Abyss Domination

Chapter 129 - Frost Kingdom

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A burst of vitality exploded in Soran!

Soran’s mouth was slightly bitter like he had just chewed a leaf. He did, in fact, consume a leaf. The taste was accompanied by a very strong vitality. It was hard to put the feeling into words, but the effects were very strong. His Constitution had been raised to 21, and his HP had been permanently increased by 10. Now he had 146 HP, which was not much different from pure-bred Fighters of level 12.

In fact, the Fighter’s Basic Health increased by 10 upon leveling, while a Rogue only increased by 6.

A row of data appeared in front of Soran:

“You have consumed the [Leaf of Life]!

Your Constitution has been permanently increased by 1!…your HP has been permanently increased by 10!

Ability Rebirth [Elementary] has been upgraded to Rebirth [Intermediate]!

Even Rebirth has been upgraded?

Soran looked at his ability data with amazement and found that his Rebirth ability, which required 25 Constitution to upgrade, had been upgraded once already.

“Rebirth [Intermediate] (Gifted Abilities): Your incredible Constitution had gone beyond the range of ordinary people. Many injuries are no longer lethal to you. Your strong vitality allows you to regenerate like a troll so any serious injuries could be gradually recovered over time. Some physical disabilities can also recover by themselves. Although you cannot sprout another head, as your Constitution gradually increases, you could one day be able to achieve this feat. [Speed of HP regeneration per hour + 2]”

A strong and incomparable regeneration ability.

Soran looked at his ability data. He was incredibly excited and he murmured: “According to the regenerative effects now, I could regenerate 48 HP every 24 hours. That’s nearly one-third of my HP! That is to say that serious injuries could be restored to minor injuries within one day. If I wasn’t in a near-death state or have a disability, I would be able to recover within three days!

Rebirth was the most powerful survival ability.

Soran had dealt with an enemy with advanced Rebirth in the past. That guy only needed to find a place to hide for one day, and when he reappeared the next day, he was completely restored. If he could not kill him in one go, then it was completely pointless.

Compared to this, Treat Serious Wounds would only recover around 50 HP at one time. Even Priests took time to memorize divine spells, the number of divine spells they could memorize in a day wasn’t large. If you went against enemies with strong regenerative abilities, especially creatures like Vampires, you would think that they were multi-professioned in Priest.

The most insane creatures, however, were the inherent high-grade Vampires with advanced Rebirth ability. The could restore HP through sucking blood!

Their Challenge Rating of 15 was already putting it lightly.

There were plenty of Underdark monsters which were difficult to deal with because they had insane supernatural abilities.

Soran continued North.

Even though Soran had consumed the Leaf of Life, he could not be sure that his opponents would not be able to track him.

There must have been a reason for this extremely rare item to not have been used until now. It either had very special religious significance or may have other special uses. The fact that it could slightly improve one’s Constitution, add 10 HP, and gain an extra Rebirth ability, was already very attractive to any legendary profession.

After Soran had consumed the item, he would be able to withstand hits even when he was tied up!

The day was almost over.

Soran was not sure how long he had traveled. He just ran as fast as he could and chose areas with more shadows.

That was the advantage of Rogues.

Invisibility had a duration, but the Rogue’s Sneak ability had no time limit. If they were bored, they could even Sneak for a whole day. In the beginning, some people even transformed themselves into shadowy creatures, which further improved their stealth capabilities. After entering the higher-grade realm of legends, which was about a Profession Level of 25 for Rogues. They could also turn themselves permanently invisible through special rituals.

Even though it was extremely powerful, it hindered one’s social life.

Soran conservatively estimated that he had traveled more than 200 kilometers. He encountered many villages along the way and saw one large Elven town. There were not many cities in Elven territory. There were only five or six of them which were located in important places. They had somewhat of a city-state system where many places relied on the city to survive. Normally, there were no other large cities within a hundred kilometers of a city.

The southern parts were a third of Asia but only had around two-three hundred cities.

Not only that, cities were mainly gathered around the plains around rivers.

If it was close to deserts and primitive forests, the distribution of cities was more sparse. There were only six larger cities in the desert area, all of which were built marginally to the oasis areas. The development of cities in this era required the necessary conditions. Amber City could only rise because of the river diversion they did. If there were no natural geographical conditions, it was quite difficult to rely on human resources to lay the required foundations.

The sky began to darken.

Soran saw some eagles on the road but was not sure if they were the animal companion of Druids.

Still, he carefully avoided the creatures, slowing down in the shadows when they appeared in the sky. Soran did not even make a fire to cook. He merely ate the dried food he had, and then began to move on. With his extraordinary Constitution of 21, it did not take too much energy for him to travel such distance. The Darkvision of the Shadow Dancer gave him even more advantage at night. If the Knight in Silver was following him, then night time would be the best period to create distance between them.

Their speed should be around the same, but the Knight in Silver would not be able to track at night.

wild beasts were active at night time.

Soran heard a lot of beasts and saw some green eyes. He was almost out of the Elven borders, but he did not go deep into the forest. He had been advancing on the edge because the possibility of encountering Druids inside the forest was very high, and many Druids liked to live in seclusion in primitive forests.


Howls of wolves could be heard in the distance.

Soran looked toward the hill ahead and saw that there were fewer trees.

Some of the howls were louder than others. Those were the howls of Worgs. Soran was now close to the Orc’s border. Although the Orcs were good at domesticating the Worgs and training elite Worg cavalries, there were only one or two thousand units in an entire tribe. A Worg cavalry needed hundreds of thousands of people to support it. Much of the meat required came from war corpses and executed criminals. The Orcs had reduced the number of domesticated Worgs several times during this period because of their huge consumption of meat. They might even continue to reduce their numbers this winter.

However, Worgs were relatively easy to rear.

The real money burner were the Drow’s Basilisks. Soran often saw people throwing corpses to feed them in the Underdark.

After crossing this barren hilly area, he gradually moved closer to the north. The fortress of the Barbarian was on a mountain over there, where the oldest and purest Barbarian traditional training was passed down, and every year advanced Barbarians visited it. Soran tried their way of training once; carrying huge stones along the mountain path in the cold wind. An absolutely torturous way of training.

After three days, Soran had advanced more than 800 kilometers and was now a little closer to the Frost Kingdom.

The temperature got lower and lower.

The ground had begun to freeze and there was a heavy dew in the morning. The distant mountains had half of their tops covered by snow and ice. The animals that lived here had a lot of thick furs to adapt to the cold climate. Soran looked somewhat shabby with some beard on his chin and a pair of much more tired eyes. However, when he saw a distant peak which looked like the Himalayas, a slight smile appeared on his face.

He was finally about to reach the Frozen Valley!