48 Hours a Day

Chapter 365 - Things Would Have Been Different If Plant Queen Was Here

Chapter 365 Things Would Have Been Different If Plant Queen Was Here

“This is far from what I expected when I said I wished to meet the girls from Kantai Collection.” The waiter built a crowbar at lightning speed, then used it to knock Zombie Ted that was clinging onto his legs. “What are you waiting for? Release the butcher!” Fan Meinan shouted. Several zombies were crawling on her Iron Man suit, but none of them could penetrate it, not with their teeth at least. The screeches and dings noise they made as they tried to bite through the armor sounded as if they were using their teeth to play the piano. Fan Meinan turned on the cluster cannon on her chest and burned a zombie to ashes with only a single shot, swiftly dealing with the zombies that were bothering the waiter after that. It bought him the time he needed to build the butcher.

The waiter did not disappoint, building his butcher as fast as he could. When he was done, he threw it into the zombie horde.

“Feel true horror from the depths of hell!”

As soon as the butcher landed, zombies instantly swarmed it, and at least six of them gnawed on the boils on his body. However, when the butcher opened its eyes, the circumstances had changed. Butcher brandished his knife like there was no tomorrow, and the zombies around him had their heads chopped off one after another. Just like when faced with the black-clothed bionics, the butcher began to massacre whatever that stood in its way.

“Good job!” Zhang Heng praised the waiter as he killed the last double ponytailed zombie in front of him.

“Hahahaha, these zombies are nothing,” the waiter proudly replied.

However, his pride did not last long. From far, the butcher’s movements began to slow, and it looked around in confusion, as if struck by Alzheimer’s. At the same time, its eyes began to fill with blood.

“Oh shit! Your butcher seems to be infected with the virus,” said the bald man. “Just like the movies, these zombies can spread the virus through bites. No wonder I don’t see anything living thing left on the whole floor. We must be careful not to be bitten by the zombies.”

The waiter pointed at a distance. “Uh, shouldn’t you be worrying about how to solve that problem over there?” he asked.

In a mere ten seconds, the butcher completed its transformation and joined the zombie horde. After becoming one of them, the butcher’s power, defense, and speed greatly improved, and it had now become several times more difficult to deal with than before.

“Evil Scientist set a trap, and we stepped right into it. He’s the person who knows us best. These zombies were specifically prepared for you. He knew you’d release the butcher. Those zombies were meant to infect the butcher and turn it into his most powerful weapon,” the bald man groaned in dismay.

“Can you take down that thing?” Fan Meinan asked Vandal King.

“I can take down that thing, but it has to be a one-on-one fight. Those zombies next to it are too troublesome, and if they all swarm on me at the same time, there will be nothing I can do.”

This battle had given him a massive headache, and though the zombies weren’t nearly as agile as the Ninja Turtles, they were still fast enough to strike fear in their opponents. Such was the kind of enemy Vandal King hated the most.

“Okay, we will figure out a way to create an opportunity for you. Let’s separate the butcher from the zombies first. Although they are quite agile, there is still a difference in speed between them and us. As long as…”

Fan Meinan paused suddenly when she discovered that the zombies had stopped charging at them. Instead, the creatures began to gather around the zombie butcher like soldiers surrounding their captain.

“Oops, Evil Scientist saw right through you before it even started,” the bald man was shocked. “It seems modern zombies have learned to form a formation. I miss Plant Queen. If only she were here, everything would have been fine now. This is exactly the kind of battlefield for her to show her skills off, but unfortunately, she died in battle three years ago.” “Yeah, the pea shooter and man-eating plant she built were natural enemies of zombies. I now understand why Evil Scientist placed her second on his kill list,” said the waiter.

“So… is that the pea shooter you were talking about?” Fan Meinan pointed in the direction of the bar.

Zhang Heng, on the other hand, was getting busy over there, more focused, and concentrated than ever. His hands moved at lightning speed, dismantling the counters, tables, and chairs of the dining bar into blocks before reassembling them into weaponized plants in the shortest time possible. The weapons included pea shooters, man-eating plants, potato mines…

Plant Queen had taught him all these creations while he was in the parallel quest. Their effectiveness in traditional battles was limited, and they were far less lethal compared to the modern weapons the bald men created. However, they were most effective when it came to vanquishing zombies.

Zhang Heng had now wholly transformed the dining bar into his backyard, frantically expanding his weaponized plant arsenal while the zombies were gathering around the butcher.

At the same time, everyone’s jaws dropped as they watched in amazement how Zhang Heng assembled the blocks into various weaponized plants. When the zombies were done gathering around the butcher, they found that a terrifying greenhouse had been built right in front of them. Now, with every step they took, they would encounter a barrage of strange attacks.

The battle didn’t have to go on for too long before the outcome was set in stone. In the end, except for the butcher, the other zombies were either crushed by the pumpkins, shot in the head by the peas, or swallowed by the man-eating plants. On the other hand, Vandal King had also dismantled the butcher into eight pieces. When the dust finally cleared, there were no more zombies left in the hall, and peace was restored.

“Ha!” Fan Meinan took off her helmet and looked at Zhang Heng. “You are so unpredictable. Whenever I think I’m getting to know you better, you always surprise me with something new.”

The bald man and the waiter, on the other hand, looked as pale as ghosts. “How is this possible? These weaponized plants are the special creations of Plant Queen. How did you… hold on, other than awakening, does the chosen one also possess abilities like soul possession? So, is the soul of Plant Queen inside your body right now?! If so, can you help me ask her what her favorite underwear color is?” the bald man continued.

“Ask me these things later. Let’s get things done first. The world will be destroyed in forty minutes, and we still have the world to save,” Zhang Heng said.

“You’re right. I didn’t expect Evil Scientist to have fallen this much. To deal with us, he didn’t hesitate to turn Canton Tower’s innocent tourists into zombies. What he has done makes him vile and evil! He is no longer the leader that we used to respect and love,” sighed the bald man as he clenched the toilet seat in his hand.

“It’s time to settle the score.”