Chapter 375 Killing With No Risk Online Store

After getting the Infinite Building Block, the first thing Zhang Heng did was to get to the mall and purchase a few boxes of Lego bricks for experimentation. He was granted a speedup buff while in the Lego world, and when combined with his unique pair of plier-like hands, he could achieve fantastic speeds when assembling a model. However, this speed couldn’t be replicated in the real world, even with the 10 fingers he had. Still, he had mastered the skill pretty well and could now assemble in a respectable time.

From brick to object, a Lego version of a pistol took him only four minutes to build. Zhang Heng looked at the M1911 in his hand. There was almost no difference between this one and a real M1911 and tried to load it before unlocking the safety pin and replacing the magazine. Astonishingly, an hour later, the pistol transformed back to a Lego model.

Zhang Heng retrieved the Infinite Building Block and tried to assemble the recurve bow that he used frequently. This time, it took longer to build it, considering how large it was. Thankfully, the final product did not disappoint.

After several tests, Zhang Heng was satisfied with the results.

As long as he carried a few boxes of Lego bricks with him in the future, he would be able to use his Infinite Building Block to assemble whatever he needed, basically transforming any brick object into the real thing. In other words, he could obtain different kinds of weapons anytime and anywhere, especially in sensitive locations such as airports and certain high-security areas. Naturally, weapons like bows and arrows were strictly banned from those places. It was in such plaes that Zhang Heng’s Infinite Building Block would shine.

After all, no one would consider a pile of Lego bricks as dangerous items.

The Infinite Building Block was also one of Zhang Heng’s most widely accepted game items. However, using it in a quest was another altogether. For example, if he were to teleport into a quest like Blacksail again, he would be unable to find a single piece of Lego brick, not in an ancient world like that. In other words, the Infinite Building Block would be rendered useless. Nonetheless, in terms of availability, Lego bricks were considered as easily acquired items.

After that, Zhang Heng revisited the internet cafe to browse recent postings on the forum. Recently, the hot topic of discussion among players was another Grade-B game item, the Dreamland of Death. It seemed that on New Year’s Eve, word had gotten around that the perpetrator had been found. The strange thing was, more and more posts of similar fashion were continously uploaded in the forum after that.

It appeared that the murderers were not the same person. What was more surprising was that they weren’t even players. These apparent murderers did not know each other, were of different ages, lived in different cities, had different occupations, and some of them were even housewives-hardly anything in common amongst them. The only thing that tied them together, though, was the fact that they dearly wished to kill the person they hated most in their lives. According to them, they had all found an online shop on the internet called Killing With No Risk.

The establishment promised that its customers could purchase a risk-free assassination service for only ten yuan.

At first, people thought the site was the regular run-off the mill trinket store, providing their customers with innocent memorabilia like voodoo dolls. That said, some started doubting if it worked, knowing that their enemies would only be knocked down ‘spiritually.’ So after an order was made, they received the package from the website a week later, where detailed instructions for the dummy were enclosed.

Upon receiving the package, most customers used the doll according to the steps provided. Whether it worked or not, it was worth a try since they had paid for it anyway. Some were afraid to do it once the item actually landed in their hands. So, they threw the package aside and continued to curse the ones they hated in their hearts, hoping that it would someday take effect. Of course, there were always those who would ignore the instructions altogether and did things their own way.

Naturally, nothing happened to the second and third groups of people; the divine justice that they expected didn’t materialize. The first group of people, however, were surprised and horrified when they discovered that their targets were killed in their sleep as promised by the store.

There were mixed reactions. Some were overjoyed over the outcome while some started to regret, afraid that the death of their targets would eventually be traced back to them. They also feared retribution, wondering if the owner of the online store would use the secret to threaten them someday. Not too long after all the recepients got their orders, they went online to search for the shop again and found that the website had disappeared without a trace, as if it never even existed in the first place.

Afterward, some quarters even took the initiative to surrender themselves to the police, unable to bear the enormous guilt and psychological pressure they were subjected to. Owing to the outlandish and childish confessions of curses and jinxes, the officer handling the case quickly dismissed them and recommended they consulted a psychiatrist instead.

“This matter is getting more and more interesting. A new and powerful game item has appeared?”

“No. This method of killing is indeed the work of Dreamland of Death. The current situation looks more like…”

“It’s like someone cloned Dreamland of Death and sold the replicas to ordinary people who knew nothing.”

“Is that even possible? Someone should have found out they were receiving counterfeits all the while. Are they game items? What is its quality? And how many times can it be used?”

“It’s a pity that all the Dreamland of Death clones found so far have been spent with no uses left.”

The person who posted this comment claimed to be a member of one of the three major guilds, and had also participated in the investigation. At the same time, he was also a police officer in the real world.

“We sent every Dreamland of Death clone we could find for evaluation, and no surprise that they weren’t game items. We even found an unopened package, but its contents weren’t game items as well.”


“Yes, it looked like the clay that appeared at the auction during that time. It loses effect after a certain period.”

A few immediately agreed to it.

“This is too much… what kind of game item is that guy holding? How did he clone a Grade-B Dreamland of Death in batches… a Grade-A game item, perhaps?”

“Only two Grade-A game items have surfaced so far. One has exceeded its number of uses, and the other one is missing.”

“Wait, shouldn’t we be more concerned about the killer’s motive? She’s now giving away the Dreamland of Death to ordinary people like an item from the Taobao bargain bin! Although they’re just clones, will they do her any good?”

“I don’t know. The three major guilds have been tracking her down recently, and I believe she should be captured soon.”

The following replies were basically all sorts of conjecture, and Zhang Heng didn’t bother reading them any further. However, another post caught his attention. The title was—the guy who completed the Master Builder quest, pray I never find you.

Zhang Heng opened it up to see what it was all about. The person who started this thread was the Lego master and his team, the one Fan Meinan mentioned earlier. They were close to completing the quest as well. Out of a total of 24 teams in the Master Builder quest, they were thought to be the ones who would eventually acquire the Grade-B item, considering how skillful they were.

Nonetheless, after three months of hard work, their long, hard-fought-victory was snatched away by Zhang Heng. In the end, the Lego master didn’t get anything after spending so much energy and time. The anger and disappointment in him were beyond comprehension. However, the ones replying were obviously unable to empathize with his frustration and disenchantment. trolls be trolls, they mercilessly spewed insults and jeers without the slightest thought or consideration; seeming to greatly enjoy doing something of this sort.