48 Hours a Day

Chapter 363 - Morale Support

Chapter 363 Morale Support

Fan Meinan looked at Zhang Heng’s Iron Man suit and looked at the rudimentary box gun in her hand again.

“I have to admit, I’m starting to feel my mental state going out of balance,” she said, not knowing what to think.

Zhang Heng threw the bracelet used to control the battle suit to Fan Meinan. “This thing is for you.”

“Ha! I’d be embarrassed to take it away from you just like that.”

Be that as it may, Fan Meinan still took the bracelet from Zhang Heng. She slapped it on her wrist for the first time.

“What about you?” asked Fan Meinan, a bright spark of joy gleaming in her eyes. “I don’t need stuff like these. My hands are the world’s most powerful weapons,” Zhang Heng said. “The battle suit will limit my performance and make it impossible for me to assemble what I need in time.”

Zhang Heng then dismantled the street lamp beside him into blocks, and five seconds later, he had a lightsaber in his hands. “Well, my jealousy is coming back again,” Fan Meinan groaned sourly. At the same time, she turned on the bracelet, allowing the battle suit to wrap her body, “Well, it feels good, I wanted to try it a long time ago. What does it feel to be Iron Man? I’ll accept your New Year’s gift…” Pausing for a moment, and with a serious face, she said, “…it’s time for us to fight for justice together! Come on, Master Yoda!”

“Don’t give me a random name!” Zhang Heng brandished his lightsaber, and a few bullets fired from the opposite side ricocheted, killing the two black-clothed bionics closest to them. “Mobile Arsenal and the rest have entered the battlefield. We’ll give it our best shot and join them as soon as possible.”

“Roger that.”

Fan Meinan took control of the suit and fired a 24 mini-missile salvo in one breath. Taking off and flying in all directions, they landed precisely on the group of bionics. The barrage of missiles not only damaged a large area, but the smoke from the explosion created a good cover for the two of them.

As soon as they arrived at the front door, though, they saw the bald man. He was first to enter the building but was now the first one to rush back out of it.

Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows.

“There is an Optimus Prime inside.”

“Uh… is that a metaphor?” Fan Meinan asked.

“No, it’s really Optimus Prime! And a Decepticon. I don’t know how they get here!” exclaimed the waiter. He too quickly retreated, not forgetting to urge Messenger who was behind him to escape together.

Shocked, Fan Meinan probed in and saw the two Transformers having a fierce fight with Daddy Cowboy and the other master builders. However, whether bullet or rope, these weren’t weapons that would do much damage to Optimus Prime and a Decepticon. Let alone Dessert King’s desserts, the giant hard fruit candy that Candy Baby made blew up into a cloud of powder sugar the moment it came into contact with the Decepticon’s fist.

However, no one noticed how excited Vandal King became when he saw the two behemoths in front of him. His body trembled involuntarily, and it surely wasn’t because of fear. He was like a traveler that had walked the arid desert for three days and nights, and an oasis suddenly appeared in front of him. “Really? Are we going to fight the Transformers on the first level?! There are two of them…” Fan Meinan sighed and turned on the arc pulse-cannon on her arm.

“Can… I take things apart now?” Vandal King asked with great eagerness.

“Of course, can you take those two things apart?”

“No… you should have asked how long would take for me to dismantle them!” said Vandal King as flexed his wrists and grinned in glee.

After a while, the defeated Candy Baby was forced back to the door by the Decepticon, and it was at that time that the beast sensed that something bad was about to happen. Before it even had time to put up a defensive posture, it realized it was missing an arm. It was then followed by his calf, waist, pectoral muscles…

In a moment like this, Vandal King felt as if he’d returned to his kitchen, handling a butcher’s knife and thrusting it toward the chopping board. He could feel within him the sheer satisfaction of the knife swerving down, slicing, and eating through the meaty piece of beef. Only half a minute later, the terrifying Decepticon was reduced to only its head.

Vandal King planned to continue doing what he did best, but the next moment, a samurai sword blocked his way. Out of nowhere, a green creature with a red ribbon on its head appeared in front of him.

“A mechanical version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Or Raphael? Are Michelangelo and Einstein here as well? This is starting to get real messy.”

Fan Meinan too, was shocked by what she saw.

“This is what makes Evil Scientist so scary. His mechanical creations will only get stronger, and in fact, as long as he desires to create something, there is nothing he can’t make,” the bald man proclaimed with a solemn face.

At the same time, Vandal King was in trouble as well. Raphael was in no way as mighty as the Decepticons, but his flexibility and agility were clearly unmatched. Although Vandal King’s dismantling abilities were powerful, he needed to get his hands on his target to make it work. Right now, Raphael was running all over the place, bouncing from wall to wall, and sometimes even attacking from the ceiling. Vandal King couldn’t even lay eyes on his target for more than a second, let alone destroy it. In fact, he was in grave danger this time.

Fortunately, Phantom Ninja arrived in time and harrumphed, “Ninjas like him should only be dealt with by a professional ninja!”

“Let us take care of this. You should hurry and stop Evil Scientist. Don’t worry; we will take over the power distribution room and stop other enemies!” assured Daddy Cowboy.

“Erm… you meant you’ll stay here and gain experience by eliminating the weaker enemies, but we’ll have to go up and face the tough boss?!” the bald man asked.

“Yes, that’s what we meant. Do you have any more questions?” Dessert King replied. The bald man clenched his fists. “No, I’m very happy that you can help us. Let’s solve the crisis together!” “My little Mi, I will pray for you!” Ms. Cat cooed and made a V gesture.

The six members of the New Year’s Eve Game Team resolutely marched into the sightseeing elevator amid the backdrop of loud cheers.

As the elevator door closed, Fan Meinan raised her hand cannon. “Mind if I kill the guys below after we settle our main business?”

“Count me in,” Zhang Heng said. He knew from the beginning that some of those people were unreliable. Let’s not mention how unstable the Lego World was. As far as the quest’s difficulty was concerned, it was unlikely that the system would send so many people to help them all of a sudden. Sure, it was a pleasant surprise that master builders came forward during the battle, helping them enter the elevator smoothly and all, but they obviously still needed to fight the final battle by themselves.

“I hope we get to see the mechanical version of Kantai Collection when we open the door. It’ll help me feel better when I fight them,” the waiter said.