Abyss Domination

Chapter 103 - Powerful Vivian!

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Soran was hesitant. Objectively speaking, it was definitely necessary to familiarize Vivian with combat. Because of the upcoming chaotic period, she needed to at least master some self-defense capabilities. But, from his personal point of view, Soran was reluctant to let her take risks. He thought it was too early, after all, she was only eight years old this year.

Letting a little eight-year-old girl fight?

Gloria seemed to have understood Soran’s worries. She glanced at the others and then said in a soft voice, “Vivian, show them your spells.”

The little girl nodded, looked around and asked softly, “Casting it here?”

Gloria raised her hand to cast a Magic Barrier, then pointed at a wall and said, “Target that wall.”

Vivian nodded slightly and was closely observed. They couldn’t believe it. She pointed directly at the wall and then, without any incantation or gestures, an Arcane Missile appeared at her fingertips. The missile shot at the wall instantly, leaving a three-centimeter deep dent. But, this was only the beginning. More missiles appeared and fired out, ‘Pew, pew, pew…’; eight consecutive Arcane Missiles appeared. The first four made a big hole on the wall, and the last four hit the empty spaces on the wall, leaving holes that were more than 10 centimeters deep.

“Spontaneous Casting!?”

Soran was excited and couldn’t believe it. Even though Vivian didn’t chant any spells, she had cast four spells in a row. Shooting out eight Arcane Missiles in a row was equivalent to that of a high-grade spell, Lesser Missile Storm. Soran compared his abilities with hers, and then, unexpectedly found that he wouldn’t even have the chance to attack Vivian since she would have seriously injured him by shooting four consecutive instantaneous Arcane Missiles!

How was this possible!

How did she become someone that I couldn’t beat?

Soran’s expression was stunned, while the Halfling’s mouth was so wide it could almost fit an apple. Gloria showed a triumphant smile and slowly said: “Because of the lack of time, Vivian only learned one or two simple spells, but with her talents, it would be easy for her to deal with ordinary enemies.”

“Even I am in awe of her ability to cast Arcane Missiles; needless to say, she really is a prodigy!”

The slaughter of the Missile Storm.

There was a time were this combat tactic was popular among the Wizards, because it only required [Practiced Spellcaster]

Arcane Missile was one of the fastest spells to cast. No other spell was faster because it only took a second to cast. The only skill which required a longer training time was [Practiced Spellcaster], other than that, there was basically no other requirements. Thus this combat style was also called, the mindless “Pew, pew, pew” slaughter tactic.

Level 9 wizards had four Level 1 Spell Slots, Arcane Missile could store five energy balls, so 20 energy missiles could be shot out in one second. This was equivalent to the maximum effects of the Level 4 spell [Lesser Missile Storm]. If used in conjunction with the Metamagic Ability [Empower Spell], then all the level 2 Spell Slots could be filled by level 1 Arcane Missile. Adding to that, the Metamagic Ability [Maximize Spell], one would be able to replace all level 3 spell slots with level 1 Arcane Missile.

If the person also mastered [Spontaneous Casting], then even the level 4 Spell Slots could be used to slot in Arcane Missile.

These three Metamagic Abilities were used to strengthen the power of spells, but this required the leveling up one’s spellcasting abilities. For example, to strengthen the effects of level 1 spells, one would need to use level 2 Spell Slots in order to increase the area of effect that would be required for the use of level 3 Spell Slots, while instant casting required the use of level 4 Spell Slots.

That was how the legendary slaughter of the mindless Missile Storm worked.

Wizards who used this way of fighting were extremely violent and, at the same time, extremely fragile. Their bursts of power were truly frightening, but their endurance was quite poor.

These Wizards were often joked to be ‘Men who couldn’t last in battle!”

For a long time, the fate of these Wizards would be decided in seconds. They were either able to kill the enemy instantly with Missile Storm or got killed.

They were powerful yet weak.

