48 Hours a Day

Chapter 384 - You Might Be Able To Defeat Us

The background of this game was obviously related to the Internet, and this was the first time Zhang Heng was given the liberty to choose one of two mission objectives that so drastically contradicted each other. In a sense, this competitive single-player mode was more like a faction rivalry.

Players who chose to go different directions would become opponents.

Of course, no matter which direction they chose, they needed to, first and foremost, find the person named Edward mentioned in the main mission. But, there were millions, if not at least hundreds of thousands of people in the world named Edward. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

All things being equal, someone would probably lead him or give him hints to find Edward.

Except for Flannel-shirt who definitely caught his attention, Zhang Heng did not find any other suspicious individuals in the casino. Although the man was wearing a disguise, his glasses, the slightly hunched shoulders, and long, slender fingersespecially the innate temperament, were all very difficult to conceal.

If Zhang Heng’s guess was right, the guy must have been doing calculating-related work for a long time, and Zhang Heng could also tell that, like the staff with high cheekbones, that Flannel-shirt must have cheated. And similar to the employee, Zhang Heng, too, couldn’t tell how he did it. Subsequent inspections also proved that Flannel-shirt did not tamper with the security camera pointed at the poker machine, which made things even more interesting

Since there was no evidence, the high-cheekbone staff had no choice but to let the pair leave the casino. On top of that, to bolster the unfavorable impact of this incident, the casino had to present the couple with a bottle of expensive red wine.

While the other patrons admired and envied the couple’s good luck, Zhang Heng knew that the casino had no intention of letting it slide.

The bottle of wine was the best proof of that.

When the couple left the casino, the high-cheekboned staff pushed the door of the staff lounge open, taking out his mobile phone. As that was happening, Zhang Heng quickly walked out of the building.

Nevertheless, Flannel-shirt and his ‘wife’ had already left in a hurry, worried that they were being followed by the casino staff. Zhang Heng was only one minute behind them, but the couple had already disappeared. Despite that, Zhang Heng did not panic. He noticed that there was a hotel next door and made his way into the lobby. He then followed a couple of passengers into the lift and up to the sixth floor. He then went through the fire exit to finally reach the top floor.

From there, one could enjoy a panoramic view of half of Monaco. It was already late into the night, yet this bustling tourist paradise was still brightly lit. With the help of a camera filter, Zhang Heng was able to find the couple again.

Once he had determined the location they were at, Zhang Heng made a move.

Since the buildings were relatively close to each other, Zhang Heng decided to scale the rooftops-not a terrible way to keep track of the couple. Less than five minutes later, his attention was drawn to the black Buick that was slowly closing in on the couple. At the same time, the flannel shirt and his wife had stopped running and appeared to be in a heated argument.

Zhang Heng looked down and saw a sweater and a short-sleeved shirt hanging on the balcony below, so he borrowed them and used them to cover his face. On the way, he also picked up a table knife from the coffee table on another balcony. The black Buick parked itself behind Flannel-shirt like a ghost. Instead of hurrying down immediately, he hid at a balcony on the second floor to get a measure of the situation below. Only after he was sure that the black Buick was tied to the casino and that the well-built men were not carrying any hostile weapons did he jumped down to help the couple. Even though he had to face four opponents at the same time, Zhang Heng managed to take one of them out by surprise using his knee. So, fighting the remaining three men with his level 3 knife-fighting skills should be less of a strenuous effort. Zhang Heng wasn’t planning to become an enemy of the casino. After all, Flannel-shirt didn’t squander off an obscene amount of money, and there was no reason to escalate the conflict.

Zhang Heng’s sudden appearance gave Flannel-shirt such a fright that he froze completely. His ‘wife,’ on the other hand, reacted quickly and dragged him away to flee the scene. The bald guy did not go after them, and neither did Zhang Heng. The man asked in French, “Are you with them?”

Because of geographical proximity, pre-independent Monaco was closely attached to France, hence the residents here also spoke French. Zhang Heng understood the language since he spent a decade learning French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Latin in the Black Sail game.

Of course, after over two hundred years, the pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary of modern French had its differences with the lingo spoken back then. Still, it wasn’t a problem for day-to-day communication.

Zhang Heng did not answer the man. He simply pointed at the bald man’s phone. On the screen was an electronic map with a moving red dot. That was how the Buick was able to track down the couple.

“There seems to be no other way.” The bald man sighed and walked out of the car. At the same time, the driver that towered over 1.9 meters and looked as hard as a metal rod got out of the car as well. He tossed a golf club to the bald man, then slipped a pair of brass knuckles over his hand. Zhang Heng did not doubt that bones would definitely be shattered if the weapon hit the body.

The bald man cracked his neck and put up a fighting posture. He then waved at Zhang


“My parents have always taught me to be polite, especially when dealing with tourists who bring us income. I have always been very polite, showing my gentlemanliness, but if someone comes to my house and fools around with me, I have to feel sorry for that visitor since I’ll give him a taste of the other Monaco’s magic.”

Two minutes later, he and the driver joined the losers, which consisted of the other four of their men. The bald man was in such pain that he huddled on the ground while clutching his stomach, wheezing as sharp pain gripped him. Zhang Heng up walked to him, took out his phone from his pocket, and placed the locked screen in front of him.

“You may have knocked us down but don’t even think about it… Hiss… 7588.”

Seeing that Zhang Heng was aiming a knife at his eyes, the bald man immediately gave up and told Zhang Heng the password.

Although he was a professionally hired muscle, he wasn’t that dedicated to his job to the point of giving up his only pair of eyes. Besides, Flannel-shirt scammed only 40,000 euros from the casino. This amount of money meant nothing to the establishment, and the only thing they were worried about was that the new confidence scam would spread like wildfire. By that time, the casinos would have gone bankrupt with many people using the same technique to walk out wealthy.


Zhang Heng unlocked the phone with the password and took note of where Flannel-shirt and his wife were sitting. After that, he turned around and left.

“You don’t know who you are provoking-no matter where you hide in Europe, we will find you!” the bald guy yelled at Zhang Heng. The moment he said that, he saw Zhang Heng stopping and walking towards him. Immediately, the bald guy’s face changed. “I was just kidding. Don’t take me seriously.” “Send a message to the boss who hired you. I guarantee that I won’t take any action against Monaco’s casinos in the future, nor will I leak the secret technique to others. In exchange, you people must stop pursuing this matter,” Zhang Heng said.