48 Hours a Day

Chapter 449 - I Think I’m Starting To Like Her

Chapter 449 I Think I’m Starting To Like Her

Before letting Guo Miao out of the car, Zhang Heng took a look at Han Lu. She shook her head, and before anyone could say anything, Zhang Heng kicked him out of the car. Han Lu then stepped on the gas, and the car disappeared into the night. Guo Miao’s loud cries for help soon attracted the factory’s security guards, and half a minute later, the bag on his head was taken off. Guo Miao was still puzzled until now. He had no idea what happened to him earlier.

How did he get into a stranger’s car all of a sudden? What was the purpose of kidnapping him?

What happened tonight was like a bizarre nightmare. Guo Miao shook his head in disbelief. “This is creepy,” he murmured to himself.

At the same time, in the Lexus, neither Zhang Heng nor Han Lu spoke. After a while, Zhang Heng broke the silence. “I didn’t expect you to be so calm.” “What should I have done? Kill Guo Miao? Are you going to kill him for me? And is there any point in killing him other than us getting tangled in a lawsuit? Or should have we beaten him up? According to you, the curse is in effect now, so killing him won’t change anything anyway,” retorted Han Lu.

Zhang Heng decided to remain as frank as he could. “About that… it’s hard to answer. Some think that killing the Dreamland of Death’s holder is part of the solution to lifting the curse. A case study, however, had proven that killing its holder will not lift the curse.”

“If killing the item’s owner works, I’m willing to take the risk,” Han Lu said calmly. “However, I don’t see the point of killing him to vent my anger. Yes, I’m hated by many, but Guo Miao happened to receive an opportunity to get rid of me. I bet he didn’t even know what he was doing. And he didn’t dare to confront me, avenging his brother, and all. So, he can only rely on unscrupulous methods…” Han Lu paused. “…let’s not talk about him. I believe everything you say now. There are things in this world that science can’t explain. Will you help me lift the


“I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee results,” Zhang Heng said.

“…Shouldn’t you try to comfort me at a time like this? It’s like you go to the hospital for an examination, and you’re diagnosed with a fatal disease, but the doctor still says you’re fine.”

“Sorry, I thought people like you would rather hear the truth.”

“Theoretically, you are right, but it turns out that women still like listening to lies,” said Han Lu.

The Lexus entered the motorway again.

“Where shall we go next?”

“I’ll need to go back to meet a friend first.”

Considering that time was of the essence, Han Lu ignored the speed limit. Twelve demerits on her driving records were nothing when compared to her life. In the end, Han Lu made it to the destination in less than three hours.

She parked her Lexus outside a KTV.

After a while, Fan Meinan, in a flight attendant attire, came out.

“Hey, brought your new girlfriend to brag?! What about that Japanese girl? Cruelly abandoned after you took advantage of her?”

Zhang Heng ignored the jeering and looked at Fan Meinan’s outfit. “Who is in luck today?”

“Hehe! A young man who runs a film company and likes to lay hands on female students in the name of helping them become a model. I found out that he likes to come here and sing, so I’ve been waiting for him to give him a gift.” Fan Meinan adjusted the flight hat on her head.

“Let’s get down to business. Have you contacted the person that I asked?”

“Yes,” Fan Meinan nodded. “But let me warn you, I can’t guarantee she’ll show up. The three major guilds have been looking everywhere for her. I was affected by her, and I have not seen her for a long time. I’m a little afraid of her, actually. She is not easy to get along with.”

“No matter what, we’ll have to go to the place first.”

Zhang Heng’s strategy was straightforward. Since there were huge speculations on the forums on how to lift the curse of the Dreamland of Death, it indicated that the three powerful guilds must have had insider information that ordinary players didn’t know of. The only ones who knew how to use the Dreamland of Death were limited to those who had used it before.

Among them, the first owner of the item was dead, and the second was supposed to be the mysterious woman at the auction. According to Fan Meinan’s statement, the Dreamland of Death was no longer with the woman. Despite that, she was now the only person that Zhang Heng was likely to look for.

“Do you need a change of clothes?” Zhang Heng asked Fan Meinan.

“I don’t think so. Aren’t you good at fighting?” “…no matter how good I am at fighting, it still doesn’t mean I like to get in unnecessary trouble.”

“Are you trying to say that with the way I’m dressed, I’m tempting others to commit a crime against me?” Fan Meinan looked at Han Lu, who was in the driver’s seat.

Han Lu, on the other hand, was very calm.

“Fine. I will stay put and play the ugly duckling that no one loves. Give me two minutes.” Fan Meinan turned around and ran back to KTV.

“Don’t take it to heart,” Zhang Heng said. “She’s always been like that.”

“It’s fine. She is a fascinating child.” Han Lu smiled. “Is she… also from your world?”


“That… the supernatural world below the ordinary world.”

“Well, she’s a lot tougher than you think. It won’t be easy to take advantage of her just like that.”

There was a thoughtful look on Han Lu’s face. “Is there any way to enter your world?”

“Trust me; you don’t want to enter that world.”

Fan Meinan had returned with a set of loose and rather dull-looking set of clothes. She then got into the car. “A luxury car that costs over one million yuan… this is my first time getting into such an expensive car. I don’t know where to put my butt.” “If you like it, I can give this car to you,” Han Lu said. “We can sign the agreement first, then wait until you get your driver’s license.”

Fan Meinan was a little surprised when she heard that. “Huh? Why? Was it my sarcasm that irked you? Planning to use money to get me under your thumb, huh?”

“Of course not. It’s because Zhang Heng told me that you know someone who can save me, and there’s nothing wrong showing generosity to the person who saved my life.” “I can’t guarantee that I will be able to save you.” Fan Meinan opened a bag of pistachios in the back seat. “It’s too early to thank me.”

“It’s not early. If I die, this car is meaningless to me anyway,” Han Lu said lightly. “Oh, what should I do? I think I like her now,” Fan Meinan said to Zhang Heng.