Chapter 360 The Plan To Ascend The Tower

The night was uneventful. Since Evil Scientist was only going to open the space portal in the afternoon the next day, everyone decided to sleep in. The bald man and the waiter wanted to bring Vandal King out for some team building, getting him to cozy up with them and all, but before they could even step through the door, Messenger caught them sneaking about. The three had no choice but to return to their rooms.

Zhang Heng woke at ten in the morning and made breakfast for everyone. At twelve in the afternoon, Mei Nan and Messenger returned after going out to assess the situation. The other three also came out of their respective rooms. When they had finished their meal, Zhang Heng started a meeting to discuss their strategies.

Hot-off-the-press on the table was a diagram of Canton Tower.

Located on the south bank of the Pearl River, Canton Tower was the tallest structure in the city. Its main building stood at 450 meters, and when added with the 150-meter antenna mast on the top of the tower, it made up a combined height of a whopping 600 meters.

“Evil Scientist’s quantum collider is here,” said Mei Nan while pointing at the diagram. “The 488 Look Out Observation Deck at 488 meters is popular among tourists for photography and provides an excellent birds-eye view of the city. It is also the highest point that visitors can reach. A week ago, they suddenly announced that the deck was no longer open to the outside world. Evil Scientist must have snuck his quantum collider in at that time.”

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“Does that mean we will have to get there first if we want to remove the Infinite Building Block from the quantum collider?” the waiter asked.

“That’s not going to be easy. As far as I know, Evil Scientist has already replaced all the tower’s employees with his own people. Needless to say, when he officially activates the quantum collider, security measures will be tightened up by a couple of notches. There will be an army waiting for us at the bottom of the tower,” the bald man said, looking more serious than ever.

“Er,r then… how about we just get to the tower from the sky? Don’t we still have the Helicarrier?” The waiter suggested.

“That won’t do. Evil Scientist knows that we have the Helicarrier. He will make sure to defend against that. In fact, when I was out scouting, I found many large anti-aircraft weapons nearby, most of them disguised as ice cream carts, ambulances, and all kinds of things. However, they can immediately transform into deadly weapons once an aerial enemy is detected,” said Mei Nan.

“In that case, we’ll just fight with everything we’ve got,” Vandal King said. He rubbed his plier-like hands together, and the sofa next to him disappeared. Since his destructive ability got restored, it was as if a switch had been flipped, and his desire for destruction, suppressed for so long now, had all returned to him. Now he would feel restless whenever he wasn’t destroying something. Thanks to that, the bald man and the waiter had to keep creating things for him to help cure his itch. Fortunately, the war was near, and there was no need to worry that there would be nothing to take apart. As for what would happen after they defeated Evil Scientist, nobody really thought of that.

“Fighting is necessary, but we have to strategize,” said Mei Nan as she looked at Zhang Heng. “You want to do it, or should I?” “You go ahead. I’ll come in later if necessary,” Zhang Heng answered.

“Alright, then. The fastest way to get to the top of the tower is to take the elevator. If we happen to fight the enemy at the bottom of the tower, alerting the enemy of our arrival, they’ll probably cut off the electricity supply to the entire tower as a precaution. If that happens, we’ll have to climb the stairs all the way to 500 meters. Who knows how much strength we’ll have left to fight by then? What if the monster arrives?” said Mei Nan.

“Then what should we do?”

“Do all we can not to alert the enemy. I don’t know why, but for some reason, Evil Scientist did not completely close off Canton Tower. Although we cannot access the 488 Observation Deck, the Star and Cloud Observation Heck below is still open to the public. It’s not too far from 488, only about 10 meters apart. We need to get there first.”

“Understood. We’ll just have to pretend we are tourists,” the waiter snapped his fingers. “Hold on… We won’t be able to use the team logo anymore, right? I’ve gone through the whole nine yards to design it… it took me so bloody long. Taken my feelings into consideration for one second?” the bald man frowned.

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Mei Nan blinked. “Yes. Do you have any more questions?”

“I guess I’ll put the logo on the inside. When we battle, we just need to pull open our clothes to reveal the team logo,” the bald man said. “If you insist,” Mei Nan sighed. “If all goes well, we can take the elevator directly to the Star and Cloud Observation Hall. Of course, we must also consider the possibility of our covers getting blown. It that happens, we move to Plan B. We’ll have to eliminate the security personnel around us as fast as we can. Then, some of us will take the elevator, while the others get to the second basement and take over the electrical room. When we reach the Star and Cloud observation deck, we then evacuate.”

“How long would that take?”

“Five meters per second on the sightseeing elevator, six meters per second on the passenger elevator, and ten meters per second on the emergency elevator. In total, forty to eighty seconds. If we go higher up, we will have to fight. Of course, this is all just theoretical. Should something unexpected happen, everyone will need to respond accordingly. Any questions?” asked Fan Meinan while glancing around the room. Her gaze soon landed on Zhang Heng. “What about you? Is there anything you’d like to


“You’ve already said everything I wanted to say. We’ll change and move out,” Zhang Heng answered. “What hair and clothes do you want?”

“Just ordinary sportswear is fine. As for the hair, a single braid.”

“Copy that.”

An hour and a half later, a tour bus stopped in front of Canton Tower, and the six alighted the vehicle, their appearances now significantly altered. There were even unrecognizable to their closest friends, and as a matter of fact, looked no different from a group of tourists. Except…

“Are you serious? Must you bring this?” Mei Nan asked the bald man, who had a toilet seat between his armpits.

The latter scratched his chin. “Yeah. I said it before. This time, when I see Evil Scientist, I will return the smart toilet seat back to him. This is a man’s promise, and it must be fulfilled.”

“But the problem is… have you ever seen a tourist who carries a toilet seat around?”

“Err… I can pretend that I’m a worker in charge of changing toilet seats of public toilets.”

“I don’t think it will work.”

“Or we can make a little disguise, and make this thing look like a surfing board. It might look a little odd, but at least it would look much better,” said Zhang Heng.