48 Hours a Day

Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Reward

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Everything happened so quickly from the moment the creature started fleeing to the moment it was hit—Zhang Heng did not expect the battle to end so soon. As the small-ish was falling mid-air, he decelerated and stopped right at the tunnel opening!

The old man in the Tang suit stepped out of the vehicle, bent down, and checked the creature’s breathing.

“Is it over?” Zhang Heng pulled the handbrake and exited the vehicle.

“I wish I could say yes, that it’s over and that the both of us could go wherever we want, do whatever we want, but something seems off about this. The whole was just too easy.” The old frowned. “I’ve been going after the creature for 2 months. If it were this easy to kill, it wouldn’t have lasted until today.”

“From your understanding of this creature, think it still has some tricks up its sleeve?” Zhang Heng stepped closer. The thing had appeared on the windshield, but he did not get a good look at the creature. Now, he could finally see it upfront and personal.

The creature was slightly bigger than a monkey, about the size of a six or seven-year-old child with small, short limbs. Other than its hairless face, its body was covered in gold hair, which was why Zhang Heng’s first impression of it was that it resembled a monkey. But the one thing that caught his eye most was the reproductive organ in between the creature’s legs—it was three times the size of a grown man’s.

Zhang Heng was sure that this thing did not belong to any known species on earth.

“Reproduction worship. Many of the indigenous people have similar preferences. Also, you seemed to have misunderstood something. I may look old, but I’m not as old as you think I am. Moresby is a 20,000-year-old monster. Like you, I don’t know anything about it. So, thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I was able to find some information about it on the internet.” The old man pushed himself off the ground and pulled out the spear from the corpse. “We…”

He was about to say something when he suddenly froze. There was a transparent, sticky substance dripping from the spear.

“This is great!” The old man exclaimed.

But then, a silhouette jumped down from above!

Who would have thought that there was another Moresby?!

It was fast, pouncing on the old man so hard he fell to the ground. Then, it opened its mouth to bite the old man’s neck, only to be stopped by something.

The old man was in terrible condition. His baseball cap had fallen off his head, and his hair and clothes were disheveled, desperately holding onto the spear to defend himself.

The old man was not as strong as the Moresby creature. The horizontal spear was getting closer to his chest by the moment

Zhang Heng thought that the old man would use that trick he used back in the maid’s café, but he did not realize that the old man’s strength had weakened to this extent, or maybe he just could not rewind time when in still time—whatever it was, he looked like he was in deep trouble.

Zhang Heng knew what he had to do. So, he ran back to the car as fast as he could and grabbed his sf recurve bow and arrows, tightly aiming at the creature.

There was no way he could miss at such a short distance.


The arrow pierced the skin of the creature as expected but did not penetrate any further.

Zhang Heng was taken aback. He had just witnessed that rusted spear puncture the Moresby’s chest effortlessly. He thought that the creature was not that strong, but now, it looked like the creature’s muscles were so robust it was akin to a small tree.

The Moresby turned around to glare at its attacker, but it did not do anything else. It could obviously tell who was a bigger threat to it and decided to get rid of the old man first, then taking care of Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng shot it twice again, and when he realized that it was useless, he tossed his bow and arrow aside and ran to the back!

The old man thought Zhang Heng was going to take the car and leave. That would be extremely stupid because if the old man died, he would not be able to outrun the Moresby alone.

But 7 seconds later, the old man could see that the black Audi had not left but was coming towards him at full speed! The glaring highbeam blinded his eyes and also affected the creature’s vision!


The creature was knocked over, and the Audi’s hood caved in! In the last second, Zhang Heng slammed on the brakes, its impact violently throwing his head forward into the inflated airbag.

The tire of the car was less than 1cm away from the old man’s left arm! This was the deadliest attack Zhang Heng could think of. With the hardness of the monster’s body, only a 2-ton block of metal could do any damage to it.

But that made the Moresby really angry. After it was knocked by the car, it stumbled once, then sprang back onto its feet again! Its eyes were fixed on Zhang Heng in the driver seat the whole time. It then squatted its tiny legs, getting ready to leap.

The next moment, a bolt of lightning flashed from under the Audi and pierced its bald forehead and out through the back, pinning the Moresby onto the wall of the tunnel!

The creature twitched twice before going into a limp like a piece of cured meat.

The old man in the Tang suit crawled out from under the Audi, face covered in dust and dirt, and stumbled towards the wall, cursing. After making real sure that the thing was dead as a doornail, he turned around and gave Zhang Heng a big thumbs-up. “Beautifully done!”

Zhang Heng unbuckled his seat belt and leaned back onto the seat. After that almost too-close-to-call brush with death, he was mentally exhausted. Slightly anyway. “Didn’t you say that it’s two against one tonight? What was that just now?”

“It is supposed to be two against one tonight. I did not know that it would have two bodies.” The old man shrugged innocently. “Previously, when I was hunting it down, it did not show this side! I think it was planning to use it against me. Thank goodness I have had help tonight!”

“Alright, stop being so upset. I was not going to make you help me for free.” The old man pulled out the spear from the wall, disassembled it before returning it into the luggage. Rolling up his sleeves, he plunged his hand into the Moresby’s pierced head. He dug around for a bit, and finally pulled out a piece of bone covered in greyish-white brain matter and tossed it to Zhang Heng.

“Your reward.”

Zhang Heng let the thing fall to the ground, not intending to pick it up.

“Don’t be fooled by its appearance! This is the game’s equivalent of a C-grade item! You can use it yourself or sell it at the year-end auction. But as you already have the gift I gave you, this ain’t going to be that useful.”