48 Hours a Day

Chapter 439 - Enough Talking

Piercings had checked his surroundings thoroughly, but when he walked up to the last corpse, he stopped and became alert suddenly. There were bullet holes on his clothes, but there was no blood on it. Without hesitation, Piercings shot the dead body’s head another three times.

A few seconds later, he witnessed something unbelievable. The bullets had hit their target but left only a slight red mark. After that, deformed bullet shells ricocheted off the corpse and dropped to the ground. “Oh, are you done?” Mr. Coffee got up from the ground, tidied up his messy hair, and said in Chinese, “You didn’t even give me a chance to scare you.”

Piercings compensated for his panic, beguiling his heart as he witnessed something impossible. As a player, he’d seen all kinds of supernatural occurrencesespecially players who had completed a few rounds of the game—they would have at least one or two life-saving items with them.

Like how he jumped from the bridge into the river when danger befell him, Mr. Coffee was obviously in possession of some game item that protected him from harm. Piercings grunted, letting out two sharp breaths. With a decisive move, he emptied the entire clip in one go. Items with such powerful effects generally had a limit on the number of times they could be used. The easiest way to defeat an opponent like this was to make him deplete his item’s uses. By that time, the opponent would no longer be able to defend himself.

The rain of bullets battered Mr. Coffee, and under the influence of Newton’s law of motion, his body twitched and jerked like an electrocuted frog. Instead of falling to the floor, he grinned.

“You sure are rude. Not even letting me have my turn?”

When Piercings finally stopped shooting, there was a wide grin on Mr. Coffee’s face.

Greeted by an empty pistol, Piercings tossed it away and immediately rolled over to pick up a corpse’s rifle. He then pointed it at the seemingly immortal Mr. Coffee again. “It’s useless, you can’t kill me even if you shoot until your fingers cramp up,” said Mr. Coffee leisurely, as if knowing what his opponent was thinking. Piercings’ face changed drastically. “Grade B game item?” he thought.

There was nothing else he could think of other than a game item that was at least Grade B or higher, which also had an extraordinarily lengthy duration.

“Wrong answer. What a pity, but… you can’t be blamed. After all, there’s only so much an ordinary player knows at this level.” Mr. Coffee stood up from the ground and patted away the muddy water on his body.

“Your skills are very average, and I am not interested in you. I’m actually here to look for the guy that beat Scarlet in the parking lot,” Mr. Coffee paused, “…he’s also the one who ambushed us in the woods. He killed my sniper. I didn’t expect him to be that good.”

“Don’t treat me like a fool. I have killed some of the most powerful players,” Piercings snorted in disgust.

“Is that so? I haven’t killed players more powerful than me. It must be because… the most powerful player I have ever met is myself,” Mr. Coffee replied confidently.

Seeing Piercings’ gaze still following him, Mr. Coffee compounded on his conviction. “There’s no need to look around; I have no companions. In fact, save for a future teammate who decided to quit this round, I was the one who sent the three remaining troublemakers to their makers,” he thoughtfully added.

Piercings was in shock. “You even killed the players from your faction? Is it because of game points, or you want to loot their items?”

“Neither, I just don’t like them,” shrugged Mr. Coffee. “An antisocial? I caught quite a few of your types when I was working.” “Oh, I promise you I’m better than them.” Mr. Coffee snapped his fingers, “Well, the chat ends here. I will kill you first, then I shall see how good that guy really is.” After he said that, Mr. Coffee moved toward Piercings.

Piercings instantly pulled the trigger with no indisposition. The assault rifle was way more tenacious than the pistol, firing multiple large rounds each second, but as Mr. Coffee had foretold, the shells did little effect to him, except for shredding his clothes into tiny rags.

He even took off his bulletproof vest to prove his point.


Seeing that the impossible Mr. Coffee was still standing before him, Piercings threw the assault rifle in his hand and punched him.

Astonishingly, or rather, un-, at this point, Mr. Coffee didn’t even flinch. Piercings had given everything he got into that punch, socking his right cheek firmly, and this time, not even the slightest of marks could be seen. Piercings, on the other hand, felt as if he’d just hit an armored car with his fist. His fingers hurt badly, and it seemed the bones might have cracked as well.

Mr. Coffee’s head tilted a little as it absorbed the punch’s impact but soon returned to normal. He blinked and smiled slyly. “Is it my turn yet?” he asked with palms in the air.

The moment he said that Mr. Coffee grabbed Piercings’ collar and rammed his forehead with his own. Piercings staggered, and his forehead started to bleed. Stumbling a little, he almost lost his balance.

“Don’t die on me just yet. I’m just getting started!”

Mr. Coffee continued his savage assault with a left uppercut. Since Piercings was stumbling about anyway, he miraculously managed to dodge the attack. After this blow, he stretched out his arms and hugged the coffee man firmly, and then the two fell to the ground together.

As they fell, Piercings changed tactics again, grabbing Mr. Coffee’s arm with one hand, and with the other, he twisted his wrist, performing a Jiu-Jitsu Kimura lock.

“This is interesting. Are you using this method to control me after you realize you can’t break my defense?”.

Not only was the Mr. Coffee unperturbed, he even showed a touch of appreciation. The best way to deal with the Kimura Lock was to stop the opponent before completing the routine. That was because the Kimura Lock was almost unbreakable.

There was an exception, of course. Like what Mr. Coffee was doing right now, he was so strong that he used only one hand to force Piercings into spreading both his arms. Piercings’ face darkened and reddened, but still, he failed to stop Mr. Coffee from escaping. He had the strength of an iron horse, way exceeding the limit of a normal human being. Piercings was hit on the chin, and he slid half a meter away from where he stood, passing out almost instantly. However, Mr. Coffee didn’t intend to stop here. He walked over and sat on Piercings, delivering one brutal punch after another. Piercings was soon like a broken sandbag. Under the series of heavy blows, all his ribs were broken.

It wasn’t until half a minute later that Mr. Coffee stopped. “Do you have anything else to say? Otherwise, get ready to meet your maker,” he continued without even the slightest pant.

Before Piercings even had the chance to reply, Mr. Coffee raised his fist again and thumped his trachea with all his might, but instead of making landfall, his fist went through his opponent’s body and hit the dirt on the ground.

Mr. Coffee frowned, puzzled when he saw that Piercings’ body had melted into a puddle of water. This small puddle then merged into a water giant two meters away from him.