48 Hours a Day

Chapter 377 - Inappopriate

Chapter 377 Inappopriate

The first thing Zhang Heng did once he returned to school was to unpack his luggage and register in a driving school.

He opted for the course that would get his driver’s license the fastest, but driving schools were in popular demand at the moment, and even the ordinary courses had been fully booked half a year in advance. To be able to drive legally as soon as possible, Zhang Heng decided to go with the VIP class, which he would be able to attend in two weeks.

Usually, an appointment could be made in advance for practice whenever the student was available, and once the required hours had been accumulated, they could then apply to sit for the test. One could get a driver’s license as soon as 20 days, but it also cost twice that of a regular class.

Yet, although Zhang Heng’s driving skill was at Level 2 and he had even sped down the Tokyo Expressway in reverse, there was no way he’d be able to obtain a driving license unless he attended a driving school. Although individuals were technically allowed to bypass driving school, they still had to have lessons. The process was also more troublesome, ultimately taking a longer period to obtain a driver’s license. It wasn’t as convenient as spending a little more money at a driving school.

After making the necessary payments, Zhang Heng went on to deal with the problem of parking. Because the school’s management was very strict about vehicles, and since students were not allowed to apply for parking spaces, Zhang Heng’s only option was to look for an underground parking lot nearby. This also meant higher expenditures since a parking fee was charged. Coupled with possible future modification costs, Zhang Heng’s current pocket money was definitely insufficient. That said, he wasn’t interested in taking up a part-time job

—even though he had 48 hours a day, it did not mean he was about to squander the extra time given-he would rather use the precious gift for fitness, skill training, or even resting.

Eventually, he contacted Ding Si and requested to exchange fifty points for cash.

“Let’s see… right now, the exchange rate is 37,400, which makes 1.87 million for 50 points. After deducting a 1% handling fee, it’s a total of 1.8513 million yuan. How would you like to receive this money?”

“Do you have any suggestions?” Zhang Heng asked.

“Of course, if you don’t want to risk exposing personal information during the transfer, the least risky method would be the white card.”

“White card?”

“Yes, every chamber of commerce provides a white card, a bank card applied using the information of ordinary people. We will guarantee the safety of the funds in the card, and the original owner will not touch it. Of course, we would not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever incurred on your part, such as falling for text message scams. Otherwise, we will reimburse you in full if there truly is a problem with the funds. Of course, you can also choose other delivery methods, such as cash and such…”

Zhang Heng thought about it and decided he needed the white card. “How much for one?”

“Forty thousand yuan. We will also include a complimentary mobile sim card that is bound to the bank card. You may choose to change your phone number upon receiving the card,” said Ding Si. “We will directly deposit the money into the card. You’ll just need to go to a game checkpoint and transfer the points to us. After that, we will set up a location for collection.” “Alright.” “Happy gaming!” After solving his funding problems, Zhang Heng contacted his mother’s friend and asked for her address, heading to the place after she got off work. It was a high-end residential area located on the edge of the Fourth Ring Road. The floor area ratio was only 0.5, and the community was basically made up of low-rise bungalows with tight security and surrounded by lush greeneries. Zhang Heng registered himself at the guardhouse, walked up to the gate, and rang the bell.

The owner of the house was clearly waiting for him, as the door opened almost immediately upon his arrival.

A middle-aged woman greeted him at the door.


From what he had heard from his mother, her name was Han Lu, a university friend of hers majoring in finance. After graduation, she returned to China and worked for a bank until she became an executive before resigning to start a private equity. She retired once again, just as she was gaining a reputation.

Then recently, with her contacts and accumulated funds, she started a venture capital firm. Although she was about Mother Zhang’s age, she seemed to look very young, appearing as if she was only in her thirties.

There was, however, a difference between the two’s youthfulness. Zhang Heng’s mother was a more carefree character who lived life as if she had never had troubles, while Han Lu’s profession was high-pressured and fast-paced, indirectly leading to her being single until now. Before this, she had simply no time and energy to fall in love, and now she was not attracted to anyone. Even those she was attracted to were already married, and thus, she had grown accustomed to living alone, abiding by the ‘quality over quantity’ principle.

In the huge mansion, there were only two occupants—she and the housekeeper. Her youthfulness was also the product of countless pricey serums and lotions. Despite the expensive solutions, one could easily see that she was also a stunning beauty in her younger days. “Zhang Heng?” Zhang Heng nodded.

“Please take a seat. This is not the first time we’ve met. I visited you when your parents brought you back to China. You were only two at that time,” said Han Lu. “I was stunned when I heard the news. Xiao Xia and I… We tell each other everything, but she never told me a word when she became pregnant. I only found out when she came back.” Han Lu called for the housekeeper to bring some fruits. “Wow, you’ve grown so much. Time really does fly,” she continued.

Zhang Heng thanked her. “Since you’re here, might as well just stay for dinner. I heard you’re studying here, and I’ve meant to see you, but your mother said that you don’t like to be disturbed? So… need my help with anything?” Although Han Lu was a woman, the fierce competition in the capital market had caused her to become a decisive and proficient person. To entrepreneurs who were in urgent need of funding, she was like God. It was true, in a sense. One word from her could determine the life or death of a company. Over time, she developed an imposing aura about her. While not deliberate, a simple gesture, such as sitting near a person would cause them to feel so uncomfortable and nervous. Most would instinctively get up to leave.

Much to her surprise, a young-un like Zhang Heng, still wet behind the ears, wasn’t walking on eggshells around her. With her experience, she was very good at reading people, and no one’s nervousness or guilt could escape her eyes. She could even accurately tell by sight who was pretending or who was genuinely calm.

Hence, Zhang Heng belonged to the latter. From the moment he set foot into the house -no-from the moment they made contact, Zhang Heng never showed the slightest bit of timidness. His posture was just the right amount of relaxed, and he was polite but yet not overly formal. He also behaved the same when they were having a casual conversation. At the same time, Han Lu was secretly surprised by how well-informed he was.

Han Lu would even sometimes forget Zhang Heng’s age, as she groaned silently in her heart-she did not care about the age gap between them—there were very few men who could captivate her intrigue. What a pity this was her best friend’s son.

Of course, it would be inappropriate to develop a romantic relationship with her friend’s son.