48 Hours a Day

Chapter 78 - The Mannerheim Line Welcomes You XX

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Gunshots blasting at the wooden house broke the silence of the night!

After a short while, a strange rustling sound came from the forest where few masked men with submachine guns charged at where Zhang Heng and Simone were! There wore plain winter camouflage with no insignia bearing their unit or identity.

Little did they know that Zhang Heng was about to welcome them with a Maxim Heavy Machine Gun. Good thing Maji was crazier than he expected, a trait that proved useful in time like this. With a bit of patience, Zhang Heng waited until all the unknown assailants were close to the cottage before opening fire at full force!

Shells flew out from the chamber in a continuous stream like an angry fire-spitting dragon.

Clearly, those five men had prepared to deal with surprises like this. However, they had not accounted for Zhang Heng to use a Maxim Heavy Machine Gun to go against them. The gun’s destructive firepower had crushed any possibility of retaliation. Before they could do anything, their bodies were shredded into pieces, their flesh exploding into tiny bits as the bullets ravaged through without mercy. Though the gun was potent, it consumed ammo at an obscene speed as well.

In that short skirmish, Zhang Heng had consumed all the ammunition prepared by Maji. Due to the gun’s weight, it was not possible for him to carry it around. After killing the first wave of enemies, he abandoned the cumbersome machine and took out his handgun to shoot the kerosene lamp that was still alit.

The moment the flames went out, the second wave of enemies arrived! In senseless insanity, thousands of bullets started spraying out of the forest toward the base camp. It was so powerful it shredded the thin wooden walls of the cottage!

Luckily, Simone had pushed over the bed, serving as a barrier. Still, she could not figure out why enemies would appear in the base camp all of a sudden. Knowing that the two of them were in a life-threatening situation, she quickly picked up Zhang Heng’s M28 and loaded the weapon.

After three minutes of continuous shooting, the firing came to a stop. Bullets had wholly decimated the wooden house; plates and bowls on the table had been shattered into pieces. They were only alive thanks to the bed. Otherwise, they would have been instantly killed by the merciless rain of fire.

Zhang Heng could see that these masked men were determined to eliminate Simone. They had come well prepared.

Three people attempted to approach the cottage from the forest but were greeted in kind by three bullets. Simone had managed to kill them. Zhang Heng did fire twice as well. Unfortunately, he was not used to using a handgun and missed.

Then, the shooting started up again. Gunshots rang out from all directions, and shells began to flood the house like there was no tomorrow!

Judging by the intensity of the ambush, they should be about 20 or 30 people shooting at the same time. Sooner or later, the bed would surely give in to the onslaught. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do right now. It seemed practically impossible to bring Simone out of the snare they were cornered into.

In a crude manner of speech, Zhang Heng had indeed been fooled by Maji. Out of kindness, Maji wasnt completely honest about Simone with him. Surrounded by continuous fire, Maji knew that it was improbable they would survive. She believed that with Zhang Heng’s cunning, he would surely figure out the consequences of knowing top-secrets. Even if he chose to kill Simone, there was no way that she would let him leave the base camp alive. Zhang Heng had said earlier that he had no options when it came to this. It turned out he was right.

Still, Zhang Heng was grateful for Maji because he knew that it would hard for him to stay away and out of it. He knew that he would never leave Simone and ran away alone. Besides, he still had his trump card with him. The wooden sculpture was lying there quietly inside his pocket. He could transform himself into a shadow and flee the demolished cottage in an instant. However, the night was moonless, meaning he was limited to only moving where the kerosene lamps were. This was a big problem, and it was going to be really difficult for him to enter the forest behind the line of heavily armed soldiers.If you like reading comics please visit Webnovel.live

Unfortunately, he knew he had to do it if the situation got any worse. Just when Zhang Heng wanted to reach into his pocket to grab the wooden sculpture, he heard there were more gunshots. This time, however, the gunshots did not come from the forest but from the base camp!

Zhang Heng saw a single Weller shooting at the forest with his light machine gun. At the same time, the limping Oher kicked down a table, placed his rifle on top of it, and started to shoot at the forest like a madman! All hell had broken loose, and the other guerillas quickly followed suit as well.

Of course, Zhang Heng would not let this golden opportunity slip away from him. Immediately, he kicked down the tattered wall behind him and dragged Simone out of the wooden house. Suddenly, he heard someone whistling as they were running. From afar, a guerilla tossed a submachine gun to him and signaled him to join the battle!

From the beginning of the war until now, the guerillas had decreased from over 40 members to only about a dozen left. More than half had been killed in action. This reduction in number made them more united than before, and although they were ordered not to leave their rooms tonight, all of them chose to go against the order when they saw Simone’s cottage being shot at. Such unexpected results surprised those on both sides of the divide.

The truth was, enemies greatly outnumbered them. However, the guerilla’s strong teamwork had managed to hold back the enemies. But soon, the enemies started to reorganize and started another retaliation. Until now, the enemies had been hiding out in the forest, giving the guerillas the upper hand during the first wave of attack. On the second wave of attack, the enemies started to work together, and the guerillas were beginning to sustain injuries during the shootout.

Simone wanted to head back to help her friends but Zhang Heng knew that they were targeting her. The longer she stayed there, the more dangerous it was going to be for the others. Zhang Heng tapped on her shoulder.

Gunshots were everywhere around the base camp, and amid the confusion, nobody knew where to head to. However, this was not a problem for Zhang Heng.

Maji had actually signaled Zhang Heng secretly when they were talking in the commander’s cottage. Northwest was where they should head to if they wanted to live to see tomorrow.