“Is there anyone else targeting Leah?” Ponytail asked in surprise.

“Has Edward contacted anyone else other than you?” asked Zhang Heng.

“About that… Edward only told us that he needed our help,” Philip scratched his head, “but then again, with his character, there’s a possibility that he has prepared alternatives. After all, he has always believed in not putting all the eggs in the same basket. It’s his investment philosophy.”

“However, this is going to be troublesome. No matter who they are, they have obviously alerted Black Nest. They will definitely become more vigilant after this. This will greatly increase the difficulty of our operations in the future, and I’m afraid that the action plan we have just came up with will have to change again.” A wry smile slowly appeared on Ponytail’s face.

“Opportunities are rare, but since we’ve crossed paths, let’s try to find out a little more about them. It would be great if we can collect some useful information,” Zhang Heng said.

“Who? Black Nest or the person in the Ford?”

“We need to know more about both, but we can’t get too close. Otherwise, they might get suspicious.”

“That shouldn’t not a problem. I have a professional ultra-telephoto lens, and the photos can also be post-processed through software. But they’ve been gone for quite a while now, and I am afraid that we can’t catch up with them,” Ponytail said.

“I can still catch up with them at this distance. Let me drive,” replied Zhang Heng.

“Huh?” Semiprime was stunned.

In 01, the only ones who could drive were Ponytail, Philip, and Zhang Heng. Amongst them, Semiprime had the best driving skills, naturally becoming the team’s official driver. Although his driving skills were better than the other two, he was to be considered an average driver at most.

“You can drive?” Philip was also surprised.

After that, he saw that Zhang Heng and Semiprime had changed positions with each other. The moment Zhang Heng held the steering wheel, his entire posture changed as well.

Little Boy was taken aback when she saw this. Before she could even say a word, Zhang Heng had already stepped on the clutch lightly and shifted into gear. “Sit tight,” he muttered.

The engine roared as he stepped on the pedal, lurching the Renault forward like a prancing wild horse, and throwing everyone back to their seats under the powerful inertia.

“Not good! The road ahead is blocked!” exclaimed Waldo, who was in the passenger seat.

Although the Ford did not cause them to collide with the Citroen, the dangerous pursuit between the two cars had affected other vehicles on the highway, causing a series of accidents and making the situation even more chaotic.

The erratic driving from the two vehicles resulted in a rear-end collision involving four cars, blocking three lanes. Other cars had to avoid the pile-up slowly, and the bottleneck was quickly turning into a jam.

It was no wonder Waldo panicked.

A big truck was moving slowly ahead of them, and at their current speed, the space left by the large truck was not enough for them to change lanes after passing where the accident happened.

“Well, should we… slow down?” Waldo nervously asked Zhang Heng in a trembling voice. He could hear his teeth chattering as he spoke.

“No, we can get past it.” Zhang Heng’s expression was still calm. Not only did he have no intention to slow down, he stepped on the gas even harder, putting the pedal to the metal.

“Are you sure about this?! I haven’t hacked into Scarlett Johansson’s account yet!” Seeing the two vehicles getting closer, Waldo could not help but let out a virgin’s yelp.

Seconds later, Zhang Heng pulled the handbrake and turned the steering wheel. The Renault Scenic’s body drew a beautiful arc, sliding it into the left lane right into the path of one of the cars involved in the accident. Both vehicles got so close that Waldo could actually touch the car’s hood.

At the same time, thanks to Zhang Heng’s lightning fast reactions, he managed to squeeze into the gap between the rear of the truck and the front of the car that was involved in the accident with a perfect estimation of time and angle. If he reacted a second later, everyone would have died in a fatal car crash.

Before the 01 guerrilla team could even catch their breath, they saw Zhang Heng pummelling the Renault into the traffic ahead again.

Ponytail, Philip, and others hurriedly fastened their seat belts for the first time. On the other hand, Waldo, sitting in the front passenger seat, had closed his eyes in despair.

The next five minutes would prove extremely tormenting for Waldo. It wasn’t until he noticed that the car had slowed did he open his eyes. “Is it done? Can I go to the toilet and throw up now?” he asked with a greenish face.

“I just caught up to them, but I can’t go any further. If I get closer, Black Nest’s people will notice us.” Zhang Heng said.


It happened that the section of the road they were on now wasn’t too congested. Ponytail unbuckled his seat belt, stood up, and poked a camera out of the panoramic sunroof. When he pinpointed the target, he adjusted the focal point and pressed the shutter button.

Not to be outdone, the people from Black Nest were also very cautious. Although they were focusing on the Ford in front of them, the driver could still see some flashes behind him. The moment they turned their heads, Zhang Heng instantly moved the Renault behind a pickup truck.

Ponytail ducked nervously. He couldn’t wait to check the photos he had just captured.

“How did it turn out?” asked the Semiprime on the side.

“We are in luck. I managed to take a picture of the Citroen driver, but I only managed to capture a quarter of the Ford driver’s face,” Ponytail said, before preparing to stand up for a better shot.

Suddenly the red Ford in front of them pulled to the side of the road without any warning. After that, the driver came down from the car and ignoring the surrounding vehicles, he climbed over the fence that was lining the roadside.

It turned out that he had parked beside a bridge that was over a hundred meters above a raging river below it. At such a height, jumping off a bridge was no different than jumping off a tall building. At the same time, the Citroen it pursuit came to a stop as well. Four men with guns subsequently alighted the car and started shouting.

With no hesitation whatsoever, the driver of the red Ford suddenly jumped off the bridge.

The members of 01 were completely stunned. “He… did he just kill himself?” Little Boy asked after a short moment of silence.

“Theoretically, yes.” Zhang Heng said.

Unless he were Captain America, he would have surely been killed by the impact of landing on the water. However, if the driver was a player, he might survive the jump with the help of game items. Naturally, players could achieve wonderous miracles with them.

If the driver of the red Ford really intended to commit suicide, there were many more ways to do it. The easiest way was to ram the Citroen at full force, causing a collision bad enough to kill the occupants of both cars.

Nonetheless, seeing how he chose to abandon the car and jump down from the bridge, there was a low possibility that he was attempting suicide.