Abyss Domination

Chapter 122 - Rest

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After the materials were ready, the Elven Blacksmith worked throughout the night.

A sickle was worth 20 Copper Derahls, a kitchen knife was worth 30 Copper Derahls, and the longsword equipped by the Elven Guards was considered a military product valued at around a dozen Gold Derahls. The Elven Blacksmith earned four or five Gold Derahls for the military grade weapons he made, but he could earn about 100 Gold Derahls for forging Soran’s curved sword. The more sophisticated the weapon, the more value it had because of the higher materials and forging skill required.

Actually, it was not too difficult to forge the weapon. The Elven Blacksmiths had ready-made Elven ingots (Fish scale patterned steel) in advance. The key, however, was the special material worth 200 Gold Derahls, which was not something ordinary people could acquire. Only one or two people in the whole village might be equipped with rare-grade weapons, and it took ten years for the ordinary Elven patrol guards to save up such an amount.

Forging a weapon of such caliber would earn the Elven Blacksmith could earn three years worth of income.

The Elven Blacksmith summoned all his apprentices, and he began the preparations. He took out a piece of steel ingot about ten centimeters long. After watching for a while, Soran went back to the inn to rest. Today, Soran had been very tired and needed to rest. He had already drawn the model of the curved sword for the Blacksmith. It was a heavy type curved sword that had superior chopping and piercing capabilities, similar to the style of the Drows.

On the second floor of the inn, the Elven lady boss had prepared Soran’s dinner and even brought a bowl of warm water for him to soak his feet.

Naturally, she didn’t serve him this well for no reason. It was mainly because of the Gold Derahls he gave out. After becoming an adventurer, Derahls did not matter as much for him, but for ordinary people, forging a weapon of such caliber would earn the Elven Blacksmith three years worth of income.

Naturally, she didn’t serve him this well for no reason. It was mainly because of the Gold Derahls he gave out. After becoming an adventurer, Derahls did not matter as much for him, but for ordinary people, it was still a few days of income. The lady boss, who was somewhat beautiful, made his bed for him and even brought him a new blanket.

If the service was better, then Soran may not even want the change when he checks out.

That was already a few dozen Silver Derahls!

Since most adventurers risked their lives to make their Derahls, they usually spent more to treat themselves better.

Before leaving, the lady boss even asked Soran if she needed any other services, winking. Soran immediately refused. Elves were not as elegant and noble as people thought. They were famous for their carefree attitude. Their long life span allowed for Elven couples lose interest in each other.

Humans at least had traditions to restrict their behavior. In some places, red marks were even tattooed to represent chastity. The Elves, however, had fewer constraints and some of the weirder practices would even make Soran feel awkward!

This was especially obvious in those Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil Druids.

Some of them were revered pious Druids, while there were other groups who were so depraved that they would even do it to beasts.

Soran didn’t mind killing those Druids to cleanse this world of this filth.

The special services of the Elves were also more exquisite. They were not so coercive and seductive as Humans. Sometimes these encounters even felt like a tryst. Elves were famous for their pickiness and it was the same in all areas. They would choose their guests. If the guest was charming, tall, and handsome, then the hostess wouldn’t mind warming up to him.

The Elves emphasized faith. So, if the person’s faith was strong, then their soul should be also pure.

But they also needed pleasures to entertain their boring long lives.

On the other side of Silvermoon city, which has been rebuilt many times, was a masquerade ball hosted by the Priests of the Goddess of Love. One could meet many noble ladies and even Elven Priests. In fact, many people knew what the ball was about. Soran has even participated in it several times in the past and met the incarnation of the Goddess of Love so he could investigate a serious matter. But that was after the Time of Troubles. During that time, something happened to the Goddess of Love which pushed her into the Chaotic Evil Alignment.

In the end, even with the intervention of Soran’s top tier legendary profession, she eventually shifted from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral, which made her turn from the Chaotic Good Priests who advocated in good and beautiful things to the Chaotic Neutral which advocated self-enjoyment and pursued of stimulation to satisfy the emptiness of their mind.

Legend has it was during the Time of Troubles that she fell into the hands of the Succubus Queen and experienced a tragic and humiliating imprisonment.

The Succubus Queen.

Everyone knew nothing good could have happened during her imprisonment.

Soran laid comfortably on the bed, putting his weapon in reach.

Then he closed his eyes. Although he was very tired, he couldn’t sleep for quite some time. He was worried about Vivian’s condition.

He wasn’t too clear about the power of a Son of God, which when unleashed was at the legendary level. This was not even counting the original profession powers she had. Vivian’s inner divinity has just been awakened, and then immediately absorbed the divine powers of another Son of Fear. Soran did not know if she could integrate all these powers.

