Abyss Domination

Chapter 115 - Explosive Fear

Soran did not hesitate at all.

When the dark shadowy tentacles wrapped around the enemy, he swiftly drew his sword and slaughtered the enemies that were entangled. Wizards will never be the main damage outputer. They would only remember a small number of large-scale damage spells, and even if it really was a high damage spell, it would be something similar to the spell Finger of Death. In battles, those who oversaw the killing blows were always the melee professions. Instead of dealing damage, Wizards often needed to have more control in the battlefield.

More and more enemies appeared around them.

The number of enemies had exceeded Soran’s estimates. Even Gloria’s expression grew severe. She murmured, “I don’t have enough Spell Slots to deal with all of them.”

There were around 100 enemies.

By the looks of it, they all seemed to be second-grade creatures. The creatures were the believers in the lesser god of the hunt, and they were much stronger than the guards of Whiterun.

The devotees of the Malar must be capable of fighting. If the god of hunt had not fallen asleep, there might even be monsters which can cast divine spells.

The weaker gods already didn’t have a lot of power, and they would be weakened significantly before the beginning of turbulent years. They would only give the core believers and Priests divine power, and other people who were not valued would lose their ability to perform divine spells.

The reason these creatures performed hunting ceremonies was to arouse the attention of their god. As long as they proved their worth, the god of the hunt could regard them as useful believers and may give them divine powers.

Those who were worthless would be deprived of their divine abilities since the power of said god was also declining!

It was the Time of Troubles.

All deities would become weaker and weaker. When they exhaust their divine powers, they would fall down to earth. The weaker the deity, the faster they would fall. Only after the energy storm from the Time of Troubles ended, would they regain their divinity and return to the realm of gods.

The deities who walked in the world were saints. They would not have the powers they once had and would only retain their initial profession rank. Consequently, some of them would be very weak because they relied on luck to become deities. Some of them were only high-grade legendary professions, but they relied on additional abilities after becoming a deity to have a total level of 40 or more.

That’s why there were stories about weak gods killing powerful gods, the reason was that the strength of both sides was not much different after they lost their rank of gods!

However, the average attributes of the saints were basically above 25. Even without the divine powers, they would still completely crush any mortals; a few powerful gods even had an insanely high attribute of 50! Even legendary grade Wizards would feel like they were fooling around when facing the Goddess of Magic, who had an Intelligence of up to 50. As for the deities in the Abyss, it was not uncommon for them to move mountains and reclaim seas with their brute force.

There were more and more Malarites.

Soran was aware of the seriousness of the situation and that Gloria’s number of Spell Slots wouldn’t be able to eliminate so many enemies. Soran was ready to cover Gloria as she cast Teleportation, but a loud howl came from behind.

In the next moment, the Elven Ranger who they met before appeared from the forest. He had an awkward appearance with seven or eight cuts on his body. His handsome face was cut open by sharp claws, almost completely disfiguring him. He held a long sword in his hand but the way he held his sword was very strange. A closer look revealed that one of his fingers had been broken off.

It seemed that his little finger had been bitten off by some beast!

When the Elven Ranger saw Soran and the others, his eyes immediately showed joy, and then his face turned evil. He made a big leap away from what was obviously many powerful hunters behind him, and at the same time, he approached Soran quickly. It turned out that the Elf was the target of the Malarites, and behind him were obviously more powerful hunters and trackers.

A group of creatures in front of Soran changed their targets, they went to the Elven Ranger instead!

That was the more important target to them.

They would not allow the Elven Ranger to escape, otherwise, the hunting ceremony would be a failure.

“Deadly Fears!”

The Elven Ranger did not perform any magic actions or even chant any incantations. He just lifted his finger and a magic ray emerged. Immediately after that, an aura of fear erupted among the enemies blocking his way. This was not a spell that could be used by a high-grade Ranger, nor was it an Arcane spell by a Wizard, but a spell-like special ability, possibly a gift of his own!

A group of creatures stiffened and stood still.

Suddenly many of them showed fear as if something terrible had happened, and they fled for their lives in a hurry.

There were even a few enemies that turned pale and instantly died!

They were scared to death?!

The Elven Ranger dispersed the enemy in front of him with a fearful trick, and then rushed forward with great speed, getting closer and closer to Soran.

“Damn it!”

Soran was very displeased, and Gloria, who was beside, he also had a weighty expression. They had identified the Elven Ranger’s identity just after witnessing the elf’s spell-like attack.

“A Son of Fear!”

Apart from the children of the Dread Lord, they really could not imagine anyone who could conjure fear at will and also scare enemy to death.

