48 Hours a Day

Chapter 355 - Are We Going To Die?

Chapter 355 Are We Going To Die?

“Are you… going to explain what happened behind the garbage dump?” “As you can see, I built a simplified version of the Hellcarrier,” Zhang Heng said.


As the two were talking, the voice of the waiter echoed from a distance. “Cool, there’s even a coffee machine here? Oh, it’s Nespresso! Damn, I want a cup of coffee now How did you build this thing in three minutes?! That’s incredible! Is this the true strength of the chosen one? I take back the words I said to you before, and I apologize most sincerely to you. With your leadership, we might really be able to defeat the evil scientist …”

“It’s a bit complicated to explain. Something unexpected happened earlier; I don’t know if my method will work.”

The unexpected event Zhang Heng referred to was the first time he played with other players in the Apollo Training Camp. His extra 24 hours caused a game-time error, and the mistake wasn’t directly intercepted by the so-called ‘second-level authority’ when he was playing alone. Zhang Heng also didn’t know what the outcome would be if he failed the audit. This time, he was in a rare quest where he could leave freely. It was the best opportunity to test it out.

The results went beyond his expectations. When the watch pointed twelve, he entered the parallel dungeon smoothly. There was no warning or penalty for cheating, and it seemed to be the system’s default way of dealing with a player like him in a multiplayer dungeon. The alarm triggered in the previous round wasn’t existent in this one.

Zhang Heng traveled to the parallel dungeon four years ago, before the incidents that happened right now. He met the young version of the bald man, the waiter, the Messenger, and other master builders. He even met the scientist before he became an evil scientist.

Just like what the bald man told him, the evil scientist was the leader of all master builders. He was powerful, fair, selfless, and charismatic. Zhang Heng could get all the answers to his questions about assembling LEGO blocks from the scientist. In fact, he was the one who had helped Zhang Heng fortify his foundation in LEGO theory.

This simplified version of Helicarrier was first proposed by the scientist, and he guided Zhang Heng step by step all the way to its completion.

Until the terrible war erupted, Zhang Heng was one of the few who got to witness how a respectable scientist turned into an evil scientist, gaining a clearer and more intuitive view of his characteristics.

“Well, I won’t ask you how you transformed from a rookie to a LEGO master in the blink of an eye… I just want to know what level your LEGO assembly skills are?” Mei Nan asked.

“Lv.2, and it should be almost at the top of Lv.2,” said Zhang Heng.

In those 480 days, he had practically learned all the best creations from all the master builders. In the beginning, it was difficult to learn anything from them but after his skills were upgraded to Level 2, it became a lot easier to understand these things. His strong basics also allowed him to understand the quintessence of creation, and the was no need for him to learn from the beginning.

“Tsk tsk… so, from now on, we win battles with a snap of a finger?”

Mei Nan sat down on the couch in the control room.

“It’s not that simple,” Zhang Heng shook his head. “The Evil Scientist probably has a Level 3 assembly skill. He is not on the same level as other master builders. He is something else. No one is as powerful as him, and that was three years ago. Considering how he always carried the Infinite Block with him, I don’t know how powerful he is right now. I don’t think I can defeat him.”

“Wait a minute, with your Level 2 max strength, no one in the real world is more powerful than you.”

“I suppose so,” Zhang Heng said. “If you can’t beat the evil scientist, then no one can complete this game.”

Mei Nan had overestimated the strength of the evil scientist, but she still didn’t expect him to be this powerful, not without the help of Infinite Block.

“How did other master builders defeat the evil scientist three years ago?”

Zhang Heng said nothing. Instead, he looked at the bald man with a cup in hand, waiting in line to get some coffee. “Why are you looking at me? I’m just going to have cup of coffee. Is it necessary for you to keep staring at me like this? Okay… I admit that I stole a missile launch button on the control panel, but I will return it in a while, aight?”

Mei Nan soon understood what Zhang Heng meant. “You mean he is the key to defeat the evil scientist?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but you may be right. This dungeon has a very high requirement for the player’s LEGO assembly skills. Those who can’t build in this quest would not have got to where we are now, and the further the quest progresses, the higher the requirements for skills are. However, if you want to pass the final level, one cannot solely rely on their assembly skills. I haven’t thought of a way to defeat the evil scientist, but I know that the bald guy has the most special relationship with the Evil Scientist among all the master builders. And he is also the master builder who talked to us at the beginning of the quest. I think his role is more than just a novice guide.”

“Ha! What you said reminded me that I chose to leave the waste collection station earlier, the Messenger and the bald guy were the ones that survived in the battle. The Demon Butcher sacrificed himself to let them escape. This can’t be a coincidence. It shows that he is very likely to be the final piece of the puzzle to complete the final stage. Judging by my experience, I advise you not to place too much hope on him.”

On the other hand, the waiter had already finished a cup of coffee, and he looked refreshed. He even made two macarons and shared one with the bald man. The two had a hearty breakfast on the Helicarrier.

“We are finally safe now. Where should we go next?”

“Well, I would like to go home first and grab the smart toilet seat that the evil scientist gave me. You know, I’m returning that thing to him,” the bald man said. “After that, we can find a place to take a good bath, have a foot massage, and perhaps karaoke in the KTV. After all, the battle is in two days. We need to relax, and we just formed our team not long ago. Everyone is still unfamiliar with each other; we need some team building to increase our rapport.”

“Good idea, I haven’t been to the KTV for a long time. The bar I work at hires a live band every night, and I learned many new songs over there. I can perform for you guys when we go to the KTV!”

The waiter rubbed his hands gleefully. Then, he suddenly remembered something.

“Wait, your previous plan to contact other master builders failed miserably. We don’t have enough people to attack Canto Tower. Does this mean we are all going to die in the upcoming battle?”.

“I don’t think so. You are too pessimistic, but I strongly recommend that we spend all our money one day before the battle,” said the bald man.