him. Was it possible that Soran’s spirit had appeared here for a moment because of his strong Will?

Gloria held Vivian tightly and suddenly felt sad and somewhat uncomfortable.

She did not know why but she recently had been occasionally thinking of the man named Soran.

As a noble northern Witch, she seldom thought of anyone on her own initiative. She does not even think about her mother that often, but now she had been thinking of a man every few days, worrying whether he would survive or not. Gloria’s heart was actually a little unclear. She didn’t feel love, and it was not just friendship either. She felt that he was someone she had known for a long time.

“Was it a dream?” The little girl rubbed her head and said to herself, “I really seem to have dreamt a lot!”

What Vivian said cheered Gloria up, and she was somewhat happier. She put her forehead on Vivian’s little head in some annoyance, and then said, “What did you dream about?”

The little girl closed her eyes and recalled for a moment. She murmured, “There were so many dreams and so many frightening things!”

“Fires and blood were everywhere! They were dancing around me, but I was not afraid of them. As long as I was not afraid of them, they did not seem to be able to get close to me. I also dreamed of a terrible person! He seemed to be my father!… No! No!… He’s not my father, he was a very powerful and terrible thing, and I did not know what it was!…”

“He kept asking for me to be obedient! And wanted me to give in to him!… There seems to be also another voice!… I did not know who it is!… She said she was me and her name was Lilian!…”

“I won’t give in to them! I’m Vivian!… I’m my big brother’s Vivian!…”

“Big brother!…”

“Right! I also dreamed of my brother! He’s got a lot of injuries! And it pained me to see him like that! I couldn’t stop crying!… I shouted at him desperately!… But my brother didn’t seem to hear me at all!…”

The little girl’s voice was trembling, and Gloria could not help panic slightly because she knew it might be more than just a dream.

Vivian closed her eyes, her eyes glistening with tears, and murmured: “Big brother seemed to have walked a lot of roads. He seemed to have gone for a long distance. He was badly injured and very tired. I don’t know how long he had gone. One day he passed by me. I still shouted at him desperately, but my brother didn’t seem to hear me at all.”

“The ground he passed was covered with ice and snow. I saw the ground under my brother’s feet freeze into ice and suddenly it became very cold!”

“I shivered in the cold, and my tears even froze.”

“Big brother’s body was full of snow and frost, and the ground he passed even froze up. There were heavy snowfalls in the roaring cold wind. The cold wind and snow extinguished the flames, all the blood was frozen into ice, and my brother looked extremely tired. But he never stopped walking. Nor did he hear my voice. He just kept walking, approaching, and finally encountering those monsters and demons!

“Big brother pulled out his sword! And the monsters near him were frozen into ice sculptures!…”

“Big brother killed those demons and was still moving forward!… Then he came to the terrible monster!… I heard the growl of the monster, and I felt terrified!… But my brother kept moving forward! He did not stop! He finally walked up to the monster and cut off his head with his sword!…”

“I felt that the whole world was shaking. A lot of things were shaking. My brother did not seem to hear my cry and the next thing I knew, he had disappeared!”

“Then…” Vivian raised her head and muttered, “Then I woke up.”

“Sister Gloria?!…”

“Did my brother kill those demons and save me?… I am sure my brother knew where Vivian was trapped!… And then he came a long way to save me!… Although he could not hear my voice, I felt that my brother knew I was there!… Right!… My brother looked at me before he disappeared!…”

“He smiled.”

“He seemed to be trying to say something, but he disappeared before he spoke!”

Gloria was silent. She lowered her head and kissed Vivian. She felt relieved and murmured, “Yes. It must have been Soran who came and saved you.”

“He should be okay. He’s still alive. A man who could make me pay so much for a Fortune Tell would not die so easily!”

Gloria’s voice became lower and lower, and in the end, her voice was barely audible.

Vivian raised her little head, gazed at Gloria with her big beautiful eyes. She held her in her arms with her small hands, buried her little head in Gloria’s bosom, and murmured, “Sister Gloria”

“Sometimes feel like you’re my mother. You even have her smell.”


Gloria couldn’t help laughing, with a somewhat crying and laughing expression. She opened her mouth and playfully bit Vivian’s tender little face and muttered, “You little brat! How am I so old?…call me your sister, don’t call me your mother!…”

“Ouch,” Vivian moved away slightly and nagged, “Don’t bite!… Big brother said only little dogs would bite people!…”

Outside the high tower.

The cold winds still blew strongly, but it seemed that the coldest period had passed.

What they need to do now was to wait for spring to come.

It was the hope of life!