Abyss Domination

Chapter 101 - Sorcerer Multiprofessioning in Wizard

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Soran calmed Vivian down a bit because she was excited and curious.

The little girl looked around, curiously, and reflected about everything in front of her. Aladdin was also a curious person. When he saw fruits that he had never seen before, he would steal one or two; most of the Rogues were somewhat dishonest. The elves planted the most fruits so they basically had fruits and melons all year round. Here the fruits were sliced and were used as the main course. Nearly a third of the elves were vegetarians and would only occasionally add some meat to their diet. The remaining two-thirds had diets that weren’t very different from Humans.

Gloria seemed to be in a good mood too; she played with a bunch of red fruit but had no intentions of eating them.

First, Soran circled the village once and then looked at the big tree from afar. The guards of the old tree didn’t allow anyone to go near the tree. Going close to the circle of fences nearby would arouse the hostility of the Elven guards. This was a supernatural creature that had a Challenge Rating of 12 and would give more than 10,000 Slaughter EXP. The Ancient Tree Guardians, however, were very difficult to kill since they had a natural bonus of 12 health and every growth ring from the tree increased its base health by 1. The tree guardian that was in front of Soran probably had at least four to five hundred health points.

Burning the tree would not kill it, on the other hand, the tree might transform into the [Wrathful Burning Ancient Tree]

That would be a catastrophe!

The [Wrathful Burning Ancient Tree] was a life form that had both Fire and Wind elements; they were also a lifeform that would easily mutate (Advanced Mutation).

The Elves sold high-quality bows and arrows, including some exquisite ornaments and crafts; these were very popular with the nobles. The Elves needed to import foods, iron products, cloth, and so on because their isolated and self-sufficient lifestyle had disappeared hundreds of years ago. Only a small number of Elves, who adhered to the traditional doctrine, would live in isolation in the depths of the forest.

This place wasn’t far from Soran’s final destination.

The group was tired from their three-day journey, so today, they rested. Soran would have to talk to Gloria about their plans for tomorrow.

The night was over soon.

The next day everyone gathered in Soran’s room, and when they heard what Soran proposed, their eyes glimmered with interest.

“Wait a minute.” Aladdin clapped his hands once and whispered excitedly, “You mean there’s a hidden treasure somewhere near here? But there are monsters guarding it. So you want us to help you out?”

“No problem at all!”

“Aladdin loves treasures! But I’ll want a share of course.”

Gloria also seemed to be interested in treasure hunting. She gently lifted her hair, but because she had a veil on, it was difficult to see her expression. However, judging from her tone, it seemed that she had some interest in it. Although there were many treasures in the world, the really good stuff was scattered and concealed. High-grade witches were also full of desire for treasures, but when Gloria heard about the location, she frowned and asked, “It’s over there? But there’s a legend about a Dragon in that region!”

Aladdin looked stunned, but his face did not show distress. On the contrary, he got more excited and asked, “Is it Dragon’s den? Wouldn’t that mean that the wealth is even more astonishing? Just like the legends, we are going to steal the treasures of the Dragonborns?”

Gloria frowned and explained, “With our current strength, it would be suicidal if we went close to the Dragon’s Den. There’s probably an adult Dragon there.”

Soran shook his head gently and explained, “Of course it’s not the Dragon’s den, that’s a really dangerous place. The location of the treasure is dozens of kilometers away from the den, plus the Dragon is still sleeping so it’s not a threat to us. It’s also a Metallic Dragon, not the Chaos Dragon, which is eviler. My goal is near a canyon where there are active Earth Elementals, and inside the canyon, there is an elemental altar. Underneath the altar is the treasure we are looking for. There should be a lot of valuable things there.”

There’s a Metallic Dragon in Elfenland, probably an adult Copper Dragon, but it would still be sleeping for a year or two before it woke up in the Time of Troubles. For now, it was still in hibernation.

The four great [Elements Seals] were missions of the legendary level. The reward was not only a piece of legendary grade equipment, but there were also valuable gems and tools. Earth Elementals had a condensed core in their body, and it was an important ingredient for making the Clay Golem and Stone Golem. The item could also be easily sold at a high price of more than 500 Gold Derahls.

To put it in simpler terms, even if the legendary grade equipment was taken out, this adventure would still net them a total of 15000 Gold Derahls.

Even after splitting, the three of them would still get five to six thousand Gold Derahls. The reward was definitely ten times more than ordinary missions.

“Sounds good!” The halfling clapped his hands a few times because he was enthusiastic about making money. He then asked, “When are we going? If we leave in these two days, I need to prepare some gadgets. According to tradition, we would now be forming a team? Also, because you provided the information about the treasure, you should be the leader, and you’ll get 10% more in the end.”

