Chapter 430 Fierce Fight

The left arm? Scarlet managed to figure out where the arrow would land. Immediately, she tried to turn left to dodge the arrow, but the next moment, her pupils suddenly contracted.

Zhang Heng released the bowstring, and the Paris Arrow curved along a weird trajectory that defied the laws of physics, catching Scarlet off guard. The three ordinary arrows shot before this were to confuse her. Zhang Heng unleashed his Paris Arrow finally revealed his true color the moment he shot the Paris Arrow.

This was the arrow that would determine it all!

However, this time, it was Zhang Heng’s turn to be shocked. Scarlet brandished her katana into the air, drawing an arc. She twitched her head a little and pushed the Paris Arrow knocking it slightly to the right before it actually hit her. It grazed her cheek, leaving a long wound that blood slowly oozed out from. Simultaneously, the Paris Arrow’s powerful trajectory correction function turned it around, and it was now flying towards the back of Scarlet’s head.

However, it had lost most of its kinetic energy, and Scarlet managed to catch it firmly with one hand. Before she could even catch a breath, a blade struck at her again. It was never Zhang Heng’s style to greet before a battle. The moment Scarlet attempted to kill Edward, she had indirectly told everyone who she was without saying a word.

On the second floor of the parking lot, two people were locked in battle, giving their best to dodge each others’ attacks. Scarlet panted with labored gasps, feeling the uncomfortable sting when sweat dripped into her eyes. However, what disturbed her even more was Zhang Heng’s relentless attacks. Ever since she acquired the Mikazuki Munechika, she had shifted all her focus on mastering katana. Soon after that, she started delving into close-quarters combat, realizing her forte as she went on.

Players killed by this katana had reached double-digits, and the name Scarlet gradually spread among the player circle.

This was the first time she encountered such a difficult opponent. Although Zhang Heng was using a blade to fight just like her, his close-quarters combat skills were far superior. At the same time, he exuded this faint domineering aura.

She realized that such skills on the blade couldn’t have been mastered in a few years. There was nothing fancy about his techniques, yet, his every calculated strike carried the intention of killing her. They were crude, yet lethal. She would have lost the battle by now if it weren’t for the Mikazuki Munechika.

Deep down inside, Scarlet knew that if as her opponent was holding an ordinary saber instead of a dagger, she had no chance of winning. Even with such an unrefined weapon, he’d already managed to push her to the brink of defeat.

Then, Zhang Heng stopped unexpectedly.

It wasn’t because he couldn’t bear fighting with her anymore. He knew very well that the blade in his hand was almost at its limit. After clashing multiple times with Scarlet’s hotshot weapon, it was riddled with cracks. Scarlet’s katana, on the other hand, seemed to suffer virtually no damage. Such was the difference in quality between an off the shelf product and a finely crafted work of art.

After fighting with Scarlet for a while, Zhang Heng figured out that her katana must be a game item. She must have dodged his Paris Arrow, not out of sheer luck, but due to the katana. During the battle, he clearly outshone her techniques and skills, but every single time, she somehow managed to neutralize Zhang Heng’s lethal blow. She only lasted until now, thanks to the ‘magical’ sword.

Semiprime and Edward, on the other side, were utterly dumbfounded. They had never seen anyone fight like this before.

“You guys leave first, don’t wait for me.”

Immediately, the two snapped out from their stupor. Edward got out of Dacia Sandro and got into Semiprime’s car. There was no reaction on Scarlet’s face. She knew that Zhang Heng was there. In other words, she couldn’t capture or kill Edward.

She then spoke into the headset, “I need support.” It was all she said, turning it off and focussing entirely on the battle. She took a half step back, holding the katana with both hands in front of her chest as if facing her ultimate nemesis.

Scarlet knew that as long as she dragged the battle on until the cavalry arrived, she would ultimately win.

She had always disliked how Mr.Coffee dealt with the matters at hand. Initially, they had five players on their side, but he thought that they were too troublesome. In a shocking move, he killed them all, leaving Scarlet and him to be the only two players still alive in their faction. She had to admit that he was very powerful. Besides, he knew how to speak and read in French. These were the reasons why she was willing to give up the position of commander.

Zhang Heng was the most powerful enemy that she had encountered so far, but if she joined forces with Mr.Coffee, and coupled with Black Nest’s support, she was confident of eliminating the threat.

Zhang Heng knew exactly what Scarlet was thinking

The natatorium where Edward was hiding wasn’t too far away, probably around ten minutes’ drive from here. Zhang Heng did not know that Mr. Coffee was busy catching traitors in the military camp. Normally, since Scarlet arrived here first, her companion must not be far away.

This was also why Zhang Heng let Semieprime and Edward go first because there was not much time left for him. Scarlet might be only defending to drag the battle on. Combined with her formidable katana, it would prove difficult to transform his stellar swordsmanship into a desirable result. This also meant that the battle wouldn’t be ending anytime soon.

Suddenly, Zhang Heng tossed the blade at Scarlet.

While she tilted her head to dodge the blade, Zhang Heng immediately rolled back to the Dacia Sandro that he parked nearby.

Scarlet held the katana in one hand, and with the other, pulled out the mini pistol on her thigh. She then carefully aimed at the spot where Zhang Heng was hiding, taking special care not to get too close, knowing how terrifying her opponent’s archery skills were.

“Do you… need our help?” Little Boy spoke through the communicator, a rare hint of tension in her voice. She could not see what was going on in the parking lot. All she heard was Zhang Heng sending off Edward and the Semiprime first. On the other hand, he had been at the parking lot for some time now, and his allies were getting increasingly worried.

“No, just meet at the designated location. I’ll go there now.”

As he spoke, Zhang Heng dragged a big bag out from under the back seat, spending 20 minutes assembling whatever was in it. For the last step, Zhang Heng inserted the Infinite Building Block into the item. He then unveiled the freshly minted RPG, holding it in his arms.

At the same time, Scarlet was uneasy. Zhang Heng had been using the car as cover for some time. If she were to be in his shoes, she would have wanted to leave this parking lot as soon as possible. Although hiding in the car was a good exchange for short-term safety, it also gave her an opportunity to catch a breath and regain control of the situation. Once Zhang Heng showed up again, she would shoot at him.

For a combat expert like Zhang Heng, he should not make such a low-level mistake.

At the back of the car, Zhang Heng adjusted the sights of the rocket launcher. At a time like this, he would not show up in Scarlet’s field-of-vision. After all, a rocket-grenade was slower than the speed of a bullet. Zhang Heng held his breath and estimated Scarlet’s position from the sound of her footsteps. He then aimed at the ceiling from where she stood and pulled the trigger.