Abyss Domination

Chapter 109 - Copper Dragon

There was a slight vibration inside the canyon.

It was like a weak earthquake, nothing too obvious, but the vibration was real. It came from the ground in a stable frequency, like a heartbeat.

The remaining Earth Elementals in the canyon remained in place as if they were stuck. After a while, they gathered together and then drilled down below the altar into the ground.

About tens of kilometers away from the canyon, on the edge of the Emerald Mountains, there was a Dragon Cave built on its cliff.

The location of the dragon’s nest was very steep. It served as the dragons first line of defense. It was very hard to reach the dragon by normal routes because there were cliffs all around. When people told stories, they usually told of heroes walking to the dragon’s nest. In reality, they needed to climb hundreds of meters of high cliffs. For that reason, they needed a lot of tools. Heavily armored Fighters would have it the hardest at this time if they didn’t have a Wizard to help them, as it would take quite a long while for them to climb up.

The terrain was only the first problem. There were also many traps near the dragon’s nest, including very deadly Magic Traps.

If you were unlucky, you would find a small maze inside the dragon’s nest. There you’ll find many monsters guarding it. These were the servants of dragons, who worked and provided food for them. But, most of the time, only the elder Dragons would have monsters guarding them, the young Dragons don’t always have enough self-confidence to control those slaves .

This was the nest of a Copper Dragon.

There were obvious signs of terrain alteration around the Dragon Cave. The Dragon leveled the stone wall near the mountain peak, making it a right angle of 90 degrees. This made it very difficult for creatures that could not fly to come up to enter. In front of the nest was a large platform. Dragons needed space to take off as well as land. Because flapping their wings were very arduous, they usually dived and glided in the sky in an arc when they were hunting.

A huge copper-colored Dragon laid in its nest.

It looked almost the same as the legendary Dragon, except that its forelimbs were much stronger. Its pupils were light turquoise in color. The physical characteristics of Dragons were important because they were their most ferocious physical attacks. Dragon’s Breath wasn’t the most lethal weapon they had. In fact, many spells could resist Dragon’s Breath, even shields could also be used. Experienced high-grade adventurers would know that the Dragons Wing Attack and Dragon Claws were more dangerous than Dragon’s Breath.

This place used to have a giant sleeping Dragon, but now, it was awake.

The Dragon laid on a treasure pile nearly half a story high that was dazzling golden sparkle while looking in the direction of the canyon.

Dragons were very hungry when they woke up, and they were more aggressive. It stuck out its long red tongue and rolled up a basin-sized metal ore from the side. It chewed it as crisp. Its sharp tooth crushed the hard ore easily. It took only a few seconds for the Copper Dragon to consume a piece of ore. Then it licked its teeth with its long tongue and slowly said, “Which fools woke the Earth Spirit? Are they not afraid to bear the fury of the earth?”

After gnawing a piece of ore, the Copper Dragon regained a little energy. It stretched its huge wings and came out of the nest. The platform was tens of meters wide in front of the dragon’s nest, but it still felt too small for the Dragon. The Copper Dragon stood at the top of a steep hill hundreds of meters high and looked down at the land in front; it was its territory. The copper-colored metal scales reflected light in the sun, and the fierce and graceful creature raised its head and jumped off the cliff with a sharp jump. After falling for tens of meters, the dragon’s wings fanned up and flew into the sky in the blink of an eye, reaching a height of thousands of meters.

An invisible power spread as the Dragon moved to hunt for food.

Without even looking at the poor reptiles, he fanned its wings and flew to the plains a hundred kilometers away which had strong Clefthoof there, a rhinoceros variant, weighing about three tons.

In the gloomy Underdark. In a dark red cave, a fierce meatball-like creature slowly opened its eyes.

The walls on all sides were dark red from some of the minerals on them. There were many eyes on the lifeform. First, it opened the huge one-eye in the center of its head, and then it opened the eyes on the tentacles around its head. Its eye stalks were like earthworms while its body was about five meters in diameter. None of its body parts touched the ground, but the whole sarcomatous head was strangely suspended in the air. As many as dozens of dense tentacles were full of eyeballs.

“The Earth Spirit Is awake!”

Its mouth was full of sharp tusks. It glanced around with cold and ruthless eyes then flew out of the cave that it had been sleeping in for more than ten years. The newly awakened Beholder felt hungry since it had consumed too much energy to further its evolution. Even its original servant had become the food in its mouth. But it didn’t matter, as long as it was willing to quickly enchant more servants in the Underdark.

