When Mr. Coffee arrived, reporters were already swarming the parking lot.

“Let the victim’s family go in first,” said Mr. Coffee as he lifted the cordon.

At the same time, a blonde policewoman who was standing nearby suddenly walked over and stopped him.

“Sorry, no entry here.”

“I didn’t want to do this, since I’ve despised such people in the novels and movies. But one has to admit, it’s pretty cool doing it once in a while,” Mr. Coffee coughed lightly, before suddenly turning serious, “Who is your chief? Ask him to come see me…”

The policewoman frowned. “Sir, if you continue to cause trouble, I’ll have to arrest you,” she insisted sternly.

“I bet you won’t do it, because, let me tell you what’s going to happen. In exactly half a minute, your phone is going to ring, and your chief will ask you to let me go in,” Mr. Coffee smiled.

Having freshly graduated police academy, the blonde policewoman still had a heart full of passion for upholding justice. Whatever Mr. Coffee just said triggered that very passion. With one hand on the handcuffs on her waist, she pointed menacingly with the other, saying, “No. The law is sacred and inviolable.”

“I like how you turn so serious when you’re talking to me,” Mr. Coffee winked.

The moment Mr. Coffee was done talking, the policewoman’s cell phone rang. Her expression changed the moment she saw who was calling. She walked away, answering the call without looking back. Mr. Coffee could hear the policewoman arguing with her superior, but somehow, she appeared defeated. Her boss must have said something harsh, too, for when she walked over, she was sobbing.

“As I said, the world doesn’t work the right way most of the time. It’s a pity, but this is reality.”

Mr.Coffee had already spotted Vincent, first to arrive at the parking lot. The puffy middle-aged man next to him should be the chief of the police station. The two were walking together, and Vincent made a hold-on gesture with his palm.

Mr. Coffee turned to the policewoman, “Justice and evil are just two different factions. There is no distinction between them. The most powerful side will claim victory in the end, but no matter which side you choose, you stick to your principles.” After that, the policewoman looked to be deep in thought.

At that, Mr. Coffee smiled lightly, turning his attention to Vincent and the director.

Vincent’s face was virtually expressionless.

“I didn’t know you had the ambition to be a mentor,” said Vincent.

“I don’t have anything to do anyway,” Mr. Coffee rubbed his hands, “So? How did it go? Is my companion dead?”

“No, but she is seriously injured and is receiving treatment below.”

“Tsk tsk, that woman is just amazing. Even an RPG can’t kill her. Just like me, she is a monster as well. Let’s go check on her.”


On the second floor of the parking lot, Scarlet’s eyes were shut when she was carried into an ambulance. Her left shoulder was severely injured, and her scapula suffered from a comminuted fracture. The doctor had just repositioned her index and little finger that was garishly bent 90 degrees upward. He even fixed one of her knees that had popped out of its socket.

Mr. Coffee walked up slowly to the ambulance, “Wow, if it isn’t our lone knight… you don’t look too good, eh?” “If you think you can kill me and take away my game items in the state I’m in, just bloody do it already,” said Scarlet.

Mr. Coffee sat down across Scarlet. “Tsk tsk, you seem to have misunderstood something,” he scoffed.

“I’m not a murderer. I killed those players because they were too weak! Not only did they do nothing to help us, but all they could think about was the loot they’d get at the end of the game. But you… you are different.

“Just like me, you are the selected. We are special. These boring appetizers are about to end, and the main course will be served! The war is about to begin. When that happens, only the strong will live. Obviously, a lone wolf will not survive. Admit it, you need a companion, and I need a companion. We are like… well, a perfect match, should I say, just like soy milk and youtiao.”

“Just give up already. Even if I need a partner, I’ll never choose you,” Scarlet replied coldly.

“Why? I have achieved 18 consecutive victories. If you count this game, it will be my 19th time claiming the win. It is difficult to find someone as good as me,” Mr. Coffee exclaimed wide-eyed.

“Careful of your overconfidence. Your 18-game winning streak may just end this round.”


Mr. Coffee raised his eyebrows, interested in what Scarlet had to say, “Come on, let’s talk about who you fought against? How many people are there? And how strong were they?”.

Scarlet closed her eyes as she leaned her head on the stretcher. “I had only one opponent. I can’t gauge his age, but that guy’s skills on the sword are immaculate. It is safe to assume he’s reached lv3 in swordplay. He’s practiced for at least ten years, and he has a lot of actual combat experience. I believe he’s killed many people, but his attacks carried no hostility. No, the man has steady emotions, almost expressionless with no fluctuations.”

Mr. Coffee was a little taken aback as if he’d just discovered a panda. “He won with pure skill, instead of relying on a game item like you?” he asked in disbelief, “Hah! There are there still crazies like him who would spend more than ten years practicing their swordsmanship? Marksmanship would be a lot better, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I thought so too before I met him, but it turns out I can’t even defeat him with my Mikazuki Munechika,” Scarlet grimaced.

As soon as she stopped talking, somebody in charge of cleaning the scene ran happily towards her while holding a cutting blade. “Found it! We have found what you want!” he shouted excitedly.

In his haste and excitement, he tripped over a piece of jutting steel, and his body leaned forward. The next thing he knew, his hand was bleeding

“Careful! It’s a sharp blade…” Scarlet chipped in, taking the broken blade with her hand that could still move. A hint of sadness flashed through her eyes, and she carefully put the broken blade away.

“When you told me about your opponent, I felt excited,” rejoiced Mr. Coffee, “I always thought this was another ordinary game. I didn’t expect to have this much fun!”

Scarlet was puzzled, “Aren’t you busy looking for an alliance for the future war? That guy is not weak. Why not make him your ally?”

“You have to admit, having a teammate of the opposite sex is always more exciting,” Mr. Coffee scoffed.

Scarlet was too lazy to pay any attention. After a while, she spoke again, “I will quit this round. You can complete the game yourself. I will use a mission failure exemption card to offset the punishment.”

“Hey! Hang on, will you? I’m still here. Try to do nothing and enjoy the victory once in a while. Maybe you will like it,” laughed Mr. Coffee.