48 Hours a Day

Chapter 379 - Wonder Woman

Chapter 379 Wonder Woman

Chen Huadong took a deep breath.

“691 points? Is there something wrong with my eyes, or is there something wrong with the website?”

“248.5 points for listening. That’s ridiculously high, right? What’s the difference between this and the full score?”

“Actually, 248.5 IS the perfect score,” Ma Wei added. “Huh? Then, for the reading test, he got 241.5…”

“The full score for reading is… 248.5.”

“So he lost only 7 points for this part? Writing and translating are 201 points, which meant he’s 12 points short of the perfect score?! Wait, does that mean that only he needs 19 points to get full marks for the CET-6 exam?” As if he’d just witnessed a murder, Xu Huadong was shocked and wide-eyed. He turned to Zhang Heng, “What the hell, did you get the answers in advance?”

Ma Wei, who was beside them, also sighed loudly. He was known as one of the brightest students in the class and usually obtained excellent results in all subjects. Everyone said that he was born to study and achieve greatness. However, he knew the difference between excellence and excellence. English was his weak spot and he’d been desperately trying to improve since entering university.

He woke up every morning, diligently going to the playground to practice reading in English. He even insisted on only reading English publications and memorizing their vocabulary. To practice writing, he had used up more than a dozen notebooks. It was well worth it, all the effort he had put in to improve his English, seeing how he got a healthy 612 points when the results came out. Although quite satisfied, he didn’t expect someone to get a better result.”

“There is no end to learning, and the people from the old days were right about one thing. Learning this is like sailing against the current. There can be no relaxation or complacency,” Ma Wei clamored with emotion.

Chen Huadong grabbed his hair in disbelief. “It’s over. Ma Wei is so shocked that he’s started quoting the wise words of ancient people.

“691 points… that’s the highest score in the school. No. Maybe in the city. It could also be the highest score in the entire country! What do you think, Wei Jiangyang?” Chen Huadong asked as he turned to look at Wei Jiangyang. Wei Jiangyang was in no better condition and was almost in tears. “I’m dead. I’m just so sad that I didn’t pass the CET-6 exam. When I see others passing with flying colors, I became even sadder. I have two friends who got more than 600 points. What evil have I committed to deserve this karma?! Why assign me to this dormitory from hell???”

“I don’t usually see you doing revision. Your parents are working overseas… did you travel abroad during the winter and summer vacations? If so, it would mean you have been using English to communicate. Hold on, that’s not right. You got only 492 points during the CET-4 exam. How did you get a whopping increment of 200 points in one go? This too much! You received the answers to the test in advance, right?” Chen Huadong screamed. “Damn it! Why didn’t you share the good stuff with your friends?”

“Didn’t you pass the test?”.

Chen Huadong stood straight with his head lifted.

“Yes. I did. Hey, don’t look at me like this. I have a desire for high scores as well,”

“If you are telling the truth, you wouldn’t have taken the test without any preparation,” Zhang Heng said.

“Well, it seems this meal is prepared for me since I’m the only one who’s feeling sad tonight… let me make the toast first.”

On the other side of the table, Wei Jiangyang had already sat down and poured himself a glass of Coke, which he gulped down in a second. Though it was only a carbonated drink, he was drowned in sadness and disappointment after he emptied his cup.

Seeing that Wei Jiangyang was a little depressed, Chen Huadong tried to comfort him.

“Don’t be sad. You can retake the exam in June. Your credits are good enough so you won’t have to retake the course next year. As long as you pass CET-6 before you graduate, you’ll be fine. Even I passed the test. Seeing how intelligent you are, there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

Wei Jiangyang rolled his eyes, “I joined the naked test army because I believed in you. But… you’re so lucky that you pass every time. You’re leaving me here alone.”

“Sigh. Just as the saying goes, your love life may be smooth sailing, but your academic performance will fall hard.”

Though Zhang Heng told the three of them not to tell anyone else about his CET-6 exam exsults, the whole class knew about it the next day. And on the third day, the news had spread to the entire course. In the end, the entire school knew about it.

Shen Xixi even sent him a congratulatory text. She had recently been busy trying to contact several capable teams, hoping to share her ideas and discuss the possibility of working with them. The discussions focussed on dealing with the recurrence of supernatural incidents similar to Zavilcha. She wanted to be able to solve the crisis in the shortest time possible and prevent more innocent people from being harmed.

After the new forum had been set up, she adopted Wonder Woman as her username, subsequently uploading a large number of posts. She even took the initiative to share her previous fighting experience with Zavilcha and other monsters. Judging by the nature of those posts, Zhang Heng deduced that Shen Xixi must have been the one who wrote them.

She was one of the few players who was willing to risk her life to protect ordinary people. She saw this as her responsibility, offering healthy incentives to those who were willing to work with her. She also promised to distribute the loot she got to her allies according to the value of the information provided. If the team were willing to provide information, they would still be able to reap benefits in the end, even if they didn’t participate in any battles.

The game in itself was already perilous, so most players had no interest in protecting the safety of irrelevant strangers. With that in mind, nobody would push away the opportunity to earn more game points. Judging by their replies, it seemed there were many players from the same city interested in sharing their information with her. A few teams even expressed their willingness to cooperate in hunting down those monsters.

Wonder Woman… Justice League?

Although Zhang Heng could picture some of Shen Xixi’s thoughts and aspirations, the truth was that no one really knew what the outcome would be. Something sinister had been brewing between players recently. There was the turmoil at the auction, the mysterious girl with sunglasses, and the missing Grade-B Dreamland of Death. Then, there was the establishment of the new forum, the long-lost large scale communication between players, and the sudden outbreak of mass murder among ordinary people. Zhang Heng had a faint hunch that something major was about to take place. That explained why all the parties were ready to strike at any moment. Did the gaming committee know about this matter? How were they going to approach it? Or, could it be that the gaming committee was actually the one behind all of this?

Zhang Heng couldn’t envision how the whole thing would develop. However, there was nothing wrong with coming down with some preparation.

Last night, he completed the transfer of game points at a checkpoint, and later, he received a white card from Fu Lou together with the 1.813 million yuan inside it. Zhang Heng deliberately chose to accept the white card one minute before midnight. This was to ensure that nothing would go wrong, and he could also take the opportunity to explore Fu Lou as well.

It was no wonder Fu Lou was worthy of being called a veteran chamber of commerce. The delivery man was just an ordinary person, and there was no way to trace him through his mobile phone. For now, Zhang Heng could at least confirm that Fu Lou wasn’t doing anything terrible behind their customers’ backs. In other words, he would deal with them again in the future.

Now that a fresh injection of funds had been received, modifications to the Polo could finally meet its dateline.