48 Hours a Day

Chapter 482 - He Is Coming Back

Chapter 482 He Is Coming Back

Han Lu did not wake up until the night. This time, she slept a total of 14 hours. Even so, she still felt drained after waking up, her long slumber unable to make up for the past days of lost sleep. She eventually opened her eyes, much to Zhang Heng’s relief. He still wasn’t sure why Hypnos disappeared after letting Han Lu go when he clearly held the advantage. As of now, Han Lu was thankfully out of danger. Zhang Heng said, “For safety’s sake, you’d better call me or send me a text every morning. You don’t have to do it for too long. One month will do. I want to make sure that Hypnos will not target you anymore.” “No problem…” Han Lu paused, “…you saved me.” “Uhh, I’m not too sure about that.”

Although Zhang Heng suspected that Hypnos’ sudden retreat could have something to do with him, he had no intention of claiming glory without collecting sufficient evidence.

“You can’t deny that you are the one that saved me.” Han Lu did not hesitate, “If you didn’t read the message I sent you, I would have died in my sleep,” she went on thoughtfully. “Thank the key item provided by Shen Xixi’s team as well. Otherwise, we would have never been able to enter your dream world.”

“I will find a way to repay them… it’s thanks to you that they are here to help me. Let’s get back to our previous topic—you saved my life. If I count what happened at the hospital, this is the second time you’ve saved me. So… What do you want?” Han Lu asked directly.

“…I don’t lack anything for the time being, but I will come to you if I need anything.” Zhang Heng stood up and put on his coat. “I skipped a whole day’s class, so I’m going back to school now. I cooked you a meal while you were asleep and put it on the table. You can have a good meal after a shower.”

Nothing unusual happened in the next two weeks. Zhang Heng had also successfully obtained his driver’s license, though he had to wait for his car’s registration plate. He had to first apply for a number before trying the lucky draw that happened twice in a month. The winning probability of that was comparable to that of the lottery. Even with Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, it was impossible to win on the first draw.

Zhang Heng was not in a hurry, anyway. The car could be driven under the name of Han Lu’s company. In fact, Zhang Heng had taken his four dormmates for a meal the very night he got his driver’s license. And they deliberately picked a place far away from the school. Chen Huadong was a little apprehensive about Zhang Heng’s driving skills, unable to stop reminding him to look out for oncoming traffic. He held onto his seatbelt nervously as Zhang Heng drove, but the moment there was a little road congestion, he saw how Zhang Heng skillfully navigated through the traffic. In the end, he shut his mouth and let Zhang Heng do what he did best. As he got off the car, he approached Zhang Heng to ask who his coach was, hoping to get a recommendation. With no hesitation, Zhang Heng passed Chen Huadong the coach’ WeChat contact. Chen Huadong was already dreaming that he would become king of the road after 20 days of intensive training. There was always a gap between idealism and reality. Zhang Heng learned nothing special from the driving school except for standard driving techniques and traffic regulations. On the other hand, his extraordinary driving skills were from the owner of a fishery shop in the Tokyo Drift quest.

Since he was the driver, Zhang Heng was the only one that didn’t touch the booze. After the meal, he drove the slightly drunk Ma Wei, an utterly unconscious Wei Jiangyang, and a seemingly fine Chen Huadong back to the dormitory.

After attempting to carry Wei Jiangyang to his bed, Zhang Heng turned on his computer, and that was when the power cut off. Before this, he had been doing some research about the scientific expedition to Greenland 17 years ago. That was when he found two Facebook pages of the members and a Twitter account. Since he could get no useful information on Twitter, and the Facebook profiles were private, Zhang Heng’s could not carry on with his investigation. Thanks to his hacking skills mastered up to Lv2 upon returning from Whistleblower, he managed to retrieve their passwords covertly. Finally, he got to log into their accounts to seek for more information. Zhang Heng first logged into Nicholson’s Facebook account. Formerly a SEAL member, he was 50 this year. From the photo, he looked adamant; his chest muscles were in good shape, and he had a pair of muscular arms as well. He was in a pair of beach pants in the photo, squatting on the sand while roasting oysters on the grill. Behind him was a young girl hugging him affectionately by the neck. After that, Zhang Heng reencountered the young girl in other pictures. She was standing with another older woman. If he guessed correctly, those two should be Nicholson’s daughter and wife. After the expedition, Nicholson returned to Colorado, where he started a small construction company. Due to poor management, it closed down four years ago. He later became a truck driver. He wasn’t on Facebook very often. Most of the photos on it were of him with his family , and although he was 50-years-old, he often received greetings from pretty ladies thanks to his tough appearance. Nicholson, however, ignored all of them.

Apart from that, Zhang Heng also noticed that Nicholson regularly updated his Facebook profile in March, May, and August every year. It could be a coincidence, or he was hiding something. He also posted about stuff he did while he was still a SEAL. Despite all that, he posted nothing about the scientific expedition, as if he didn’t want anyone knowing about the trip to Greenland seventeen years ago. The Facebook account of psychiatrist Marshall carried a little more excitement. He frequently shared his thoughts about work and notable events in his life. Then, late at night, especially before dawn, Marshall would post something that didn’t make much sense. It went in the tone of: [He has spotted me…] [I still remember… Those crazy whirlpools… Torn apart…] [Eyes! His eyes… He is coming back!] These were all posts written from his perspective. Thanks to his secrecy, nobody ever knew what he had to endure in the dead of night. The 42-year-old Marshall was different from Nicholson. He had not married until now and had only one girlfriend he dated for around five years until they separated last year. According to Marshall, it was because she couldn’t stand his sleepwalking. But intuition told Zhang Heng that there were deeper reasons behind the breakup. The week after Marshall split with his girl, he never updated his Facebook again. Zhang Heng had no idea what happened to him.