“No problem right?”

They were quite familiar with each other after traveling together for so long, but the Halflings were quite particular about the distribution of rewards.

There was a well-known rule among adventurers that people who provided the information about the treasure sites would get 10% more of the reward, while the other members should get at least 10% of the total reward. The allocation of rewards was distributed according to their combat output, but in most cases, it was a balanced allocation after accounting for consumption.

Adventurers sometimes formed temporary squads, after all, there were very few regular squads, often there were people who would quit; small teams would often fail in difficult missions. Soran also occasionally need to find some temporary teammates.

In the past, he often dealt with people from the Evil Alliance. Although these people were bad, they were quite honorable. Only a few of them would stab someone behind their backs. The Halfling in front of him was undoubtedly much more reliable than them. In the past, he also had to deal with the Drows. These guys were insidious, cunning, vicious and cruel. Soran fought alongside them hundreds of times, and they were usually selfish, but not betrayers.

For some time he also had the impression that the Drows were easier to deal with compared to Humans.

As long as you understood their way conduct, it was even possible to win their respect, of course, it’d be better to show them you were evil and sinister.

If they thought you were a good person and easily tricked, they would happily kill you!

The group discussed when it was appropriate to go.

But at that moment, Vivian’s little figure stood up, her eyes filled with determination, and said, “Brother! I’m coming along too!”

They were stunned.

Soran was obviously shocked and objected, “This is a dangerous mission. What are you going to do there? I’ll put you in a safe place.”

The little girl didn’t say anything. She just looked at him with a steadfast look, as though Soran was guilty, and had done something wrong.

“Heh?” Aladdin pressed his hand on his forehead then mumbled, ” you’re just eight right? Don’t you think it’s a bit…”

Vivian gave him a sharp stare and retorted, “You’re only a little taller than me. Since you can do it, why can’t I? I’m much better than before!”

The Halfling immediately became speechless, he compared his height against hers and discovered that he really was only slightly taller than her.

Gloria was also stunned. She frowned and fell into deep thought. She then slowly explained, “Maybe Vivian can come along. After all, it’s her life. We can guide her, but she has to walk her own chosen path. She would be facing many things in the future, that’s why It’s good to train now. Besides, I can protect her.”

Gloria’s remarks were obviously biased towards Vivian, so she immediately received the little girl’s grateful look.

Soran frowned and gave the Witch a glance, then went on with a stern face and said, “No. It’s too dangerous. You already have problems when you’re in the forest alone. What can you do if you came along?

The little girl’s eyes were evidently tearing up, and she stubbornly turned to not look at him.

“Oh, that’s right.” Gloria suddenly interjected, “I hadn’t had time to tell you, but Vivian is now a Grade three Sorcerer and Grade two Wizard.”


The other two in the room were showing obvious shock!

Soran’s expression was more composed. After all, he knew about Vivian’s amazing talents, but the Halfling’s expression was rather exaggerated. He pointed to the girl in front of him, showing an incredulous expression, and uttered, “She’s a Sorcerer? and a Wizard?”

Wouldn’t that mean she’ll have an incredible amount of Spell Slots?

He didn’t say this out loud because the girl in front of him had toppled his previous understanding of the world. The Wizard’s and Sorcerer’s Spell Slots were usually calculated differently. The Wizards relied on memory to get their Spell Slots, while the Sorcerers relied on talent to acquire the number of spell casts they had. Sorcerers who were also Wizards were very rare. That is because it required a lot of talent. However, successful Sorcerers multiprofessioning in Wizards often had more Spell Slots than others and had an easier time grasping new spells.

After the collapse of the Magic Network, all magic casters would have their powers converted into Mana. The Wizards power would be converted according to their Intelligence and Profession Level; Priests, according to their Wisdom and Profession Level; and Sorcerers, according to their Charm and Profession Level. Therefore, Sorcerers multiprofessioning in Wizards would convert their Intelligence plus Charm and Profession Level into Mana, which would then mean they had much higher Mana than that of Wizards of the same rank. However, because of the lowered levels of the two classes, it would lead to them having difficulty mastering High-Grade Spells.

Vivian, for example, had two casts of a level one spell, and one cast of a level two spell from the Sorcerer class. She also possessed two Spell Slots for level one spells from the Wizard class.

(ps: The Magic Network could be understood as a website. Wizards needed to connect to the network manually and enter the web address if they want to visit it. Sorcerers, however, belonged to the automatic dialing type; the home page of the browser for Sorcerers was already the Magic Network. Each level-up would automatically produce a few more bookmarks. However, visiting the pages of the Legendary Spells would only produce Error 404. [The Magic Network Seal])