Abyss Domination

Chapter 123 - Divinity

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It was a great power!

Deities had three essential parts. Their divinity, Shard of Divinity, and their title.

Divinity could be understood as [divine blood]. The body of a deity was a form of energy, unlike the flesh and blood that mortals are constrained to. That’s why deities could not be harmed. They had immunity to any fatal attack. Even if they fell to the mortal realm and became saints, they were still semi-energetic creatures. Deities would not die immediately, even when they were pierced in the heart. In fact, they could survive without their heart. Therefore, many divine creatures were immune to backstabbing. (They were immune to critical attacks. But, there were still areas of weakness.)

Divinity was an extremely powerful bloodline.

It could be given by the deities to the believers or could be left in the body of their descendants. The grades of divinity were also classified the same as the Shard of Divinity.

They were classified as [Minor Divinity], [Lesser Divinity], [Great Divinity], [Greater Divinity].

One grade in divinity brought about a + 1 to all attributes.

That was equivalent to the average attributes gained from 12 Profession Levels. It could also reduce any damage by 10%. Divine power could offset any physical and magic damage and could also be stacked with the damage reduction effects of Shard of Divinity. A deity with Greater Divinity could offset about 90% of any damage under normal circumstances.

Except for the demigod Liches, which could somewhat rely on the body of the dead to achieve about 90% to 95% of the physical damage reduction, no other creature could match the powers if the deities.

On the other hand, demon blood could counter the effects of divinity.

There were many powerful demons in the abyss who possessed divinity and had a fairly high level of divinity. That was why they were not afraid to fight powerful deities, even if they themselves were not.

Of course, these weren’t the only effects of divinity. Soran only knew about the basics.

According to the different divinity, there were additional magic-like abilities, supernatural abilities, the power to control planes, and so on. There were many creatures with strong divinity but did not have Shard of Divinity nor a Divine Title. These were the elemental giants, high demons, giants with hundreds of arms, gods, and so on. These divine creatures have standard divinity but not divinity.

But, they weren’t weaker than most deities!

The Sons of Fear definitely did not have any Divine Title.

Divine Titles were based on the possession of a Shard of Divinity. The Shard of Divinity of the Dread Lord remained in the Abyss within his soul. What he allocated were his own divinity and divine powers. These divine powers were like barrels of refined gasoline. They would be gone if they were used up. If he continued to supply them with divine powers by possessing the Shard of Divinity, then the descendants would have an endless supply of divine powers. If he choked off the supply of divine powers, then his descendants would instantly become weak.

The Elven Ranger possed divine powers, but he certainly did not have the Shard of Divinity nor a Devine Title.

When Soran killed the Elven Ranger, the divine powers were transferred to Vivian. According to logic, the divinity should also have been transferred to Vivian.

But divinity was a type of soul energy. If a deity killed another deity, then their divinity would be taken.

That’s why Soran was able to absorb the divinity of the Elven Ranger.

But that wasn’t exactly a good thing. Although divinity could bring amazing powers, it also contained the will of the Dread Lord. It was a fragmentation of his soul turning into divine energy.

If the divine powers gathered in one Son of God and its divinity also gathered in one Son of God, then the soul fragments of the Dread Lord would merge into that particular descendant and become a new host for the Dread Lord’s soul. His will would also be transferred to the descendant who harbors the most divinity. Ultimately, it would destroy the descendant’s soul in order to regain all his divine power and revive!

By then it would be a battle of Will power!

It was also the most difficult battle of Will power in history. Many deities, after defeating their opponents, would have there will be influenced by the divinity of the opponent.

There was also a difficult test of Will in the process of divinity integration.

If your Will wad higher than your opponent’s, then all the divine power would become yours. If your Will was lower than your opponent’s, then the remaining will of your opponent would affect your consciousness and may even occupy your consciousness to revive.

There were many strange characters in the realm of deities. Their extreme personalities were mainly influenced by divinity.

The remaining divinity of deities retained the core Will of the original deity. For example the divinity of Emotions. The deities who controlled this divinity in the past were erratic and enthusiastic about all kinds of things. They also liked to do things that were incomprehensible to normal people. Even though these deities had fallen in time, their final incarnations still retained their original personalities. That was because they were influenced by the residual power of their divinity.

It was possible for the deities Will to be superimposed layer by layer. Thus the more divinity one possessed, the more emotions and more extreme one’s preferences would be.

That’s also why there were deities that were basically insane!

Thus, the fusion of divinity was a battle of Will. If Soran could suppress the Will of the Dread Lord that was left in his divinity, then Soran would be able to transform the divinity into power.

However, if he failed, then his consciousness would be inclined to listen to the Dread Lord and even be controlled by him!

It was a dangerous thing, but it was also very tempting!

