Abyss Domination

Chapter 128 - A Knight in Silver!

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When he saw the figure falling from the sky, Soran immediately realized the Elven nobleman’s status was much more impressive than he had imagined.

Someone important enough for the quasi-legendary profession who serves the Highlady of Silvermoon would come and rescue. He might have had Elven royal blood in him. So immediately, Soran made a very bold decision.

He was going to steal something from the Elven Nobleman. He must have at least carried a legendary item on him, or else the mutant vines would not have blocked the hunters for three days.

Soran’s hand was swift!

As an experienced thief, he knocked out the Elven nobleman, and he quickly took out a multi-dimensional bag from him and a very simple leaf which looked green and shiny. Soran wanted to run away after he got these two things, but, suddenly, a flash of cold light appeared in the distance!


Soran screamed as the palm of his hand, which were holding the items, was shot. An arrow was now half-way through Soran’s palm.

The multi-dimensional bag fell directly on the ground. The angle of the arrow was very tricky, and he instantly lost his strength and could not hold things. At some distance away, the Knight in Silver dodged the attack of a mixed-race Orc, and then, with a cold expression, mounted his arrow and bowed, aiming at Soran again. As a quasi-legendary profession, the Knights in Silver possessed the fighting capabilities of the Rangers, and could also use high-grade divine spells.

A Druid also appeared from the skies.

Right as the Knight in Silver aimed at Soran, his back got the chills. He did not hesitate to pick up the Elven nobleman who had passed out and then swiftly placed him in front of him. Sure enough, the Knight in Silver hesitated then twisted her body and shot a hunter in the arm. In the next moment, she sprinted closer to Soran’s position. The speed at which she sprinted was amazing and seemed supernatural.

Soran took a deep breath and, in spite of not being able to pick up the multi-dimensional bag on the ground, he quickly took the strange green leaf into his arms. Then he gritted his teeth and threw the Elven nobleman and rushed away towards the shadows. The Knight in Silver hesitated for a moment but still reached out to catch the Elven nobleman. She probed his nose and found that he had only fainted. As she did that, she pulled her sword out and blocked an attack from behind. She seemed to want to track down Soran, but by this time he had disappeared.

“Evade Sight.”

After entering the shadows, Soran immediately launched his last Evade Sight. After entering the stealth state, Soran quickly evacuated. He headed forward without looking back at all.

The Druid that came down was also a high-grade spellcaster!

The Knight in Silver was very skillful. She was even able to shoot arrows while blocking attacks. Her slender figure moved gracefully like a strange dancer. Any attack was only a little bit short of hitting her. This was a very high-level Evasion, probably at the level of [Legendary Evasion]. She was even able to block five or six hunters by herself.

The hunters roared loudly!

After the Druid landed, the weeds on the ground began to grow wildly, blocking the hunters who rushed in front of him forcefully for more than ten seconds.

Then a huge brown bear appeared out of the air, roaring and pouncing at the hunters. A mixed-race Orc with more than 20 Strength even spit blood from its mouth, with claw marks left on his chest and broken ribs. The ferocious brown bear roared angrily in a low tone. Weighing more than a ton with thick fat muscles beneath its tough fur, it seemed unscathed even after the hunters had cut it.

This was a brown bear with a monster level of more than 15. It was probably the animal companion of the Druid!

“Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!”

Soran’s figure leaped through the dense forest, and after pulling away for more than a kilometer, he stopped for a little. He gritted his teeth and broke the arrow on his palm. Then he pulled out the arrow through his palm bit by bit. His metacarpal bone was shot through. If he got shot in other parts of his body, they would probably also be penetrated. The Knights in Silver who served the Highlady of Silvermoon were very difficult to deal with. They were similar to the low-ranking chosen ones and had the extra powers gifted from deities.

Many believed in the Highlady of Silvermoon, and the Elves were one of her main sources of believers!

Soran’s hand trembled lightly.

He gritted his teeth, put on some medicine, and continued to sneak again. The Knight in Silver and the high-grade Druid made it difficult for the hunters to kill the Elven nobleman. The strength of the two sides was not much different because most of those who could advance to become a Knight in Silver were professions that had a total level of 18 or above. Even if they were not in the realm of legends, they were still quite close. Soran now had to take advantage of the situation and try to lose them completely.

