48 Hours a Day

Chapter 441 - Similar Fate

Chapter 441 Similar Fate

Achilles wasn’t only the Greek’s champion and the most powerful hero of the entire Trojan War. He was invincible on the battlefield, unstoppable even. And he managed to kill Hector, the bravest warrior of Troy, causing the long-stalemate war to lean towards Greece’s side. He was known as a demigod hero powerful enough to change the tide of battle. Unfortunately, he blasphemed against Apollo, son of Zeus, and killed by Hector’s younger brother, Paris. Under Apollo’s guidance, Paris’ Arrow accurately hit the only weakness on Archilles’ body, his ankle.

This arrow was now in Zhang Heng’s hand.

(Paris’ Arrow]

(Grade: D]

(Effect: Once the arrow leaves the bow, it automatically heads for the target’s weakness.]

Although Zhang Heng had used this arrow in the previous games, he didn’t find it very useful. The arrow only proved its worth when he went up against Zavilcha, and considering that it was one of the most inconvenient game items to carry, he was thinking of leaving it behind in the real world.

He was grateful, though, that he did not make such a decision.

Zhang Heng began to pull his bowstring. Mr. Coffee laughed when he saw this, “Are you trying to reproduce the results of the battle three thousand years ago? Unfortunately, I am not Achilles, and you are not Paris. Do you want to shoot my heel? How about I show you my heel and let you shoot it?”

Mr. Coffee lowered his head and rolled up his trousers.

“This guy is too arrogant, right?! The thought of me dying in the hands of such an arrogant guy makes my mood even worse,” Piercings smiled bitterly.

He too wasn’t inclined to beleive that Zhang Heng was capable of hitting Mr. Coffee’s weakness. Now that he was unbeatable, Piercings figured out their death was inevitable. If Zhang Heng was right about Mr. Coffee becoming invincible after soaking in the Styx, it meant that there was no way to kill or hurt him.

Such buffs would last permanently without the help of any game items. It was as if he wore 27 layers of steel armor, but all without the heft. Piercings even suspected an atomic bomb might not kill this monster.

Was it okay to let such a powerful man exist in the game?

Mr. Coffee stretched out his hands and raised them to the sky. He was confident that Zhang Heng would not be able to hurt him.

“Come on. You have three chances to attack me…”

However, before he finished, Zhang Heng had unleashed the arrow at him. The Paris’ Arrow shot out with an unexpected gust of wind. However, it only flew past Mr. Coffee’s ear.

Piercings opened his eyes wide. “Did you miss your target?” he asked. He did not expect Zhang Heng’s arrow to really hit a target’s weakness. He was disappointed that Zhang Heng missed him completely. After all, they weren’t very far apart, and there was no reason for him to miss his target.

Just as was wondering what was going on, he saw that the arrow had suddenly changed trajectory without any external interference. It did a 180-degree turn. Mr. Coffee’s grin only got wider and wider. Since Zhang Heng had made such an amateur mistake, his mind must be confused, and he was gradually losing his fighting spirit.

A few seconds later, the smile on his face froze. Behind his head, the returning Paris’ Arrow accurately hit the fingernail of his left thumb.

As always, no one could stop destiny.

“I don’t need three chances. One arrow is enough,” said Zhang Heng nonchalantly.

Mr. Coffee trembled. As compared to the attacks he received before, Zhang Heng’s arrow was supposed to leave him unscathed. After all, a large sniper round landed on his cornea earlier, and since he was okay, it was only logical to think that such a minute injury wouldn’t do anything to his body. Such damages wouldn’t even maim an ordinary person, let alone an almost invincible monster.

When the little fingernail shattered, Mr. Coffee instantly stopped breathing, as if a clock’s battery was pulled out, or a wind-up toy getting stuck. Maintained the same posture he was in, he fell head-first on the muddy ground.

“What the hell? Trying to fake your death again?!”

Since Mr. Coffee pulled a prank on him earlier, Piercings was undoubtedly suspicious of his ‘death.’ After a while; he saw Zhang Heng putting away the longbow in his hand as he walked to the corpse.

“Hey, be careful, this guy likes to pretend he’s dead.”

“Don’t worry; I can assure you that he is dead this time,” replied Zhang Heng. He knelt and turned over Mr. Coffee’s lifeless body.

“How are you so sure about this?”

Piercings stared nervously at the corpse, not too far away from him.

“Because I received a notification from the


Zhang Heng was a little surprised. According to Mr. Coffee, he had killed three players from his side. It was reasonable to think that those players’ game items should be with him now. But for some reason, Zhang Heng only found a pair of bronze rings on him.

The effect of these wouldn’t be known until he identified them.

“Wait… are you saying that he is dead?!” Piercings thought he heard wrong, unable to believe that Mr. Coffee was still alive and kicking just a few minutes ago. The monster that beat him to a pulp was now dead.

“I told you he’s dead, and he can no longer get back up.” After checking the corpse, Zhang Heng picked up the Paris’ Arrow as the finishing move to win this round. Piercings couldn’t help but feel a little mad. “So, his weakness lies in his fingernail?! That’s f*cking cheating. All he needed to do was to make a fist to hide his thumb. No, he could punch me up when I fought him earlier, even raising his hand arrogantly when he asked you to shoot him with three arrows. He did all that to keep the fingernails behind him. But then again, how did you know his weakness? And how did the arrow U-turn just now?”

“You know the rules. Did I ask you how your water giant works?”

“It’s okay to let you know, I guess. My water giant is a Grade-C item. Its trigger condition is a considerable volume of water. River water or rain will work. However, I just finished up its last use.” Piercings went silent, sighing as he looked at the dying pearl in his hand.

“How are your injuries? Can you still get up?” Zhang Heng asked. “I will live, but I can’t fight anymore. So I won’t be much help from now on. You can look for a place to hide me. Anyway, we have four days before this quest is over. If I can complete this, I owe you once.”

“Well, take your time to recover, and leave the rest to me,” said Zhang Heng as he nodded.