The road for a mortal to become a deity was doomed to be thorny. If he or she wanted to go on this road, then they must have great determination and perseverance.

Countless legendary realm Wizards did not dare to be deities because they were afraid they could not suppress the Will of deities.

They were terrified of great changes in their personality and the flux of certain emotions. There was a big possibility to lose themselves, gradually. It was very fatal for a profession like the Wizard.

Since Wizards already possessed a very long life and limitless power, there was no reason for them to gamble it all to become a deity.

Stepping into the realm of the deities was equivalent to entering their battlefield!

One’s personality and behavior would change constantly. It was because of the endless change resulting in limitless scenarios.

Ten years before and ten years later. From naive to mature, from mature to reckless.

The greatest danger of divinity wasn’t change but whether you could keep your Will.

If your soul was lost in the process, then the deity would become more insane!

In fact, there were many such deities, especially those who became deities based on luck. All of them ended up being very eccentric. That was why legendary Wizards were so terrified of becoming a deity. The number of Wizards who had become a deity was less than five.

Soran was not in his best condition to be absorbing divinity.

Even though he was very confident of his will power, he wasn’t confident he could completely suppress the Will of the Dread Lord!

However, If he succeeded in suppressing these three divine points, then the will of the Dread Lord would disappear completely. That was to say, the soul imprints that the Dread Lord could use to resurrect himself in the future would disappear completely. Thus, whichever descendant the Dread Lord intended to use to resurrect from would be weakened because a part of his soul would be completely engulfed by Soran.

The divine power was in Vivian while the divinity was in Soran.

Although Vivian’s powers had been partly weakened, the test of Will was also partly transferred onto Soran!

In usual cases, the more powerful a Son of Fear, the more vulnerable they became because of the increased divinity in their body. The result, now, was that Vivian’s divine powers had doubled. But the divinity in her was still the same.

Soran felt like he had found a way to fight back the Dread Lord.

If all the divine powers were shifted to Vivian and all the divinity was suppressed by him, the resurrection of the Dread Lord would be interrupted.

Then Vivian could possess enormous amounts of divine power while not staying unaffected by the Dread Lords divinity.

In the end, it would be determined by the scale of faith. If the Dread Lord’s weight was heavier, then the Shard of Fear would be shifted to him. If Vivian’s weight was heavier, then the Shard of Fear would shift to her side.

As though the grey clouds in his mind parted, Soran now had a clear thought.

His expression was cold and his eyes were filled with murder. He had found a way to fight the Dread Lord as a mortal!

That was the way to kill the other surviving Sons of Fear!


Something Soran was very good at.

Killing people for Vivian was the most normal thing for him.

Just like in times of need, the little girl would raise her head and say, ‘If you do the killing, I’ll set things on fire’. Soran would not hesitate to kill those Sons of Fear for Vivian.

The night would soon be over.

As soon as it was dawn, Soran took out a longsword and began to practice the White Raven Sword Style. His fighting skills were sharpened bit by bit. To master this high-grade fighting skill, he had to work hard. Abilities could increase the speed of mastering combat techniques, but they could not help one acquire a combat technique.

Rogues were certainly not rash.

Soran was also not the reckless type. He knew he needed time and plenty of hard work.

After an hour time, he had practiced the sword style. His slow movements looked awkward and there was nothing cool about it at all. As if the movements were split into small fragments, he seemed extraordinarily rigid, no fluency nor a graceful appearance.

White Raven Sword Style was second only to the Cross Sword Style. It was cool, cruel, arrogant, and all kinds of deadly.

After the innkeeper had woken up, she watched for awhile. She brought a bowl of warm water to Soran.

Soran showed gratitude and began to wipe his body.

The lady boss could not help but look at Soran’s steel-like muscles with perfectly carved lines. This era had a lot of people with strong physiques. Many even had more exaggerated muscles than Soran. But, there weren’t very many who had such a symmetrical and strong body. Although the lady innkeeper wasn’t very knowledgeable, she still knew that only the strong adventurers could have such a body.

Soran’s body was a representation of explosive power and very fine-tuned coordination.

In general, Rogues rarely had large contours of muscles. They usually looked lean, but when they took off their clothes, you would find that their whole body had obvious muscles. Their fighting style put emphasis on balance and coordination. So, when they moved, they used all of their muscles.

If you pursued balance and coordination, your muscles would contain a lot of power. On the other hand, the more one pursuit explosive power, the more exaggerated the large muscle would be. Typically, barbarians had large muscles in their arms which were as thick as the average person’s legs. This was the main direction of their strength training.

Soran combed, washed quickly, ate, and headed to the blacksmith’s shop. He planned to see the progress of the curved sword.

A weapon was more important than any other extraordinary equipment.

The sword was was still the most important tool to kill.