An invisible web of perception spread out.

It wasn’t known if the monster had evolved into an Elder Beholder or The Ultimate Tyrant, but it must have been a legendary grade beholder. Soon a group of Grey Dwarves came into its sensory field. It flew past quietly without any sound, and then a ray of light shot out from the eye of a tentacle. In an instant, the ray shot a Grey Dwarf through his head. The remaining Grey Dwarfs cried in terror. They tried to escape and were killed instantly by the rays. The rest of the Grey Dwarves kneeled as they shivered on the ground.

The Giant Beholder opened its mouth and swallowed half of the body of a Grey Dwarf. As it chewed, drops of blood and flesh spilled down, he looked at the survivors with its cold center eye. Then with the flash of magic, all the surviving grey dwarfs had dull expressions and knelt respectfully in front of the Beholder and said, “Master.”

The dull eyes of the Grey Dwarves gradually became normal, and the mental imprint of the spell of Charm had begun to take effect.

The Grey Dwarf’s eyes became clear, with great respect for the Beholder they lifted their companion’s corpse and began to serve it to their new master.

Soran and the others returned from the way they came from.

The Halfling was still happily counting the gems. Gloria lifted her long hair and looked behind with a worried expression. She seemed to have felt something just before they left, a wave of energy coming from the ground. Soran walked behind with Vivian on his back. Suddenly he seemed to notice something, goosebumps covered his body, and the palm of the hand unconsciously grasped his curved sword while looking up into the distant sky. The Halfling also felt the same thing. He dropped all his gems on the ground and pulled out his dagger in an instant.

Gloria’s body stiffened for a moment, then subconsciously cast a shield of energy and looked at the distance with her eyebrows locked.

A grim and huge shadow like figure flew by their heads!

Soran’s expressions changed slightly then murmured, “A Copper Dragon!”

It was an adult Copper Dragon. It hadn’t noticed the tiny human beings who were under Invisibility. It was very hungry after just waking up, and now the most important thing to do was to grab an adult male Clefthoof and have a full meal.

The whole group was shocked by the flying Dragon, and all the creatures in the area trembled under Frightful Presence. The only one who didn’t seem to be affected was the little girl on Soran’s back. She raised her little head, looked at the Dragon in the sky, and murmured, “It looks so awesome!”

No one knew what she was thinking, but her little face showed a yearning expression.

But at that moment, no one had time to look at her.

Only after the Dragon flew by did the others breathe a sigh of relief. Soran could not help but quicken his pace, and the Halflings also collected the gems then swiftly followed behind them.

This was an adult Dragon.

It had a legendary challenge rating. It wasn’t a creature they could deal with now.

Right behind the group, the Druid suddenly stopped. He pulled a feather out of his messy hair and hastily chanted a spell. In an instant, his whole body transformed into an eagle. The Eagle took off hundreds of meters high and looked at which direction the Dragon was heading before turning around and headed for the other side.

An adult Copper Dragon sleeping near the Emerald Mountains has woken up, and I must inform His Majesty the Earth Walker. Metallic Dragons were still dangerous even if they were kind-hearted in nature.

All Dragonborns had some kind of mood swings after all.

When people saw a Dragon flying by, they didn’t have any intention of staying. The group traveled overnight and finally returned to the original Elven village the next day. The village was still very quiet. No creature would attack the Elves at will because of the retaliation of the Forest Keepers.

Deterrence of the enemy required not only power but also some cruel methods!

Elves were not graceful in terms of revenge. They were equally bloody when dealing with enemies. Otherwise, nearby Ogres, Half-Orcs, and monsters would not have migrated to other places. Those Elven Forest Keepers had bloodstains on their hands, and they killed as many creatures as Soran did. Every race had such a group of cold-blooded and ruthless killers, they were different from ordinary civilians, as their mission was to fight and kill!

Soran and the others had finally reached the inn. The Halfling was already in a rush to spit up the rewards.

Soran got 40% and Aladdin 30%. Besides the first two crystals, Gloria only took three Elemental cores, and finally, Vivian got ten gems. The little girl satisfactorily lifted the jewel to Soran’s face, but because her hands were too small, she could not hold them steadily. She had a very cute look on her face as if offering the treasures. Soran only padded her little head and asked her to keep the gems. So, she giggled with joy and put the gems into her delicately embroidered silver lined Multi-dimensional bag, which was full of many things.

When the split was finished, Soran finally had a chance to check the legendary item!