48 Hours a Day

Chapter 361 - Welcome To Join Us

Chapter 361 Welcome To Join Us

The bald man was all suited up, leather shoes, and a surfboard under his arm. His appearance captured lots of attention around him, especially when the picture on the back of his surfboard was a lid of a toilet bowl.

The six didn’t ascend the tower immediately for fear of alerting their enemies, instead electing to sit at a nearby cafe nearby and wait for the quantum collider to be activated.

“Okay, from now on, we have to be careful with what we do. There are surveillance cameras everywhere around us, and that includes the Evil Scientist’s bionics.” Fan Meinan lowered her voice. “Always remember that we are just tourists. Don’t do anything that will blow your cover… I’m talking about you, Vandal King.”

Vandal King reluctantly put the ashtray that he was dismantling back to its original spot, and Fan Meinan angrily slammed her coffee mug on the missing part of the ashtray. “You need to curb your desire for dismantling items. Just wait one more hour, and you can destroy whatever the heck you want.”

“I’m sorry. I got excited before our operation,” Vandal King sheepishly replied as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Having stayed silent for some time, Fan Meinan was a little surprised seeing how the two most provocative in the team, the waiter and bald man, were quieter and more obedient than anyone else. Fan Meinan thought they had finally grown up, and it wasn’t until she turned around that she found out that they were staring at a woman with a wide-brimmed hat sitting at the next table.

Their unabashed glares were alarming, where the woman in the hat was apparently beginning to feel embarrassed by the way she was being looked at. Well, or rather, a little restless, considering how both her hands trembled as she held her coffee mug. Clearly, she was afraid of them.

“You two, I can understand your feelings about being single for so long, but don’t forget what today’s business is! And believe me, as a girl, I can tell you for sure that you can’t win a girl’s heart by staring like that.”

“I don’t know,” the waiter scratched his head, “I have never seen her before, but she looks familiar to me. Is this the ‘love at first sight’ thing that everyone has been talking about?”

“Even if you truly fell in love at first sight, you should know the first-come-first-serve basis. I had my eyes on her first, obviously,” growled the bald man. Seemingly dissatisfied, he went on, “As a friend, you should quit silently and bless me at a time like this.”

The waiter had no intention of taking a step back. “There is no such saying,” he retorted.

“We should play it fair and square. It’s got nothing to do with the order. Someone once said that there are only 20,000 people in this world who can make you fall in love at first sight. You probably won’t even cross paths with one in your entire life. Since she’s my love at first sight, I’ll make sure that I won’t give up on her.”

Fan Meinan slapped her forehead. “After staring at the girl like this, you two are out of the game. There’s nothing else for you to fight for.”

At that moment, the woman with the wide-brimmed hat seemed to have made up her mind, hastily packing her books and laptop on the table. After being stared at for such a long time, she had become so uncomfortable that she wanted to leave the place as fast as she could. She picked up her Scottish Fold and left in a hurry. She obviously liked cats a lot; not only did she bring a cat with her, but her purse was also printed with a cat. Even her shirt had cartoon cats printed on it.

Fan Meinan raised her cup.

“Congratulations, your ‘love at first sight’ is coming to an end here. Let’s make a toast to the fastest break up in the world!” she beamed.

What she did not expect was that Zhang Heng, who had been silent all the while, stood up and approached the girl. His actions caused the waiter and bald man to feel like enemies were attacking their very hearts.

“It’s over; I blame you. Someone else has claimed our target.”

Seeing that Zhang Heng was approaching her, the woman with the wide-brimmed hat became even more nervous. She almost ran away, but when Zhang Heng said something, she instantly stopped in her tracks. Seeming skeptical at first, she eventually began to talk to him after a while.

The bald man was amazed. “Damn! He’s good, right? Besides awakening, does the chosen one also possess the skill of picking up girls? This is making me jealous.”

It didn’t take long before Zhang Heng came back with the woman.

“Is he personally announcing their relationship in front of us losers? Damn, this is making me sad! Is this even necessary?” the waiter cried in grief.

“Allow me to introduce her. She is Ms. Cat, a master builder. Ms. Cat, this is Messenger, Demon Butcher, Mobile Arsenal, Vandal King, and just like me, this is Fan Meinan.”

Ms. Cat stretched out her hands for a handshake.

“Wait, you are Mrs. Cat?” The waiter was shocked, “You do resemble her a bit, but it appears you have also put on some sort of disguise like us. No wonder you looked familiar. So it’s not love at first sight after all.”

The bald man was also disappointed. “I thought I met one of those 20,000 people,” he said.

After Ms. Cat took a seat, she explained the reason why she wanted to escape. She had initially thought that Zhang Heng and his team were working for Evil Scientist and that her cover was blown.

“So, you are also here to stop Evil Scientist from destroying the world?” the waiter asked. “It seems you have received Messenger Bee’s message.” “Messenger Bee? What Messenger Bee?” Ms. Cat looked a little puzzled. “I did see a swarm of bees flying in front of me, and I was so frightened that I fainted. Well, I actually learned from the cats that Evil Scientist plans to destroy the world. This whole thing is somewhat complicated to explain. In a nutshell, my cat heard from the neighbor’s cat’s girlfriend’s best friend about her neighboring cat, who was bragging about how evil his master is. Today, he will open the space portal and let all the monsters in. So, I came here to find a way to stop him.”

The bald man attempted to invite her to his team. “Great! Our goal is the same as yours,” he exclaimed. “It feels good to meet people who share the same cause. You can join our New Year’s Eve Game Team and fight Evil Scientist with us. We need to remove the Infinite Building Block from the quantum collider. Let’s save the city!”

Ms. Cat was taken aback when she heard that. “New Year, what New Year? Isn’t Chinese New Year five months away? If you guys are talking about the New Year’s Day, it’s still three months before we get to celebrate it.”

The bald man gave Zhang Heng an ‘I-knew-something-like-this-would-eventu ally-happen’ look.

“Don’t be bothered by unnecessary things. In short, we welcome you to our team,” Zhang Heng said. “Having more people help us will significantly increase our odds of winning this fight!”