Chapter 362 Fire In The Hole !

At 5:17, a beam of light appeared above Canton Tower and shot out straight to the dome.

A huge air vortex subsequently appeared at the end of the light. The whole incident could have been a scene from ‘Avengers’ when aliens were invading New York (here, the conscientious author has omitted the 500-word description of the magnificent scenario)…

Tourists and passer-bys all started taking out their phones and snapping pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Alright, the quantum collider has been activated! It’s time for us to make a move,” Mei Nan said. “Remember our plan. Lay low, ride the elevator as a tourist up to the Star and Cloud Observation Deck, and get to the 488 Lookout from there. Oh, and one more thing, please keep in mind that we only have seven minutes to complete this mission.”

She got up from her seat first, and the other six followed her. Vandal King rubbed his pliers together, looking ever ready. The bald man put on a pair of sunglasses and adjusted his tie. His cool demeanor didn’t last very long, though. He had just stepped out of the coffee shop when his face suddenly fell. “Shit. I left the toilet seat inside.”

Two minutes later, he rushed out of the cafe with a surfing board and was now brimming with confidence. “Come on, let’s get out there and stop evil together!”

As soon as he said that, there was a huge explosion at the gate of the Canton Tower.

The team of guards standing there was all thrown off by the blast. Then, a masked man on a motorcycle carrying a dessert box sped past. He tossed the box at the bionics, and when they caught the box, their first instinct was to throw it away. The delicious aroma coming from within, however, caused them to hesitate. Some even went as far as to take a bite. Immediately, they looked clouded and intoxicated, and like an internet-addicted teenager, they tossed their weapons aside and began dancing awkwardly on the spot.

“Hey… I wasn’t even gone for two minutes, and you guys already decided to change plans?” asked the bald man who was gobsmacked.

“That has nothing to do with us. He’s not one of us!” Mei Nan frowned.

Then, a giant lollipop, about five meters wide and fifteen meters long came down from the sky towards the patrol car. In a frenzy, the guards inside the vehicle fled as fast as they could. Simultaneously, a loud alarm rang. The defensive system that Evil Scientist set up was in motion, and more bionics dressed in black began pouring in from all directions. The masked man soon ran out of desserts to throw. Although he was doing his best to make more, he clearly couldn’t keep up with the ever-multiplying enemy. Just then, a horse neighed loudly.

“Hold on, pretty boy,” a charming and masculine voice could be heard saying. The crowd turned to look, seeing a handsome old man in a hat. The cowboy wore a collared shirt, vest, green scarf, and leather boots. He charged in from Yuejiang West Road riding a maroon-colored pony.

Drawing the revolver at his waist with one hand, he gave off the coolest look, pulling the trigger at the bionics.

Bullets flew out of the gun’s muzzle, and before they knew it, the bionics suddenly found themselves fighting against a formidable enemy. They thought they were about to complete a side character’s task and were supposed to take a break, but even after the handsome old man had fired a wave of angry shots, no one was hit.

The bionics looked around and were relieved. However, out of nowhere, a rope suddenly fell down from the sky and tied them all together!

“Oh, how naive! Dear children, the bullets were just a distraction. A cowboy’s real attack is with a rope, of course!” the old man said as he shook his fist. With a loud huff, the bionics were bound together so tightly by the lasso that they could barely move. “Oh, it’s Dessert King, Candy Baby, and Daddy Cowboy! This is great! I thought they’d never come!” the waiter squealed in excitement.

“Ahem… I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve covered my face, and people who do that, under normal circumstances, do not wish to reveal their true identity. Ah, forget it,” Dessert King coughed twice, taking off his hood on his head. “Yes, we’ve come.”

While the conversation went on, two fully automatic missile launchers were quietly aimed at them. However, just when the bionic in charge issued a launch order, the missile launcher was strangely unable to receive electronic instructions.

A hearty voice said, “I apologize for the interruption. I am Rocketman. By the time you hear this, I have already gone to space. My rocketship and I have already hijacked all satellites, and I’m sorry to inform you that your satellite-guided weapons can no longer be used.”

“Cool! Even Rocketman is here! I knew it! People won’t just abandon the city!” When the waiter saw the familiar face, he became very emotional. “Except for Ocean King, who has been detained by his boss to write codes, everyone is here! Old friends coming together again… isn’t this amazing?”

“When you said ‘old friends’, did you include me?” asked a deep, hoarse voice.

When everyone turned around to look, they saw what appeared to be a series of flashbacks.

“Phantom Ninja? Wait. When did unfold in this direction…” said the bald man. “I remember you. Didn’t Evil Scientist brutally murdered you? Your ass is still hanging on the wall of Wanda Cinema. It always makes me feel very sad whenever I see it.”

“That’s right, I’ve returned this time to get my backside back!” Phantom Ninja cried. “It’s time for justice to return, and for evil to pay the price!”

“Aww… what a touching speech. But you haven’t answered my question about how you’re still alive.” The bald man shook his head, then looked at Mei Nan. “What should we do now? Continue our plan?”

Main Nan raised the box-gun in her hand and rolled her eyes, “Forget the plan! Let’s just get into action!”

“I like this new plan.” The bald man removed his sunglasses and quickly transformed it into a flash grenade. He threw it into the lobby of Canton Tower and shouted, “Fire in the hole!” Then he started running in with the toilet seat.

About this time, Zhang Heng also completed his piece, next to him was a red Iron Man suit.