Fortunately, no one else had entered the attic except for Iron Fist. When Zhang Heng asked everyone to take cover, Leah and the 01 immediately retreated to the stairs. Thankfully, no one else was shot.

Zhang Heng spent half a minute looking around the house before withdrawing to a spot outside where the enemies couldn’t see him from the window.

The current situation had become very unfavorable for them. Black Nest had made a grand entrance by brutally pulling a hit on Iron Fist. Zhang Heng wondered if this was the same sniper that ambushed them while they were skiing in Grenoble.

Piercings once mentioned to Zhang Heng that the enemy was uncanilly sharp at long-range shots with his sniper rifle. Zhang Heng had experienced the Soviet-Finnish war, and under a fair fight, he wasn’t afraid of snipers even if the opponent had the terrain advantage.

This time, however, time was against him.

Now that the sniper was in place, Black Nest’s merceneries shouldn’t be too far away. He faced a dilemma, where even if he could eliminate the sniper, there wasn’t enough time to do so. As long as the sniper was still alive, he and 01 would never be able to step out of the hardware store.

One one outcome could result from such a stalemate: Black Nest would soon surround the hardware store and kill them while they were inside.

Leah’s body trembled slightly. She had just witnessed the death of a living person in front of her, and the shock and confusion in Iron Fist’s eyes were fresh in her mind. Still, she was more concerned about her brother’s safety, so once she calmed down a little, she approached Zhang Heng to ask about the details.

“Where is my brother? Did they kill him?”

“No, if Black Nest killed Edward, they wouldn’t be waiting for us here then,” Zhang Heng said. Taking his chances, he looked around the room for clues as to what condition Edward might be in. No signs of fighting or traces of break-in could be found, a good indication that Edward wasn’t attacked.

That could only mean one thing. Edward must have left first because he managed to detect the threat beforehand. Hence, it was the only piece of good news that Zhang Heng got at this moment, and it also meant that the game didn’t end here. Although Edward might have got away by the skin of his teeth, Zhang Heng and the 01 weren’t so lucky, coincidentally crossing paths with the team tasked to eliminate Edward.

“What should we do?” Waldo asked nervously as he stuck to the wall like glue. “Is it too late to surrender now?” he asked in a trembling voice.

“Judging by what just happened, I don’t think they will accept our surrender,” Philip smiled bitterly.

The people in 01 were the elite of the elites in their respective fields. Of all the things, combat had never been their forte, and they had no way to deal with a group of armed thugs at this moment. Besides praying silently in their hearts, they could only sit and wait for their enemies to kill them.

In fact, Black Nest came faster than they thought. A large SUV stopped outside the entrance of the hardware store, and five masked men with hoodies jumped out of the car. Without saying anything, they barged into the store, kicking the door down while at it. These people were armed with submachine guns, and weren’t to be trifled with. The stance the group carried with them proved they were a special force of some sort, and it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose.


Nonetheless, when Black Nest’s goons stepped into the hardware store, they were presented with the opportunity to enjoy the torture Iron Fist had gone through. Zhang Heng pulled the trigger, killing three masked men as he charged toward them from the front of the store. One of them raised his weapon and aimed at Little Boy and was about to pull the trigger when Zhang Heng sent him off to hell with his two other companions as well. The remaining two assailants did not expect such a skilled fighter to be concealed within the store. Seeing that the situation had gone south, they attempted to escape. Zhang Heng, however, had no intention of allowing them to do so. He shot them from the back and extinguished their lives.

The dust soon settled, and dead were strewn everywhere. Zhang Heng’s retaliation had caught 01 completely off guard and they were left in a stunned, petrified state. They all knew how good Zhang Heng’s combat abilities were, but they did not expect them to be this good. It was a one against five battle, and although bringing along many useless teammates, he still managed to kill all of them.

The 01 team was speechless, forgetting to ask where Zhang Heng even acquired the gun from. When Waldo looked at Zhang Heng again, the man was no longer Bourne but was now a Batman.

In spite of the victory, Zhang Heng’s expression hadn’t changed much. He knew that the advantage only lasted for now since it was just the first wave of enemies. When the second wave arrived, they would be more prepared. In other words, upcoming battles would only increase in difficultly.

Ponytail finally recollected his thoughts after experiencing a massive assault on his senses. He quickly took out his mobile phone, “When I was available earlier, I installed a smart remote function on our car. We can remotely start the engine and drive the car here.”

“No, don’t drive the car here. The sniper is very good. Once we are in his field of vision, he still can kill whoever is in the car,” Zhang Heng said, “Who has an electronic map?” “Me.” Philip clicked into the navigation system.

Zhang Heng pointed at a place. “Get the car there,” he said.

“This place is two blocks away, right?” Ponytail asked in surprise, “How are we supposed to get there? You said the sniper would kill us even if we use the car as cover. If we walk out of here, he will kill us within seconds! Are you trying to tell us to split up and try our luck?” “It doesn’t make sense to go our seperate ways. He has the time and bullets to kill us all,” Zhang Heng paused, “…what I’m about to do next may defy common sense. So I was hoping you could all do me a favor and don’t ask why afterward. Just don’t ask how I did


“Huh?” Philip and others hadn’t the slightest idea of what Zhang Heng was talking about.

At the same time, the sounds of other vehicles coming from the street outside could be heard. The second wave of enemies was about to arrive. This time, they were about to face more than just one carload of ambushers.

Zhang Heng took out the Evil Wall that he had been carrying with him. The next moment, everyone from 01 finally understood what “defying common sense” meant. The wall at the rear of the hardware store began to move like water. Thinking that he must be seeing things, Waldo rubbed them hard, and when he opened them again, he saw a door appearing on the wall’s surface.

“Uhh, guys… did you see what I see?!” He turned and looked at Zhang Heng in shock, “How is this possible? How did you do it?” The moment he blurted out those questions, Waldo instantly remembered something and hurriedly covered his mouth again, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Zhang Heng took the lead and went through the small door.

“Everyone follow me. Try to stick to the wall, and don’t let the sniper spot you.”

When Black Nest’s goons finally rushed into the hardware store, 01 and the team were long gone.