This type of combat tactic was only effective in one-on-one situations and was useless when they were more than one enemy.

Arcane Missiles had limited lethality. The damage could be reduced when the caster received physical damage. If one’s spellcasting score was not high, one Arcane Missile would only produce 5 damage; so twenty Arcane Missiles only dealt a total of 100 damage.

Fighters above level 10 basically had hundreds of life points, plus they had their armor and shields which blocks at least 5 to 10 Arcane Missiles. Therefore, in order to kill high-grade fighters with the Missile Storm tactic, it was necessary to use all the Spell Slots for Arcane Missile.

This combat tactic was also beatable because there were spells which neutralized the power of Arcane Missiles, such as ‘Shield’. There were also many devices which would weaken the damage and suppress the explosive power by more than 50%. There were even some skills which could avoid all the damage, such as the Rogue’s Shadow Jump; as long as the timing was correct and it lasted for one second, then no damage would be dealt.

Soran had no good impressions of this combat tactic but knew that it was useful in surprise attacks.

However, they were useless after releasing all the missiles.


Vivian placed her little finger down, glanced at Soran timidly, and explained softly, “I have used up all the missiles, and only have one level 2 spell left.

That’s right.

The attack only lasted a second or two.

Vivian had exhausted all her level 1 spells. She knocked out a hole in the wall and left a 10 cm deep hole on the ground. Her talents gave her a very high spellcasting score, if combined with her [Spellcasting Prodigy], the power of her Arcane Missiles would be close to grade three Wizards. Of course, she didn’t have as many spells as the grade 3 Wizards. Later on, if she levels up her class, the number of Arcane Missiles she had would increase to 5.

“My God!” The Halfling reached out and touched the hole in the wall. He then looked at the pit and murmured, “I don’t think I can last a second if I went against her!”

“Should I just go back and farm instead?”

It seemed that Soran was not the only one who was shocked. The Halfling was also in awe.

Dodging an Arcane Missile was like trying to dodge a bullet. Only the legendary classes would stand a chance in dodging the missiles. Although most of the Spell Slots would be used in an instant, the killing power of this kind of missile would destroy even Soran and the Halfling.

With only half a month, Vivian already possessed the ability to gravely injure them or even kill them!

Soran became silent.

He did not know how to evaluate Vivian’s combat strength. The explosive power was really amazing, but it was still a one spell fighting style which rendered the caster useless afterward. However, it wasn’t as though it was weak. It could quickly injure or even kill an enemy in seconds. At critical times, it might even save them.

In the past, these types of Wizards were both loved and hated. Many people considered working with them.

They had incredible bursts of power, but they needed protection after that.


Gloria waved her hand gently and repaired the damaged wall. She glanced at Soran lightly and said slowly, “Vivian’s abilities should be helpful. After all, she is no ordinary child. You should let her learn more and get more exposure, since its training that will help her in the future.”

Soran was still silent.

He did not speak for quite some time. Then he let out a sigh and said, “Fine, I’ll let Vivian come with us this time. But, you must make sure she is safe.”

The little girl’s face instantly glowed with joy and showed an excited smile. She immediately fell into Soran’s arms, hung like a koala on his body, and kissed him on his face. She giggled and said, “My brother is so kind! Vivian will be obedient and never run around.”

Gloria nodded solemnly, then waved for the little girl to come over. She then put on a delicate badge on Vivian’s chest and whispered a few words in her ear. As a high-grade Northern Witch, Gloria knew the disadvantages of this fighting style, but it was undoubtedly the most suitable way for a little girl of her age. After all, at her present age, she was not able to use other spells effectively. Knowledge was not the only important thing, an advanced caster also needed a lot of experience in fighting.

For now, it was important that she got familiar with some easy yet powerful combat tactics!

And so,

A little girl had joined Soran’s team. Although she wasn’t very eye-catching, she wasn’t to be underestimated!