A dark furred Gnoll appeared, licking the corners of his mouth with its scarlet tongue. It’s metal claws shimmered with a cold light. It grinned bitterly and said, “The flesh and blood of a divine child are extraordinary! I already feel a thriving vitality! Maybe after the ceremony is over, we could have a big meal! ”

The mighty mixed-blood Orc strode out of the forest, carrying a giant battle ax weighing nearly 200 pounds, and roared, “He’s prey for my lord. We will decide how to dispose of his body until the ceremony is completed.”

Soran gripped his curved sword and looked at the Elven Ranger who was getting nearer and nearer with killing intent.

Soran knew what the Elf’s intent was, and it was extremely evil.

He knew the Elf wanted to lead the hunters to them. Soran felt like murder, he said, “When he gets close, you control him and I’ll kill him!”

Gloria nodded her head lightly; her eyes shone with anger.

Killing the elf might stop the hunters from attacking, and even if it was not very likely, it was definitely better than for the Elf to run to them.

The Elven Ranger came nearer and nearer but stopped before entering the range of Gloria’s magic. He leaped into the air and shouted to the Malarites, “I am not the only Son of God!” The little girl over there is also a Son of Fear!”

“You don’t believe me?!”

“Look over there.”

The Elf seemed to have launched some special ability, raising his hand in the direction of Soran.

A ray of fear aura burst out!

Soran’s mind was suddenly filled with horrible scenes, such as dead bodies, blood, and bones, as well as cruel and disgusting scenes. But his Will was not easily shaken. Only after a short moment, he was able to suppress the fear. At the same time, a series of data appeared.

“You were affected by Fear Aura!”

“Test of Will initiated!…you’ve successfully passed the test of [Shocked Death]!…not fearful!

Gloria’s will was evidently very high. She was only a little stunned and she soon recovered.

However, something completely unexpected happened!

Vivian, who was standing behind Gloria, suddenly trembled. Then she opened her eyes wide sharply. Her lovely little face was very pale and seemed to be slightly green as if she was trying to suppress and endure something. When her emotions accumulated to a certain limit, she suddenly made a very sharp scream!!


A wave of sound spread out, the first to bear the brunt was Soran, his ears buzzed; from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose traces of blood started oozing out. Then there was Gloria who was standing next to Vivian. Her face was so pale that she seemed to have triggered magic on her body. Instantly, a bright light protected her, as her figure weakened and almost fell to the ground.

The horrifying sound wave spread out to the surroundings.

Nearby Malarites fell in batches like wheat being harvested. At least half of them died directly under the sound wave. All the others were bleeding from their seven orifices, their figure obviously shaking. The only ones that were less affected were the more powerful hunters, who were grade 4 professions. This level of attack could only hurt them but was not fatal.

The Elven Ranger had a malicious smile on his face and said calmly, “Did you see that? She is also a Son of Fear!”

“It seems that the two around her are somewhat weakened. That Son of Fear who has only just awakened is very weak. Why don’t you kill them first? It should be easier to kill them than to kill me?”

The black-furred Gnoll showed a grin and looked at the prey in front of him, then said with a grim expression, “I like your evil heart!”

“But if we offer two Son of Fear as sacrifices, we will surely be rewarded by our Lord!”

An invisible sound wave spread rapidly, and all creatures within five kilometers seemed to be greatly frightened, all of them fled mindlessly in all directions.

In an ancient cave somewhere, a Druid that was meditating suddenly opened his eyes.

He stood up slowly. As an elf, he was oddly tall and strong, his body like a solid rock. He stepped out of the cave with heavy steps and looked at the disturbed forest in the distance. “Who has frightened them?” he murmured.

An Eagle fell from the sky. After landing it swiftly turned into a Druid. He humbly lowered his head and said, “Your Majesty Earth Walker!”


Somewhere further away.

In a dark underground chamber, the black-robed Priest on the altar suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a bright light in his eyes, then he said enthusiastically, “The first Son of Fear has come to life!”

“Dispatch the Hand of Despair! Do everything necessary to find the Son of Fear!”

Time froze at this moment.

Soran’s eyes had dense blood. The explosive power in his body made his blood rush. His heart rate sped up extremely, adrenaline was secreted, excessive blood supply had turned his pupils into a bloody red color, his face was somewhat distorted, with a fierce expression. His body that had been injured gradually began to recover. As his Slaughter EXP was consumed, his wounds were getting lighter and lighter, and his figure was getting blurred as if he was about to disappear into the shadows.

Behind him, Soran’s shadow began to twist!

At the next moment.

He rushed toward the Elven Ranger in front of him. Soran’s figure disappeared from thin air, and he was nowhere to be found in the material plane!

“Shadow Jump!”