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The cold bitter winds whistled as it blew by!

A faint light suddenly appeared on a Wizard Tower that stood by the lake.

The winds whirled the snowflakes around, but they disappeared strangely when they reached around the Wizard Tower. The snowflakes seemed to come in contact with an invisible barrier. They fell lightly to the ground. On the twelfth floor of the Wizard Tower, a light appeared on a portal door made of a large number of gemstones. Soon after, Gloria appeared with Vivian in her arms.

Wizards would usually set the location of long-distance Teleportation in the safest place, usually Wizard Towers that they controlled.

A heavy Steel Golem stepped into the door and lowered its head toward Gloria, “Honorable Master, Is there anything you need?”

Its voice was a cacophony of metal rubbing against each other. Using Spirit Shards, these lifeless creatures had some level of intelligence.

A higher-grade Golem-like this one could follow simple orders.

Gloria gave it a blank look.

If Gloria used everything she had then even hundreds of hunters would not be able to take her down. However, all of her powerful tools were stored in her Wizard Tower. There were twelve Steel Golems of level 15 and thirty-six Clay and Stone Golems of level 10 or so. She even had some magic devices with lethal powers that could not be to shortened to carry around.

Aside from to the usual Staff and Scrolls, high-grade Wizards would carry some more protective equipment.

Without an army of Golem protecting them, even high-grade Wizards could not have enough time to cast spells. Energy protective shields were basically useless when faced with a large crowd of enemies.

Gloria gently laid Vivian beside the bed. She lifted her hand and stroked the little girl’s pale face which had an uneasy expression.

It appears Vivian was not able to hold so much divine power!

The powers of a Son of God were usually gradually awakened and trained. Vivian who had just advanced into a profession had absorbed such a huge amount of divine power. The results would be very difficult to predict. The power of Elven Ranger had obviously transferred his powers to her. Combining the powers of the two Son of God had at least as much power as a legendary profession.

An eight-year-old girl may not be able to merge with the power. No matter how strong her blood was, it would still take time to fuse. The blood of the Dragons was the same in many aspects, but young Dragons were very fragile creatures.

Vivian was like a young Dragon who had been injected with the power of an adult Dragon or even an ancient Dragon!

If she couldn’t control its power, she would either turn mad or be killed by it.

Gloria’s fingertips glowed with magic. She confirmed that Vivian was only temporarily unconscious, and there was nothing life-threatening before heading for the top of the Wizard Tower.

She wanted to perform a ritual for Fortune-telling!

In the bitterly cold wind, Gloria reached the top of the Wizard Tower, where there was an ancient astrological platform.

This tower had been passed down for many generations among the Witches of the North. She was the new master now.

The Northern Witches had the gift of foretelling. Many of them were not expert foretellers, but they had an ancient tradition in Fortune telling. Gloria took the veil off her face, revealing her beauty. Her robe fluttered in the air as the strong cold winds blew. She knelt in front of the astrological table and pulled out a set of delicate cards with mysterious runes on them from her cuffs.

Fortune telling was something that needed payments.

Witches who often used Fortune Tell or Divination lived shorter lives than other Witches did not.

Even though Gloria knew that there was little hope, she still wanted to know if Soran was alive or not!

She hoped desperately in her heart that he would live.

The accuracy for Divination and Fortune Tell was not as high, as imagined. If someone wanted to get an accurate Fortune Tell, they had to pay the corresponding price.

The most common price was a person’s life!

Gloria slowly closed her eyes. Her fingers shuffled the cards at an astonishing speed, and the runes on the cards gave off a faint light. At last, when she opened her palm, the cards were all suspended in the air above the astrological table, and there was a glittering magic light on them.

Gloria still hasn’t opened her eyes, but instead, put out her palm and pulled out one of the cards out, followed by the second and the third.

The rest of the cards fell to the ground, while the three cards which she picked laid faced down on the astrological table.

Gloria opened her eyes gently. She was somewhat hesitant and struggled to because she was worried that she had predicted something bad, but finally, she slowly opened the cards.

The first card was flipped open. It was a fierce-looking demon, a Lemure from hell.

Gloria’s face suddenly turned slightly pale, because it might represent Soran’s death. His soul being sent to hell and transformed into a Lemure.

Of course, there could be other meanings.

You needed to read all the cards in order to know the final answer!

She opened the second card. It was a tree that went into the skies which almost covered the sky. It was the legendary Tree of Life and the divine tree that the Elves believed in.

Gloria’s expression was better and seemed slightly surprised.

She flipped over the third card with great anticipation. The room filled with silenced. The card showed a big demon. It was a card which rarely appeared in fortune telling rituals.

While the little demon was called a Lemure, the big demon had a handsome demon on it. It had dark skin and hair, pupils that reflected the color of hell, and a pair of small dark red horns on its head. The demon dressed in a magnificent manner; the pallet was mainly red and black, and there were numerous patterns on it. He held a ruby Scepter in his hand and stood in front of a throne looking down at everything as if he was observing the creatures in the different planes.

This was a great demon.

The legendary Supreme Master of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus!

One of the most powerful ancient demons in history that has existed for countless centuries and may still exist for countless more.

This was a card that represented many meanings, but none of them were simple. Anyone who had a big demon appear on their fortune would never have a normal life. Small demons were common cards, but there were only a few big demons in fortune telling.

The last card showed the Supreme Master of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus!

This was a very surprising event for Gloria. For a moment, even Gloria could not determine Soran’s life or death, because it was difficult to predict the fate of someone who had both a small and big demon.

This also meant that even if she used Legendary Fortune Tell, it would not have predicted Soran’s future!

Gloria stood up with a complicated expression. Suddenly, she staggered and almost fell on the astrological table. She felt surrounded by a deep sense of powerlessness and her surroundings disappeared. She seemed to be seeing an endless illusion of countless blood and fire burning. When she raised her head, she saw the illusion of a sheep’s skull with pupils that were in flames.

The illusion only lasted for seconds.

When she recovered from the magic backlash, she was at the very edge of the Wizard Tower. If she took one step further, she would have fallen over a hundred meters down.

The bitter cold winds continued to blow harshly.

Her robe was soaked, and there seemed to be icy pains all over her body. Blood spilled from the corner of her mouth. When she turned to look at the astrological platform, the card that had the big demon burned and turned into ashes in the gloomy flame. The other two cards, however, were still intact. Only one disappeared in the cold wind.

“The Will of Hell?!”

Gloria suddenly trembled and murmured, “Could it be that the Asmodeus card does not mean anything else other than truly representing the legendary Supreme Master of the Nine Hells?

She felt like something had changed!

Gloria suddenly stretched out her hand and stroked her long hair. Without her noticing, there was more white in her hair!