Zhang Heng was growing accustomed to his current lifestyle. He would go to the Sex and the City bar every other month to complete a game, then return to school life. Except for his roommates who could detect the change in his temperament, no one else could tell that he was different than he was yesterday.

After completing so many games, Zhang Heng was getting better at controlling his mood. Whatever happened after he returned from Black Sail would never happen again. Like this Whistleblower quest, Zhang Heng spent most of his time living with Little Boy, and thus, hadn’t experienced any significant emotional changes and high-intensity mental pressure. It was why the changes within him weren’t noticeable.

In the afternoon, while Ma Wei prepared lessons in the library, Wei Jiangyang invited Zhang Heng and Chen Huadong to the court for a game of basketball. After throwing a couple of hoops, a group of senior students came, and they were then divided into two groups of three. Everyone was just playing for fun initially, but they soon got bored, so someone suggested that the losers do 20 push-ups. The game naturally became more aggressive after that, and at the same time, more conflict arose among the team as well. Fortunately, both sides managed to control their emotions well enough. When someone fell, the opposing team would immediately help them get off the ground and pat down their backs.

It wasn’t until one thin, tall guy got defeated by Wei Jiangyang three times. Deeply embarrassed, he started to shove Wei Jiangyang around. Then, all of a sudden, the atmosphere around the basketball court tensed up significantly. It was then that the group’s attention was caught by a red Lexus approaching from the distance.

The school typically forbade vehicles from outside the school to enter this place. Even the faculty’s staff could only park their vehicles in the parking lot. Generally, security would only lower the two iron barriers when freshmen enrolled in the school or when seniors graduated.

Citing those reasons, the appearance of the Lexus quickly captured a lot of attention.

It seemed the car was heading for the office building that wasn’t too far away. However, as it passed the basketball court, it suddenly stopped and reversed. The driver lowered the window, revealing the person on the wheel.

It turned out to be a stunning woman in a white shirt and a pair of jeans. There was light makeup on her face, and she was adorned with lustrous ornaments and jewelry. Her appearance told of a woman with a powerful and confident aura.

Chen Huadong looked at her once, and he got excited immediately.

“This has to be the best MILF ever!”

He had just said out what every boy was thinking right now. Logically speaking, as long as the students weren’t in engineering, they should come across plenty of girls on campus. The guys had seen all manner of beautiful women, but this time, everyone had to admit that this was probably the gorgeous woman they’d ever laid eyes upon. Especially when the lady turned to look at them, everyone’s hearts started racing. They were all very nervous.

“Why didn’t you answer my call?”

“Huh?” Chen Huadong was completely confused by what was going on. He then heard Zhang Heng’s voice behind him. “Sorry, I didn’t hear my phone ringing. I was playing basketball just now. Why are you here, Sister Han?”

Han Lu removed her sunglasses. “The dean of Economics and Management knows me. Hence, he asked me here to give a lecture. Initially, I wanted you to be my guide..”

Han Lu actually knew the dean, also knowing that the field of finance wasn’t popular around here. Over the years, she made a name for herself in the financial world, to the point the average entrepreneur would beg to meet her, and she would usually charge by the minute. Somebody like her was expected to have connections with the dean in this university. Something must be wrong since she was willing to give lectures for free. No university would reject such a fantastic opportunity.

Her significance could be seen from the way the school welcomed her, where not only was her Lexus given special permission to be driven on campus, but several high-ranking officers from the Department of Economics and Management even dined with her before the lecture started.

“Have you had lunch? Shall we?” Han Lu asked.

Zhang Heng shook his head. “I don’t attend events like that.”

“You are right,” Han Lu said. “I didn’t like my uni’s leaders when I was studying as well. Academic Affairs Office was the second one I hated. Carry on with your game then. When I finish the lecture, let’s go somewhere nice for dinner. You should be familiar with the area. You haven’t contacted me since the last time we met. I promised your mother I’d take good care of you,” she lamented.

Zhang Heng smiled. “I was just afraid I’d be interrupting your work. Haven’t you been very busy lately?”

“No, my job is to listen to different people bragging about their achievements to me. I might just live a few years longer if I don’t listen to all that twaddle,” replied Han Lu as she returned the smile. “I will see you tonight.”

After that, she raised her window and sped towards the office building. The rest of the boys on the basketball court were left open-mouthed and astounded.

“Master Zhang, you got that woman to be your sugar mama?!” Chen Huadong exclaimed in envy. “That has to be the perfect life I’ve always dreamed of.”

Zhang Heng threw the ball at Chen Huadong. “Cut that crap. She’s my mom’s best friend.”

Chen Huadong, however, was no longer in the mood to play any basketball.

“Why doesn’t my mother have a friend like her?!”

Wei Jiangyang, on the other side, seemed a little worried. “Old Zhang, is it because of Shen Xixi’s affair? She went for a rich old man, so… you hooed up with an older woman as revenge?”

“Mind your words, old Wei. Listen to what you just said. How can a MILF queen like her be called an old woman,” grunted Chen Huadong in great dissatisfaction?

“I have explained many times. Shen Xixi and I are just friends, and she doesn’t go for older men, nor is she in a relationship with one. Instead of helping curb the rumor from spreading, it seems you’ve been flaming it.”

Wei Jiangyang scratched his head. “Everyone is saying the same thing about her. Don’t worry. If someone dares to spread rumors about you, we will do everything we can to stop it. Anyway, are you really not in a relationship with that woman?” he chuckled.



Suddenly, a senior that has hesitating to speak said something. “That was Han Lu, President Han? I saw her picture on a listed company that I applied for. She was the company’s first investor.”

“She didn’t just invest in just one company. Many companies have her picture on their walls. She is often on the news, and she seems to have been awarded the title of Asian Female Leader,” said the tall, thin man. “You’re one lucky guy, brother. You don’t need to worry about work at all after you graduate.”

Undoubtedly, the other seniors thought the same as well.

They were about to finish their studies, and having less than one semester left; they would soon enter society and join the brutal rat race. People of different creeds faced different situations, where some would land their desired careers, and some still unsettled. Some struggled which path they should choose; if they should be a civil servant or engage an unstable job they had been longing to do.

Countless young graduates would face the intense emotional pressure of heading into the unknown. Hence graduation season was also breakup season.

The stresses of moving into a different city, the intense competition, and the harsh realities of making it on their own had left many feeling utterly helpless. The culture shock that hit graduates as they officially took the reins and started their new jobs usually caused them to make sudden and drastic decisions. Some chose to break up with their loved ones, some split-up, and got back together again, and some broke up and regretted it all after a few years. Only a small number of lucky people chose to protect their relationships until it became mature.

Happiness was something that one had to work hard to acquire. Behind every sweet smile in wedding photos were heartbreaking quarrels and bitter conflict others never saw. Enormous sacrifices and compromises from both sides were also essential. These would all eventually come together, forming into what we know as marriage.