“You’re to look for a job? Okay… First, tell me what you are good at?” Fox asked, “and for the sake of 01, I’ll help to make you some good recommendations.”

Before Zhang Heng could say anything, Little Boy chipped in, “Just give him the most common job. We don’t want him to get into trouble.”

“What do you mean by a common job?” “A job that doesn’t violate the law.” “Wow, it’s a magical feeling hearing this from the people of 01,” Fox touched his chin, “No wonder you dressed this man up as a Credit Bank of Lyon director.”

“I remember you offered bodyguard jobs here, didn’t you?”

“That was in the past. When security companies were understaffed, they would borrow some people from me. But now, their bosses don’t like me very much.”


“Well, it’s probably because I took the lead and killed one of their important customers,” Fox spread his hands, “What can I do? An excellent middleman should treat all employers equally. If I tell them who’s going to kill their customer, my reputation will be gone forever. By then, how am I supposed to continue in this line?”

“Do you have any other similar jobs?”

“Well, I’ll look for it,” Fox nodded as he took out his laptop from the car’s trunk. He clicked on the mailbox and scrolled a few times. “Uhh… there’s a bar that needs people to watch the place for them, but they are specifying for someone muscular and has a fierce gaze. How’s your body shape?”

“No way,” Little Boy vetoed after his suggestion, “sometimes a bar commotion will alarm the police, and he musn’t come into contact with the police at all costs.”

“There is no why. Also, he’s not allowed to do jobs that require him to verify his identity.”

“That’s going to be troublesome. Enforcers are making sure that no one breaks the law at a time like this. It isn’t easy to find a legal job without verifying your identity. After all, I am a middleman, not a headhunter. It’s not like I have that many legal jobs for you to pick.”

Little Boy was silent for a moment. “What about black jobs?” she asked.

Fox snapped his fingers, “There will be one black job tonight,” he turned and looked at Zhang Heng, “Can you drive?” “No problem.”

“Then, it should be an easy job for you. A client entrusted me to find a driver and personal bodyguard to accompany him to complete a transaction. After everything is done, he will pay you 300 euros.”

“Transaction? What kind of transaction?”

“Sorry, you know the rules of our business. I don’t inquire about the nature of our customers’ personal business. I don’t recommend that you find out about it as well. The less you know, the safer you would be. But based on my previous experience, this should be a low-risk job. Most probably, your friend will simply be required to drive the car over there. After that, he’ll just need to stand there and wait for a while. Oh… yes, if everything goes well and the customer is satisfied, they will increase the pay. It’s a simple job.”

“Just drive the car there to earn 300 euros, and there are zero risks to it?” Little Boy looked at Fox with a cocked head and sneered, “do I look like a fool to you?”

Fox sighed, “Well, I’m just saying, you know. If it is so easy, I would have done the job myself, but I can swear that this is indeed a solid job. In fact, several people have been looking for this job before you came. I’ve made the inquiries, and the employer told me that he’s in a rush. I’ll have to decide in half an hour, but I can give you 20 minutes to discuss it first. After that, please tell me your decision. If you decide to do it, I will find other jobs for the others.”

Fox then beckoned at the two girls who had gone to get more champagne while Little Boy had pulled Zhang Heng to the corner.

“I suggest you give up on this job. The more ambiguous the job, the easier for you to encounter an accident,” Little Boy said, “You don’t have to start working tonight, right?”

“But you heard what he said. I don’t have any way to verify my identity. Even if I manage to find odd jobs like you, I still have to avoid the police. I have to find a way to support myself. After all, I owe you a lot of money,” Zhang Heng said.

“I’m not in a hurry. What are you worried about?” Little Boy frowned, “We can think of a better way. I think Semiprime should know other middlemen.”

“In your heart, you know very well that even if you change the middleman, we’ll probably get the same results, right?” Zhang Heng put his hand on Little Boy’s shoulder and looked into her eyes.

“Hey, I have experienced crazy things that the ordinary person would never imagine. I am good at many things, but handling a crisis is my forte. I have always done a good job protecting myself, so trust me, I can handle this,” he said. Little Boy’s eyes darted back and forth at his face as if looking for an answer. She silently let out a sigh.

Zhang Heng waited for her answer. It was then when a wealthy inheritor, probably tired of the models and female students around him, saw something special in Little Boy. Wanting to have a change of taste, he approached her, attempting to strike a conversation. As expected, Little Boy simply told him off, leaving a shocked and defeated look on the rich boy’s face.

“Well, you win this time,” Little Boy sighed, “Remember to leave as soon as the situation turns bad. I will find you another job if that happens.”

It took the two less than five minutes to give Fox a reply.

“So, what is your conclusion?”

“I’ll take the job,” said Zhang Heng.

“Very well, uhh, let me find it… Where’s the car key…” “…but, we have an additional condition,” Little Boy blurted all of a sudden.


“I want to go with him.”

“Sorry, what did you just say?!” Fox raised his head with a dazed expression, only to discover that Zhang Heng’s face was also awash with surprise.

“Either take me, or we won’t do this job,” Little Boy insisted, her tone suggesting no room for negotiation.

“This… it’s against the rules,” Fox scratched his head, “the client only asked for one person.”

“Then tell him my request and let him decide,” Little Boy said, “You can pull it off.”

Fox became extremely frustrated. “Do we really need… ugh… to make a simple thing like this so complicated?”

“It depends on how good you are. Convince him if he wants to get it done ASAP. He should consider my suggestion.”

“Ha-” Fox opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he eventually swallowed it back. In the end, he just sighed, “I will try to tell him that nobody is willing to take the job except for you. This is the best I can do for you.”

“Thank you.”

Fifteen minutes later, Fox turned off his computer and said, “It’s done. You both can do this together, but the reward remains the same. I really don’t understand why there are idiots in this world who are willing to provide two-person service for a single-person pay. Are you the two in love or something?”

“As a friendly reminder from a woman, the woman called Sophie is not jealous of you. She knows that you like the feeling of someone getting jealous over you… all men who treat women as dumbasses are the real idiots.”