48 Hours a Day

Chapter 353 - Ladybug

Instead of following Mei Nan’s advice and choose one of the three master builders as his teacher, he talked to everyone first. After having a short chat, he was confident that Messenger, the weakest master builder, would the best among the three when it came to teaching

Although she was timid and reluctant to speak, not to mention she kept covering her face with her hood, she demonstrated the quintessence of LEGO in great detail. Besides, she remained patient even after Zhang Heng asked her multiple questions. In a way, she was very similar to the man in shorts that Zhang Heng met in the deserted island quest.

On the other hand, the bald man and the waiter got Zhang Heng thinking. The creation of the bald man was indeed the most adaptable and useful of the three, but he was also the one who talked the most nonsense. He focussed on very peculiar things as well, continually cozying up with ideas that needed the most explanations. On the other hand, he would emphasize on insignificant things when he could.

The waiter didn’t have this problem, but he came with another. Although he looked humble from the outside, Zhang Heng found out that he was a closet showoff, and despite trying to put on a pleasant character, his arrogance oozed from within. For example, there was a Hello Kitty picture on the cushion that he built when he saved the Messenger. That was no coincidence. In fact, he would often play with his skill when he assembled his creation, constantly adding things that looked cool but were useless. Such dazzling craftsmanship was an unfriendly prospect for a newbie.

As a result, Zhang Heng finally chose the Messenger as his teacher and decided to follow her, learning from her the most basic skills of creation.

After staying awake the entire night, Zhang Heng’s managed to learn quite a few things from her. Looking at the ladybug on the ground that gently waved its antennae, this little creature was Zhang Heng’s first creation. The ladybug was the simplest insect one could create among all animals. Before this, he had again accidentally put together a nylon rope.

Through the Messenger’s thorough step-by-step demonstration, though, he was no longer so clueless about creation. There was a set of rules in the world of Lego, and they were was as simple as imitating the appearance of what was to be created. For example, the fishtail French bread actually looked very similar to a sword. The waiter, on the contrary, simply changed the appearance of his creations to show off his skills when the function of the item was barely affected.

This was probably what the bald man was referring to earlier. One had to grasp the essence of the thing they wanted to create. Every master builder was good at capturing the quintessence of their creation, which was why they could become master builders in the first place. Just one night of learning was not enough to level up Zhang Heng’s Lego assembly skill, but at least he was no longer clueless about creation and design.

The Messenger gave Zhang Heng a thumbs up as a gesture of approval for his first creation. Before Zhang Heng could say anything about it, the alarm was triggered.

“Not good, the evil scientist is here!” The waiter’s face changed.

“Damn it, those nasty flies are annoying,” frowned the bald man as well.

The two listened to Mei Nan’s suggestion and had installed a camera and a motion detector in the mouths of the stone lions in front of the entrance. From the monitoring screen, they could see a few vans stopping outside the recycling station. A group of heavily armed bionics in black suits jumped out, quickly surrounding the place from all corners.

“It seems like we have visitors.”

The bald man picked up a can of Coke on the table, rebuilt it into two grenades, and threw it out of the wall after pulling out the ring.

Two explosions marked the prelude for the battle. Mei Nan threw a box gun to Zhang Heng, before creating another one for herself.

The grenade that came from the sky fell into a group of bionics, blowing up many along the way. However, the remaining ones didn’t have any expressions of fear on their faces. Knowing that the plan was exposed, the enemies no longer hid in the dark, attacking the waste recycling station with full force.

A small team of bionics was attacking from the main entrance, and the rest opted to climb over the fence.

They were greeted by a volley of fierce gunfire. Zhang Heng killed the first two bionics with the box gun in his hand, but many jumped off the wall without the fear of death. The five had to retreat while shooting and fighting at the same time. Fortunately, garbage dumps were everywhere in the yard, and the discarded electronics became their best chance of shelter.

The myriad bullets that spat out of the Gatling gun harvested the lives of the bionics like a reaper on steroids. However, bionics only increased in number. The bald man cursed under his breath, throwing away the gun in his hand. He then drew the curtains beside him, revealing the countless bullet holes that had ripped through it.

The bald man used Metal Storm, a weapon of mass-destruction weapon that could fire 16,000 rounds of ammunition per second to destroy one of the walls. Everything in the path of the bullets was completely ravaged and destroyed.

Even after the bald man used his trump card to deal with the enemies, it only slightly relieved their woes. The bionics only increased in number, despite the many that had been slain. The bald man and the waiter turned around to look at Zhang Heng and Mei Nan.

“This time we can’t hold on any longer… if you have any other way to defeat them, now is the time to use them. Otherwise, we will see each other on the advertising wall of Wanda Studios!”

Mei Nan shook his head, “Don’t look at me. If I had a way to deal with them, I wouldn’t always have to watch the world end in the hands of the evil scientist.”

Messenger: “…” No one thought that Zhang Heng, ignored by everyone at this time, would suddenly say, “Give me three minutes.”

“Why, want to leave your last words with them? I should do so as well. Who can help me fight for three minutes? I need to call Candy Baby and say those three words I didn’t get to say last time,” the bald man said sadly.

However, Mei Nan that something seemed different about Zhang Heng. The two had never separated, but Zhang Heng was indeed different from a few seconds ago. His appearance hadn’t changed, though, and it was merely a conjecture of female instinct.

Mei Nan suggested the waiter, “Let’s release the butcher. There are no residents around here.”

“As you wish, chosen one.” The waiter then put down the AK-47 in his hand, and seconds later, a burly and hideous monster appeared in front of the crowd, holding a butcher knife in one hand and a hook in the other.

When the waiter was almost done assembling the butcher, he stretched his legs and kicked his creation into the crowd of bionics. At the same time, he also threw out the last block in his hand. It landed accurately on the eye of the butcher. The butcher then shook his head as if he just woke up from a long slumber. Immediately, he bit the bionic in front of him, and at the same time, began to emit a cloud of poisonous green gas, causing a massive group of bionics around him to drop on the ground motionless. The raining bullets, on the other hand, didn’t even leave a mark on his skin.