48 Hours a Day

Chapter 451 - Eletrocuted

Chapter 451 Eletrocuted

Zhang Heng said nothing after that. The moment the enemy took out the Plasticine, he knew it was useless explaining anything to them. The group allegedly believed that Fan Meinan was the mysterious woman in sunglasses who had appeared at the auction that day—the three powerful guilds and the players’ chamber of commerce offered handsome and lavish rewards for her capture, and as of now, she was like a walking cash bag that would make any player go after her.

The jacketed man with the bleeding nose took out a white glove from his pocket and slipped it over his hand. He snapped his fingers, and blue electrical arcs started dancing around them. The leader who was standing nearby swallowed a pill. Ten seconds later, the muscles of his left arm began to bulge, ripping his sleeves apart. His arm’s size had now tripled, brawny and strapping like a world weightlifting champion.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t fight back. Otherwise, things might turn ugly,” scowled the jacketed man. “Just save us all that trouble and surrender now.”

“Is that so? I’m afraid you will be troubled for a while, then.” Zhang Heng pulled a folding knife from his backpack’s side pocket. Although he had fought multiple enemies in one go before, this was his first time going up against numerous players simultaneously. “In that case, let’s fight. Once we capture you, we’ll become the richest players on the planet.”

The leader then lifted a decorative stone on the grass beside him and hurled it at Zhang Heng. It was hard to describe just how powerful his left arm was, seeing how the rock he threw flew towards Zhang Heng like a smoking cannonball. To avoid the incoming blow, Zhang Heng ducked immediately and rolled on the ground.

Simultaneously, the jacketed man made his move as well, undoing a copper chain accessory that was on his jacket and held it in his gloved hand. He instantly conducted the electricity on his hand to the copper chain. Then, he threw it at Zhang Heng in a fury, who had thankfully blocked the electrified metal with this backpack. At the same time, the second enemy on the other side charged at Zhang Heng as well.

It appeared that this little team must have been together for a while now, seeing how they executed almost perfect teamwork. Generally, a team like that wouldn’t carry too many game items on them, allowing them to focus on bringing out the items’ full potential. Just like the glove that could generate electricity, the jacketed man had figured how to use a copper chain to carry out a mid-ranged attack. Besides, a chain would be a lot more challenging to defend than bare palms.

However, Zhang Heng’s skills went beyond their expectations. As they didn’t use too many game items to fight, Zhang Heng managed to block a joint attack from two assailants with his folding knife—though it seemed Zhang Heng was on the losing side, it was worth noting that he was fighting two opponents that were using supernatural powers against him.

A player who relied purely on his combat skills?!

The leader and the jacketed man glanced at each other, surprised by Zhang Heng’s expertise. At the same time, they were relieved. Battles between players were notoriously unpredictable, especially when they encountered unfamiliar players with unfamiliar game items. Even a single game item could drastically change the outcome of a battle.

Initially, they planned to become invisible by using a game item, hoping to keep Zhang Heng under control. Unfortunately, instead of getting their bounty, Zhang Heng managed to free himself, and the jacketed man’s nose had been bleeding until now. To stop the bleeding, he had stuffed tissue up his nostrils. What worried them the worst, however, were the unique game items that Zhang Heng possessed.

For now, they might just be overthinking it. When Zhang Heng appeared before them, he held a longbow. Supposedly, that was supposed to be his most potent weapon. The game items he possessed were most likely related to bows and arrows. To block the frontal assault, he had to drop his bow earlier.

After that, he switched weapons to a small knife, and although Zhang Heng skills were more than adequate, a simple folding knife wasn’t quite enough to defeat enemies of that level. He also faced the charged chain and empowered arm, gaining no subsequent advantage in the battle. His enemies overpowered him from the beginning, and if he was carrying any powerful items, he would have used it long ago.

Now that they figured out the whole thing, the four wanted the battle to drag on for no longer. They weren’t worried that they couldn’t capture Zhang Heng. They were instead concerned that other players would know their whereabouts and come here to share their victory. So one of the men who was restraining Fan Meinan let her go. He took out a dart from his pocket and aimed at Zhang Heng’s eyes.

However, the situation suddenly changed. The knife in Zhang Heng’s hand disappeared, and a look of horror flashed through the leader’s eyes. Moments later, he held his neck and stumbled two steps backward. The knife that disappeared from Zhang Heng’s hand was now stuck in his throat. This sudden turn of events hand rent the group speechless. No one knew how Zhang Heng, supposedly losing, had managed to strike a lethal attack.

When that happened, a thought seemed to cross the player’s mind with the dart, and he immediately aimed it at Fan Meinan. Right before he could do that, the sound of a gunshot rang in the air. Zhang Heng pulled out a Lego M1911 infused with the Infinite Building Block from the backpack. The first thing he did was to eliminate the darted man. When another enemy realized what was happening, he reacted instantly, running toward Fan Meinan and hiding behind her. He then reached into his pocket and drew out a knife.

Zhang Heng did not hesitate. He pointed his gun at Fan Meinan and pulled the trigger again.

Fan Mei Nan closed her eyes, and the next moment she felt something warm splattering on her neck.

At this point, she could finally free herself from her captors. Zhang Heng had just solved the most troublesome part of the battle, always confident that he was good enough to defeat his opponents. It would be pointless if he won and Fan Meinan was still held hostage. They could easily use her to threaten him.

However, after Fan Meinan had been rescued, Zhang Heng found his other arm entangled with the copper chain. A cruel look flashed through the jacketed man’s eyes, and a powerful electric current ran through the copper chain directly to Zhang Heng’s heart. It was his first time getting electrocuted. As the powerful current coursed through his cells, his muscles convulsed, his pupils dilated, and he was unable to react. His limbs lost all strength, and he felt as if his heart had stopped beating.

This process lasted for about a few seconds, but it was then that a knife pierced into the jacketed man’s chest. Subsequently, the man fell to the ground.

Fan Meinan was lying on the jacketed man’s chest, and she was trembling. This was her first murder, but she couldn’t care less about how she felt right now. She dropped the knife in her hand and ran to where Zhang Heng fell.

“Hey, are you okay?!”