48 Hours a Day

Chapter 366 - 329 Protective Shield

Chapter 366 329 Protective Shield

From the 107th floor to the 108th floor, the six encountered no more enemies. Tourists on the two floors were all transformed into zombies by Evil Scientist’s T-virus, but Zhang Heng managed to eliminate them all with his weaponized plants in front of the bar. Hence, the team managed to enter the elevator smoothly to the top floor.

The bald man tidied up his suit and said, “After paying such a huge price and all that hard work, we are finally approaching the final boss. I know that everyone is tired now, but a real man will persevere even though he is exhausted. The pursuit of justice has never been easy. This just makes it all so much more worthwhile for us to sacrifice ourselves!”

As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand. “Come on, let’s cheer up, New Year’s Eve Game Team! Well, now all of you should put your hands on my hands. When I shout out loud, let’s raise our hands together…”

“Although I don’t want to spoil the atmosphere, I still want to remind you that since the battle started, you were doing nothing when we were looking Vandal King at Shangxiajiu. I thought about it carefully and in the battle, you were so scared that you ran away from the Decepticon and Optimus Prime. You didn’t contribute anything to the team, nor did you have any sense of your existence at all,” Fan Meinan could not help but complain.

“But Messenger didn’t do anything useful as well. You see, she hasn’t appeared in several chapters,” the bald man growled in annoyance.

“This is the design of her character,” Fan Meinan rolled his eyes, “Anyway, don’t talk nonsense, let’s end this battle quickly!”

After speaking, she took the lead and walked into the elevator. Zhang Heng also took advantage of this time to rebuild the chainsaw in his hand into a lightsaber, preparing for the final battle. They were now only meters away from the top floor. Hence the elevator did not take too long to reach the viewing deck. Everyone was ready to give it their best to defeat Evil Scientist.

It was going to be a tough fight for them. Over the years, Evil Scientist had established a reputation of being extremely powerful. The bald man, the waiter, and Messenger once fought side by side with Scientist, considered as his disciples at one point. They knew how powerful Scientist was. On the other hand, Zhang Heng had spent quite some time with Evil Scientist while in the parallel quest. Even if he learned all the assembly skills from other master builders, he still had no confidence in defeating Evil Scientist.

However, Zhang Heng wasn’t as worried compared to the other three team members. After all, this quest was very special. He could leave any time and repeat the game again, no big deal to him. If he failed this quest, he would treat it as a journey of getting more experience.

Zhang Heng gave Fan Meinan a quick look. If things didn’t go well, he wanted her to leave the quest immediately. Zhang Heng believed that with Fan Meinan’s wittiness, she would make herself fight a battle that she couldn’t win, and not putting up a show telling Zhang Heng that she insisted on leaving together. In fact, the cooperated very well when they were facing Zavilcha, and no one got injured or killed in the end.

As the elevator door opened, the six finally stepped into the final stage.

They were a little surprised by what they saw this time. This time, they were not greeted by mechanical beings or zombies, but a band of violinists instead. They bowed their heads in unison and started performing. Strange scene aside, the ground was filled with children’s toys and celebrity posters. This suspicious atmosphere had everyone on guard.

The male voice which came across the elevator’s speakers said, “Don’t worry, your eyes see the truth. There are no traps here. In fact, I don’t need any trap to defeat you. Song of the Skylark by Kowski, my wife’s favorite song. When she returns to this world, she will want to listen again.”

“Your wife and daughter will never back to this world anymore. Evil Scientist, please accept reality, they all died in that explosion,” the bald man interrupted the former.

After stepping out of the elevator, everyone finally saw Evil Scientist-architect of the disaster and leader of the evil bionic army. He looked to be about the same age as the bald man and was sitting on the deck in a red windbreaker. When the wind blew at his hair, Zhang Heng saw that half of what used to be black hair on his head was now white.

“How dare you mention the explosion in front of me. If you people had taken my dissuasion and not touched the machine, the explosion would have never happened, and my wife and daughter would still be alive…” the voice of the Evil Scientist got louder and more hoarse. “You are a group of murderers; I should have just killed you all during these three years.”

“That was just an accident. No one wanted to hurt your wife and daughter. What more, Phantom Ninja also paid the price. You took his butt away from him… well, I think it’s time for you to give him back his butt. “The bald man continued, “Also, what you have done to other master builders over the years is unspeakable. You should apologize to everyone.”

“Apologize?” The evil scientist smirked. “You really don’t think you got to where you are right now all by yourself, right? Be grateful for my kindness because you are still alive. I don’t want to massacre all of you at our reunion. Otherwise, perhaps you’ll reunite instead with all the master builders currently living in the underworld.”

“Hoho… This joke is not funny. Has your humor disappeared along with your sense of justice?” the bald man roared, then lowered his voice and told the other five people around him, “I have found the quantum collider. The machine is in the green box on the antenna mast, look toward 7 o’clock.”

“Yes, this is so LEGO, with a warning sign next to it to tell us that it’s dangerous. Please don’t touch it,” Fan Meinan said.

“So, this is the next step of our plan. I will try to stall Evil Scientist by pissing him off with my words, and you can take the opportunity to get close to the box and extract the Infinite Building Block from it.”

This time, it was Evil Scientist’s turn to interrupt the bald man, “Are you guys discussing how to extract the Infinite Building Block from my quantum collider? Pity, no matter what you do, it will all be in vain. Yes, because I have placed 329 shields over there!”

“329 Protective Shield?! How did you even build that thing?”

The waiter’s expression changed drastically, and Zhang Heng frowned as well. Fan Meinan looked around, hoping to get some answers. “Anyone going to explain to me what a 329 Protective Shield is?” she asked.

“The 329 Protective Shield is also called an absolute defensive shield,” Evil Scientist said proudly. “As its name suggests, it is a shield no one can break. Don’t underestimate it; even a nuclear-bomb level attack can’t break the defense. When it is activated, it can never be turned off. Only me and my subordinates can enter and leave freely. If I had this thing three years ago, you guys would have never been able to ruin my plan.”