The Knights in Silver had the ability of Rangers thus they were nearly as good as Rogues in tracking.

Soran ran for some time.

After getting more than 20 kilometers away, he took a little rest and took out the strange green leaf.

If it wasn’t a legendary item then it would have been worthless for him to take such a big risk!

Everyone knew that the Knights in Silver were famous for their love of revenge. Most of them were female Elves. They lived a long life and had a good memory. If you had offended them, they could easily hunt you for a long time.

Soran tried to identify the items, but unexpectedly a row of data emerged:

“Appraisal failed!”

“Do you wish to use soul energy to identify item!…3000 soul energy required!…”

“How is that possible?!”

Soran was slightly shocked. Then he smirked slightly. He was able to appraise the legendary item [Elemental Stone (Earth)]. However, he was not able to identify the strange leaf he had; it even suggested to use 3,000 points of Slaughter EXP to identify it. This had never happened before, so was the leaf he grabbed more than a legendary item?


Things above legendary items were artifacts, so it could not have been carried around by an Elven nobleman. Plus, the restrictions of the artifacts were very great. Usually, there would be a force field of energy around it which prevented normal people from even touching it. Most of the artifacts were capable of causing injuries. Some may even directly injure you to a state of near-death. Even legendary thieves also needed to activate the ability Omnipotent Hands before touching them.

“Use Slaughter EXP.”

Although he did not know what the green leaf in his hand was, Soran did not hesitate to choose to spend his soul energy. He felt that the leaf in front of him was absolutely something incredible.

An emerald green glow emerged!

As if it had burst out with great vitality, the wound on Soran’s palm had recovered at an alarming rate.

In just a blink of an eye, the hole in his palm had disappeared completely, and the wound left by that arrow had healed thoroughly.

A row of data appeared:

Item Type: Leaf of Life [Unknown]

Item Grade: [Elven Artifact]

Description: A leaf inherited from the mythological era from an untold ancient existence. It contains a strong vitality, but some of its powers have been used.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Treat Serious Wounds (one time/day), Barkskin (three times/day), Legendary Animate Plants (0/1)

Effects upon consumption: Permanently increase in 1 Constitution, 10 HP. Acquire Rebirth ability. (Note: This item cannot bring Constitution to more than 25)

Elven Artifact?

Soran’s expression was calm when he saw the spells in the front part, but when he saw the last few effects, he was pleasantly surprised.

Soran had now obtained something that could permanently increase his attributes!

Few things in this world could increase one’s attributes and even fewer things that could continue to increase one’s attributes upon a basis of extraordinary attributes. Although some extremely rare items could raise one’s attributes to about 20, the number of things that could continue to increase one’s attributes beyond 20 was probably less than 10 in the whole world.

Suddenly a weak glow of magic emerged!

Soran’s expression changed swiftly. He quickly put away the Leaf of Life and started to run again.

Someone was using the spell Locate Object on this item!

All legendary items had some special energy on them which would allow their past owners to locate it with Locate Object. The most common ones were the artifacts and high-grade legendary equipment. They all had special marks on them especially artifacts.

Soran hesitated for a second.

Then took out the Leaf of Life once more, and stuffed it into his mouth then swallowed it.

I don’t think you can locate it if I ate it!

At the foot of the mountain, the Druid stared gloomily at the Elven nobleman in front of him. The hunters had retreated because they were not sure if they could kill a powerful Knight in Silver and a high-grade Druid.


The magic glow on the Druid’s hand dissipated. His expression was cold and he slapped the nobleman. “The Leaf of Life had been used!” the Druid murmured.

“How dare you bring it out! You’ll have much to explain we meet the Elder Druid!”

The tall figure of the Knight in Silver came to a pool of blood. She smeared some of the bloody soil on her finger and smelled it. Then she turned and said, “Shall I track that fellow?”

The Druid bowed slightly to show respect and slowly said, “If you can, please bring him back.”

“The power from the Leaf of Life is still inside his body.”