48 Hours a Day

Chapter 374 - Fair Deal

Chapter 374 Fair Deal

After sending off his parents, Zhang Heng and his grandfather returned home. When they got down from the car, they ran into Jia Jia outside their house.

Jia Jia was no longer dressed extravagantly like in the game checkpoint. Today, she was decent, wearing a down jacket and a pair of loose sweatpants. She also made sure that she was tightly wrapped in her clothes. Even so, a passing man couldn’t help but steal glances at the attractive lass.

There seemed to be an indescribable fatal attraction to that body of hers.

Jia Jia took pulled out a cigarette from her cigarette case and stuck it in her mouth. However, she could not find a lighter in her pocket. So, she asked a passing man, “Hey, uncle, got a light?”

The man was no young and immature boy, looking like he’d been with several women already at the age that he was at now. However, When Jia Jia approached him, he still became stunned, and three seconds later, he hurriedly took out a lighter and helped her light the fag.

Jia Jia moved her face forward, resting the cigarette on the flames for a moment. She then took a drag and exhaled a huge cloud of smoke.

“Thank you,” said Jia Jia lazily.

The man was lost again. Just when he mustered enough courage to say something, someone came from behind him.

“Ah, you are back.”

Jia Jia ignored the man.

The voice obviously had jealous undertones and when he turned around, he saw a young and strong figure. He could only sigh in his heart. After that, he picked up the vegetables he just bought and left with a heavy heart.

Jia Jia did wasn’t bothered about him, instead, proceeding to talk to Zhang Heng, “I’ve been waiting for you for a while.”

“Your friend?” Grandpa asked.

“Uhh, I guess so,” Zhang Heng said. “Then, you should continue chatting.”

After that, Zhang Heng’s grandpa went into the house.

The moment he closed the door, Zhang Heng spoke again. “How did you find me here?” “You left your address at the game checkpoint. I followed it, and I found you here. I ran into a kind person on the road that gave me a ride,” Jia Jia said. As she spoke, she took a small bag out of her pocket. “Here is your thing.”

Zhang Heng opened the black bag and saw the Infinite Building Block with an identification card inside it.

[Name: Infinite Building Block]

(Quality: B]

(Function: Assembly with other LEGO bricks will activate the item. Its effect lasts one hour. Item will return to its block state after one hour. Note: This item will only work on tangible objects and will not work on fantasized objects.]

Although he was prepared, Zhang Heng was a little surprised when he saw the identification results. This small LEGO block with no serial number turned out to be a Grade-B game item; its effects, written on the card, was definitely worthy of a Grade-B game item.

However, the conditions of using this Grade-B game item were the most unique in any game he’d ever played. In other words, its true potential depended on how good the user’s LEGO fixing skills were. It appeared that Zhang Heng’s Level 2 LEGO Assembly skills he had acquired in the previous quest would come in handy again.

“I didn’t know you were also responsible for game item delivery.”

“I’m never responsible for delivering game items,” Jia Jia said, “But this time is an exception. After all, it’s Grade-B. It’s too dangerous to be mailed and I prefer to hand it to you personally. That said, whether the item reaches your hand safely has got nothing to do with me anyway. I was only willing to help that idiot deliver this to you to get your address and find an excuse to see you.”

Unconsciously, Jia Jia had already gotten closer to Zhang Heng, and now, the two were only a few centimeters away from each other. Zhang Heng could feel Jia Jia’s warm breath cascading down his cheeks.

“So, what do you think about the proposal?” Jiajia whispered into Zhang Heng’s ear. “What proposal?”

“That idiot did tell you that I wanted to sleep with you,” Jia Jia said. “Before you say no to me, think of the huge benefits if you say yes. I can become the perfect woman in your heart. You can experience happiness that you have never experienced before. I can also make up for the regrets you’ll never be able to make up in your heart. If you think I’m moving too quickly, we can start a relationship like ordinary lovers if that’s what you fancy. It’s okay. I can afford to wait for you to fall in love with me.” “Why?” Zhang Heng frowned upon hearing this, “Why choose me?”

Jia Jia smiled; her eyes sparkled with purity, akin to the ice on a frozen Lake Baikal. “In human terms, it is the need for reproduction. I need a descendant. As for why I chose youit’s because I like you. You don’t smell like some nasty, old guy. It’s your own scent.”

“My charm?”

Jia Jia leaned even closer to Zhang Heng’s shoulder and took a deep breath. Like a gluttonous girl getting a whiff of the aroma of chocolate, a blush appeared on her cheeks. “You smell… like a lost child. Don’t worry, sleeping with me won’t bring you any danger, and you won’t lose anything. On the contrary, you can also get the answers you’ve been looking for from me. You have a question about this game, right? I might be able to give you some answers you’ve been looking for a long time. Unlike those guys, my sisters and I are not bound by those old vows.”

Jia Jia took another step forward as she spoke, her chest almost stuck to Zhang Heng’s body. She then looked at Zhang Heng passionately, “Well, you can get what you want from me and I can also get what I want from you. It’s a fair deal—we can even make a contract if you are really worried.”

“I don’t think this is a good proposal.”

The person who said that wasn’t Zhang Heng, but the uncle in beach pants at the game checkpoint. He popped out of nowhere, and this time, he wore a green cotton coat with a pair of SpongeBob earmuffs. He had suddenly appeared outside Zhang Heng’s fence and rode a pink Emma electric bike. Although it somewhat made him look comical, the expression he had was uncharacteristically serious.

“Succubus, you have gone over the line!”

Jia Jia flicked the ash off her cigarette and returned to her cold expression. “Every time it comes to serious business, some annoying guy will always interrupt me! It’s not your right to mind my business!”

“Yes, it’s always your business when it comes to the men that you want to sleep with. Earlier I even helped you to convey the message to him, but you, of all people, should know where the boundaries are. You can’t use the information you have as a bargaining chip, intervening in matters between players. Your behavior is likely to cause unfair competition, and you don’t want to upset the gaming committee.” Jia Jia sneered, “Oh, what a loyal dog. How disappointing. Whatever.” After that, she gave Zhang Heng another sultry look and tightened her collar.

“I’ll fetch you back,” the beach pants uncle said as he revved the throttle of his e-bike.

“No, I’m not going to sit on that thing!”

Jia Jia walked to a BMW not far away from her. naturally, the had stopped and was unable to take his eyes off her.

“Can I get a ride from you?” Jia Jia asked.

“Of course, hurry up and get in. It’s cold outside,” the owner proclaimed diligently, feeling that his heart had been thumped hard by something. His pupils contracted, and his breathing accelerated. Immediately, he trotted all the way to open the door for Jia Jia.

“Uncle, you are so nice. Can I smoke in the car?”

“No problem, no problem, no problem at all!” the owner smirked.

Jia Jia sat down on the passenger seat and flipped a bird to the uncle in beach pants.