After all, she was too young and was still developing. Just like a young Dragon couldn’t bear the powers of an adult Dragon, If you let a child exert the strength of an adult, it would only lead to disaster. Their bodies would crumble under the weight.

For now, Soran only hoped that Gloria could suppress Vivian’s inner powers and give her body a period of time to adapt!

Soran still could not sleep.

He opened his data page and began to check on his attributes.

“Name: Soran

Race: Half-elf

Attribute: Strength 14 (+2), Dexterity 21 (+1), Constitution 20, Intelligence 20 (+1), Wisdom 15, Charisma 16.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Profession: Level 10 Commoner (Max)/ Level 7 Rogue (0/15500)/Level 2 Shadow Dancer (0/21500)/ Level 5 Wizard (0/3650) [Grade 2]

Health Points (HP): 85/136

Experience Points (EXP): 2075 Slaughter EXP, 399 Profession EXP [Unassigned].

Skill Points: None

Attribute Points: None

Legend Rating: 4

Divine Points: 3

Status: Normal

Profession Skills: Sneak 151, Literacy 115, Steal 35, Pick Lock 45, Snare 55, Concentration 15, Diplomacy 12, Appraise 10, Deception 5, Intimidation 12, Taunt 8, Perform 3, Listen 12, Evasion 75, Parry 15, Block 12, Heal 27, Search 15, Investigate 15, Scroll Study 15, Spellcraft 12, Survival 11, Use Magic Device 12, Cook 21.

Legendary Skills: Omnipotent Hands [Sealed] (Weakened State)

Personal Abilities: Nimble Left Hand, Eidetic Memory, Perseverance, Able Learner, Reflex Evasion, Mobile Movement, Evade Sight, Darkvision, Elementary Rebirth.

Profession Abilities: Grasp of Shadows, Martial Weapon [Proficiency], Curved Sword Mastery

Combat Skills: Shadowstrike, Shadow Jump, Counterspell, Sword Form—Heavy Hack

How did I get 3 Legend Rating?

Soran was somewhat surprised because his Legend Rating was now 3. He opened the battle log data, and then he found the next row of data records.

“The High Hunt [Legendary Battle]: At the end of September 1675, in the Elven Kingdom, followers of Malar, the God of Hunting, in order to regain the attention of their deity, held a ritual, hunting the Son of Fear. This legendary hunting ritual was interrupted by you, their prey, Son of Fear (Profession Level 16) was killed by you, your existence would be known by more and more evil creatures. [Legend Rating +3]

So it was a legendary hunting ritual!

Soran looked at his other attributes, and the number of abilities he had mastered was quite large. He could never afford to have too many expertise. The more he had, the more he could fight and the stronger he was. The increase of his basic skills was not very obvious, except for the Skill Points allocated for the promotion of Profession Level. The increase in all kinds of general skills was about 10.

Soran has fought a lot since then, and he doesn’t know when he would reach an average of 100 points. It was best to upgrade all basic skills to more than 100 after entering the realm of legends. Otherwise, the person was not a legend but a disabled.

Omnipotent Hands was still sealed.

He didn’t know why, but Soran could definitely feel its passive effects, but he was not able to use it on his own initiative.

There must have been some problem.

If it was a temporary weakness, he should have recovered from it a long time ago. Soran figured that the greatest possibility was that he had been permanently cursed or magically harmed, or that his soul had been harmed. Many attacks on the soul could not be restored naturally and had to be fixed by some powerful magic.

It can’t just be any kind of spell. Feeblemind, Energy Absorption and Transformation were too hegemonic and would have some obvious side effects.

Soran didn’t think it was a special curse either, so the only possible explanation was an injury to his soul.

“I’ll be in great trouble if my soul was harmed.”

He looked at his data and focused on the three divine points that were from the Elven Ranger. He muttered, “Soul damages required at least the spell Restoration, and possibly even Greater Restoration.”

“Where would find a level 15 and above Priest?”

“The Priests of this level are all bishops. It’s rare enough to find one let alone spend money for them to cast Restoration.”

He definitely did not have that amount of money.

If he sold all the jewels he had, he should be able to prepare enough money for Restoration, which was about 3000 to 5000 Gold Derahls. Greater Restoration was out of the question since it was a level 9 divine spell. The spell was so powerful that as long as someone was still breathing, they could be restored to their original state. However, it was very difficult to buy. Any spells upward would also be able to repair soul damages, but in order to perform it, one would need to consult with the God of Death. Otherwise, the soul could not return to the body. The resurrected would turn into a vegetative state.

There was probably no legendary Priest that would be bored enough to pay a high price to cast Restoration on a living person just to heal wounds, right?

In the end, Soran set his sight was set on the three Divine Points he had!