Chapter 452 Telepathy

When Zhang Heng opened his eyes again, he was back on the rear bench of the Lexus. Fan Meinan and Han Lu were both staring at him.

“Did we leave the park?”

The first thing Zhang Heng did was to check his body. Except for feeling a little weak, there were no apparent injuries since he wasn’t electrocuted for too long. He was much relieved when he saw that no permanent damage had been done.

“Yes,” Fan Meinan nodded and looked a little guilty. “Sorry, it is my fault this time. I almost caused you a great deal of trouble. I knew she never liked me, but I didn’t expect her to go to this extent. She plans for me to take the blame.”

“What is really going on between you and that woman?”

“About that… It’s hard to explain the whole thing to you, but let’s just say that we are from the same faction,” Fan Meinan smiled bitterly. “She has always regarded me as competion, though, and we have way different personalities as well.”

Zhang Heng looked at Han Lu. “Can you leave us for a bit?”

“Of course.” Han Lu opened the door and walked out of the car, leaving only Zhang Heng and Fan Meinan.

After Han Lu left, Zhang Heng looked at Fan Meinan. “What is your relationship with the god Loki in Norse mythology?”

Fan Meinan raised his eyebrows and looked surprised. “When did you find out?”

“Since the mysterious woman appeared at the auction. I had a vague conjecture, but things got clearer once I understood the game. Your acting is very close to the god of lies and tricks. Are you his agent?”

“No, we are not his agents. At best, we are regarded as backup,” Fan Meinan sighed. “You can say that we are all on the inspection list.”

“And you trust your competition?” “Uhh… our relationship is kind of complicated,” Fan Meinan hesitated. “…well, she is my sister.” “Sister? What kind of sister.”

“The kind of sister bonded by blood, but she was given away by my parents when she was very young, so I can probably understand her resentment towards me. But it doesn’t change the fact that she is my sister. Besides, I just learned about that not too long ago. She is also the one who introduced me to the god.”

“Were you a player before this?”

“No, I was just an ordinary person before that. No one understood the rules when giving out those invitations. In theory, anyone could get an invitation and participate in the game. But if you don’t have one, you can’t enter the game. There is another way to enter the game in this world, and that is to become an agent.”

“But you said you are not an agent.”

“Yes, but that god is extraordinary. Ancient and sacred vows do not work on him, and he can turn the impossible into possible.”

“Since you haven’t received the invitation letter, why did you want to enter this world, and why did you have to become Loki’s agent?” “I have my reasons, of course.” Fan Meinan tried to squeeze a smile. “I’ve said too much; I can’t go on. Trust me; I can take care of myself.”

“Considering what happened, I doubt it,” said Zhang Heng, but that was all he said, not asking any further. He paused for a while. “Can you still contact your sister? We haven’t resolved the problems caused by the Dreamland of Death.”

“Based on what I know about her, she usually disappears after doing that, but I can give it a try.”

“How do you plan to do it? You said you don’t know where she is, and you can only try asking her out.”

“Actually, we used to communicate telepathically with each other when we were small, but I didn’t pay much attention to it at that time,” Fan Meinan replied. “I always thought they were hallucinations. When I was in fourth grade, I accidentally fell from the stairs and hit my head real hard. I fell into a coma, and it was then that I experienced something phenomenal. I felt my soul entering another body. I was conscious, but I couldn’t control that strange body, much like a bystander.

“… it happened another time when I was in high school. I got hit by a football flying from a distance, and they brought me to the infirmary. A similar thing happened again. This time I saw my face in the mirror. Hold on, to be exact; it was my sister’s face. A man hugged her waist from behind, and I could feel his breath on my neck. It itched, and I almost lost my first kiss. Fortunately, I regained consciousness as soon as I was taken into the ward. I never told anyone about this, including my sister.”

“It seems that your sister didn’t like telepathy, or she wouldn’t have let you take the blame. It’s because you can use the ability to lead the three major guilds to her capture,” said Zhang Heng. “What should I do to knock you out?”

“Uhh… now here’s the problem. My telepathy doesn’t work every time I become comatose,” Fan Meinan said bitterly. “And I am afraid of getting beaten as well.”

“What should we do then?” “I read up a little about telepathy, and many theories suggested that the closer a person was to death, the greater the probability of triggering the telepathic abilities.”


Fan Meinan sighed, “Try drowning me.”

“Are you sure? It won’t be pleasant.” “For a one-million-dollar luxury car, it’s worth trying. Nah, I’m kidding. Isn’t she your friend? I can’t just watch her die like that.” Fan Meinan shrugged, “Besides, there is still you. You’ll make sure I won’t die, right?”

Han Lu opened the door.

“How’s the talk going? Do I need to wait a little longer?”

“No, we are done with our discussion. Can I visit your mansion next? I have always been curious about the life of the rich. And I can sign the transfer agreement for this car as well,” said Fan Meinan.

“No problem, welcome to my place,” Han Lu nodded. “The sun is coming up soon… I’ll get the maid to cook us some breakfast.”

“I think I shouldn’t be eating anything as I don’t want to be throwing up all over your bathroom.”

An hour later, the three arrived at Han Lu’s residence. Fan Meinan looked calm and composed, still in the mood to admire the wall’s oil paintings. Zhang Heng noticed, however, that her right hand was holding her sports clothes. It seemed like she wasn’t as calm as she appeared to be.

“Where is the bathroom?”

“I’ll bring you there,” Han Lu said. However, she didn’t expect Fan Meinan to look at Zhang Heng nervously instead of going straight to the toilet.

Zhang Heng turned around to look at Han Lu. “Give me a clean towel, and don’t let anybody come in.”