Chapter 417 Off-Track Skiing Path

Piercings was already very close to the vehicle’s parking spot. However, fewer visitors available for cover at a time like this, and fortunately, the enemies realized the consequences of shooting at a ski resort, which was why the enemies didn’t draw their guns. Hence, Piercings became a little careless after running away from his enemies for a while.

Seconds later, a bullet from nowhere whizzed past his scalp and hit a sign that not far away from him. He was so scared that cold sweat started pouring out of his forehead.

“Ah, I missed the target!” the young man was disappointed by his aim. At the same time, he did not forget to find an excuse for the mistake that he made, complaining to Vincent. “Your camera shell is kind of heavy. I won’t miss my target again,” he lamented.

However, when he readjusted his sights, he could no longer find the target.

Piercings had experience fighting in an open space. After knowing that he almost met the grim reaper, he immediately knew that a sniper was targeting him nearby. Without any hesitation, he quickly dropped on the ground and rolled behind a snowdrift next to him.

However, the threat was still present. He knew that the sniper was still aiming at him from somewhere. Once he stood up, there would be no dodging the bullet the second time. The worst thing was, he suddenly remembered that there was a team of enemies pursuing him.

Only around two hundred meters separated Piercings and his enemies. One of them quickly flipped out a police ID to calm the nearby tourists who were still in shock, while the other five surrounded the snowdrifts. For Piercings, the situation had just become increasingly unfavorable for him.

He was only less than fifty meters away from the vehicle. In a moment like this, however, fifty meters was like a ravine hidden with an insurmountable threat.

Just when Piercings thought this was where he would meet his maker, the snowmobile quietly parked on the side of the road, suddenly started up its engine on its own, and rushed toward the snowdrift uncontrolled.

Piercings was overjoyed when he saw it. “Thanks!” he exclaimed under his breath.

Zhang Heng’s voice came from the headset, “Don’t thank me, but thank the magician if you really need to thank someone. He modified the snowmobile.”

The young man holding the TAC-50 was confused and puzzled when he saw the snowmobile with no one on it rushing out from behind the snowdrift. To avoid being shot by the sniper, Piercings stayed on the other side of the snowmobile.

“This is so cunning, right? It’s not fair,” the young man scratched his head.

Vincent frowned, but he also knew that it was impossible getting the young man to land an accurate shot from this distance. In fact, he had done all he could to force the target into a dead-end. They did not expect that someone could remotely control the snowmobile. Seeing How Piercings was getting further and further away, Vincent finally made up his mind, “Tell the fourth group that they can attack as well. If they can’t catch the guy, they have to kill him.”

Just as Piercings got away, Leah and Adele also hopped onto the cable car and were now at the mountainside. They were initially supposed to get off here. Without warning, Leah gave Adele’s cheek a kiss and asked her to jump off the cable car first. “Sorry, I like sharing my secrets with you, but not this one. The more you know, the more dangerous it will be. If you are willing to trust me, go back by yourself after you have fun. Don’t worry about me,” she told Adele.

Leah buckled up her seatbelt again. She did not jump down from the cable car, determined to ascend to the peak of the mountain.

Vincent realized what was going on. He knew that when his cell phone signal was blocked, Piercings must have said something to Leah, but he did not understand why she trusted him just like that without hesitation. Based on what they know about Leah, she wasn’t the kind of person who trusted easily.

However, Vincent was no longer willing to take any more risks. Immediately, he ordered the team who followed Leah to capture her when she reached the top of the mountain to avoid any unwanted surprises.

In fact, not only Vincent but even Piercings himself and the members of the 01 couldn’t figure out what was so special about those ordinary words. Why was Leah willing to believe them and so readily followed the instructions on the note to ascend the mountain?

Waldo rummaged through the chat records of Leah and Gaspard, but he could not find the source of that sentence. It was why he expressed his doubts about the feasibility of this plan. However, Zhang Heng insisted on using this sentence as proof of identity.

The reason was straightforward. This sentence was given to her by herself. It was from Leah twelve years in the future, the person who knew her best in the world.

As soon as the cable car arrived at the platform, Leah immediately unfastened her seat belt and jumped off. She then threw away her mobile phone and other electronic devices as instructed in the note, then rushed out of the station. The enemies were also ready to pursuit her. After a while, the cable car stopped in mid-air and then began to operate backward amidst the crowd that was left in shock.

Some of them managed to react to the crisis quickly enough. When they saw that they weren’t too high from the ground, they unfastened their seat belts and jumped off the cable car as well. Unfortunately, those who were at the back didn’t have such good luck. At this height, their legs would probably be broken if they jumped down. As they hesitated, the cable car had led them to slide back.

Fortunately, four out of six people from the Black Nest managed to make a jump.

Immediately, Leah ran across the advance ski trail with her sled and ran toward the extreme ski trail.

“That woman is crazy!” the young man said while looking through the scope.

She was now too far away for him to land a good shot. Even with his extraordinary marksmanship, he couldn’t hit the target. So, he just stood still and watched her. No matter which trail she chose, Leah would have to go down the mountain eventually.

After a while, what he saw shocked him so much that he forgot to chew the chewing gum in his mouth. Not only had Lean ran over the advance ski trails, but she also ran past the extreme ski trails, heading directly to a spot where no trails were marked out.

Off-track skiing was the most dangerous skiing method. Since there were no preset trails for one to follow, it meant that the terrain’s difficulty and unpredictability would be significantly increased. At the same time, obstacles on such trails were way more than the regular routes. One small mistake, and the unsuspecting skier would suffer from fractures, become paralyzed, frostbitten, or even face certain death.

This was especially true for beginners like Leah, where choosing to ski off-track between the mountains was equivalent to committing suicide.

Leah took a quick look at the woods and the warning signs on the side of the road. She too, knew the consequences of her dangerous option. She stopped and staggered for a while, but soon, Black Nest’s goons had almost caught up to her, and she had no choice but to soldier on.

The skis continued accelerating under the influence of gravity. Leah felt increasingly nervous as the wind whooshed by her ears. As she descended the mountain through the thick forest, she repeatedly avoided small shrubs and trees in her way, and barely missing a small tree. Before she had time to catch a breath, though, a big rock appeared in front of her suddenly.

Leah desperately attempted to slow down, but it was too late.

Seeing that she was about to clash with the rock, the familiar zing of a snowmobile’s engine emerged from behind her, its rider picking her up as it zoomed beside the stricken girl.