48 Hours a Day

Chapter 460 - Heart!!!

The junior nurse was stunned since the other person didn’t look like a patient at all. After coming out, he did not walk to the ward but instead headed directly to the elevator. The nurse opened her mouth to say something in an attempt to stop the woman but hesitated the moment she remembered the mistake she made not too long ago. She wasn’t about to shoot herself in the foot again.

However, the expression on her face had captured Han Lu’s attention. She noticed something wasn’t right. So, she turned behind. “What’s wrong?”

Just then, another person walked out of the treatment room.

The nurse breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the man with a sweet smile on her face. “Director Kuang!”

The doctor with the surname of Kuang nodded at the greeting.

Seeing that the nurse’s expressions had returned to normal, Han Lu did not ask any further questions. She continued focusing on the visitor list, still thinking about looking through all those names as quickly as possible. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat, and an inexplicable sense of fear surged through her body.

That sense of fear came and went quickly, passing by like a flash of light. Had it not been for the horror that Han Lu saw in the nurse’s eyes, she would have suspected that the fear wasn’t real.

The doctor then asked in a deep voice, “How is the patient in bed 203?”

The nurse patted her chest. “She seems better today. I took her temperature just now, and the fever has subsided. I hope she is okay,” said the nurse with concern.

Han Lu shuddered a little when she heard that, but nonetheless, she kept her feelings under control.

No. 203 was Wang Shuangshuang’s bed. The identity of the doctor in front of her with the surname Kuang was revealed. He was Wang Shuangshuang’s attending doctor, and his sudden appearance made him a suspicious person. With his presence, it wasn’t hard to connect what happened between him and Zhang Heng. Han Lu’s heart started beating faster. It should have hit her a long time ago. All the while, she had been focusing on the visitor list to the point she forgot that hospital staff was obviously free to leave the hospital whenever they wanted.

Han Lu tried her best to remain as calm as possible, not forgetting what Fan Meinan told her before this. If Zhang Heng was on the verge of death because of this Director Kuang, it meant this person was extremely dangerous.

Just then, the phone in Han Lu’s pocket started ringing

Han Lu glanced at the caller ID. It was Fan Meinan.

Grabbing the opportunity, she walked away, finding herself a corner that no one noticed, and answered the phone. The two of them almost said the same thing together—”I might have found him!”

Han Lu paused, “You first…”

“I watched the surveillance video. Zhang Heng bumped into a male doctor before getting into the elevator. After that, something bad happened to him. After descending two floors, he exited the elevator with my sister. I think he wanted to head back to look for the doctor, but his body wouldn’t allow it. Soon after that, he lost consciousness on the ground,” said Fan Meinan.

“Did Wang Shuangshuang’s attending doctor go by the surname of Kuang? He’s standing next to me right now,” whispered Han Lu.

“Yes! that’s why I called you quickly.”

“It means the person who walked out of the same room with him was your sister.”

Fan Meinan hesitated. “That’s right.”

Right now, her sister was planning to leave the hospital, and Zhang Heng was in a critical situation. It was time for her to make a decision.

Han Lu quickly came up with an idea. “I’m keeping my eyes on him. Come here quickly.” “Okay.”

Fan Meinan said nothing after that, knowing that although Han Lu was in a sticky situation, it was her utmost priority to rescue Zhang Heng first. “Wait for me,” she said and hung up the phone. On the other side, Han Lu pretended to talk while secretly keeping her eyes on Director Kuan. It seemed Director Kuang didn’t notice her at all, and once he was done talking to the nurse, he walked directly to Wang Shuangshuang’s ward. Han Lu breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the director walking away. She swiftly put away her phone.

Now, she only needed to wait until Fan Meinan arrived. The next moment, however, something slapped her neck from behind. Han Lu had no idea what happened, and before she knew it, she was dragged through the wall into the ward and slammed heavily to the ground. When Han Lu saw the expressionless face of “Director Kuang” staring down at her, the fear in her heart quadrupled. She could not help but let out a loud scream.

“Director Kuang” remained in his position, looking at her with indifference. There wasn’t a hint of emotion in his eyes, causing an endless chill of despair to run through Han Lu’s heart. She became even more horrified when she realized that no one could hear her scream. The two patients on the bed were in a deep sleep, let alone those outside the ward. This happened a mere 5 seconds after Fan Meinan hung up the phone. No one could hear her cries for help, so naturally, no one would come and save her.

Han Lu crawled towards the door, trying to escape the ward. But when she wanted to grab the doorknob, she found out that the door couldn’t be opened no matter how hard she tugged at it. Banging the door desperately with all her strength, she attempted to attract the attention of those outside the ward. Alas, it was as if the world had forgotten her.

After that, Han Lu heard the neighing of horses. The ward lights were dimmed, and “Director Kuang” had a crown on his head. He was holding a peculiarly shaped longbow made of human bones. He spoke with a voice so loud, it was as if the entire earth could hear his bellows.

“The day I descend on earth will be the day the plague goes rampant, and all humans will suffer!”

He then slowly raised the longbow and aimed it at Han Lu, now completely overcome by terror. However, neither Pestilence nor Han Lu noticed a dark figure sneaking in from the window.

“Director Kuang” pulled on the empty bowstring. Although there was no arrow, Han Lu felt the unprecedented fear of death haunting her very being.

Just when she was sure that she was about to die, a sharp scalpel stabbed into “Director Kuang’s” back. Ironically, not a drop of blood came out of the wound. “Director Kuang” frowned, slowly turning around to see who this brazen attacker was.

Zhang Heng, however, did wasn’t bothered to look at “Director Kuang” at all.

He held the scalpel tightly, seemingly focussed on his actions completely. Zhang Heng pulled the knife all the way down, slicing the target’s back wide open. A few seconds later, something magical happened. The top part of the wound had already begun healing, and it was obvious that some supernatural power was repairing the “director’s” body. The part that recovered was as smooth as a mirror, and there wasn’t even a scar.

“Director Kuang” sneered at Zhang Heng as if to mock his inability to maim his target. However, Zhang Heng would soon do something really unforgettable. Without warning, Zhang Heng shoved his entire hand into “Director Kuang’s” open wound as if probing for something. “Director Kuang”s expression changed for the first time. After a while, Zhang Heng’s right hand stopped. He had finally found what he was looking for!

“Director Kuang” roared furiously, “How dare you…”

But before he could finish, he was put to a stop!

Zhang Heng’s right hand left his body abruptly, and on the palm of his hand, there was a beating black heart.