Chapter 351 Incredible Work

The Smart Fortwo stopped in front of a waste recycling station.

The bald man unfastened his seat belt and jumped out of the wheelchair.

“This is the place. The owner is a friend of mine, and I asked him to let us use it for a while. Don’t worry. It’s on the highway. No one usually comes to this place. What we’ll need to do now is to let the Messenger contact the other master builders. As soon as possible, hopefully.”

The other four people got out of the car as well. To prevent the bionics from finding their new base by pinpointing the car’s location, the Demon Butcher transformed it into two stone lions and placed them in front of the waste recycling station. The five walked into the waste recycling station, a place that specialized in recycling electronic waste. Thousands upon thousands of air conditioners, refrigerators, color TVs, and washing machines were piled up in the open space like a small hill.

“Great, there are lots of materials here for the Messenger to build the animal courier. By the way, the situation was critical just now, and I haven’t had time to introduce you,” the waiter said. “Messenger, these two are famous chosen ones. Guys, this is the Messenger.”

The Messenger nodded at the two of them. The first thing she did after getting out of the car was to make a hooded coat, which she used to cover her face.

The waiter explained, “Don’t misunderstand her. The Messenger is a timid person and doesn’t like to socialize. I have known her for so long, but I haven’t seen her talk to anyone before. Her existence is also the most special among the master builders. Her specialty is limited to only creating animal couriers

The bald man also spoke up, “Messenger, I am glad to see you again, but now is not the time to reminisce about the old days, not with me, at least. Anyway, we are not that close to each othera. In short, the evil scientist plans to destroy the entire city three days later. Fortunately, we have also found the chosen ones. Now we need to gather all the master builders to defeat the evil scientist and save the world. You’re the only person who can contact all the master builders, which is why those men in black attacked your residence. Now, I must also admit that I couldn’t stop staring at your breasts when you lost your shirt earlier. Are you still willing to help us?”

Just like what the waiter said earlier, the Messenger didn’t speak at all, simply nodding again when she heard what he said. After that, she climbed up the mountain of the garbage next to her and started to dismantle the discarded computers. She kept working on it, and the garbage dump in the center of the recycling station started getting noticeably smaller. Soon after that, the mountain of garbage was replaced by a huge, black, meteorite-like object with a bumpy surface.

“Uh…I think she might have misunderstood what I meant,” the bald man lowered his voice and said to the waiter. “If I were to tell her directly, I might hurt her feelings. Is there any way you can gently remind her?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve known the Messenger for a very long time. She’s the person I worry about the least. She knows exactly what she’s doing.”

The waiter seemed to be very confident. However, as soon as he said that, the Messenger’s feet slipped and she almost fell off the top of the huge meteorite. Fortunately she quickly stabilized herself and carried on with her work.

After half an hour, the waiter brought two plates of pan-fried steaks made from discarded mobile phones.

“Anyone wants to have dinner?”

At the same time, the Messenger had finally finished her work. She then climbed down from the meteorite.

The bald man was the first to talk to her. “Thanks for your hard work. A very outstanding job indeed. Other than working on the wrong thing, everything you’ve just done is wonderful. I wanted to remind you earlier, but the Demon Butcher disagreed with me. But it’s okay; we still have time, we can do it again… Wow!” Suddenly, a swarm of black bees flew out from the craters of the meteorite-like object.

The bald man was bewildered when he saw the flying insects. “So this meteor is actually a huge beehive! I take back what I said before, and I sincerely apologize to you. Messenger, you are incredible!”

“I told you. She knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Just as the waiter handed the piece steak to Zhang Heng, Mei Nan walked over.

“By the way, she asks what message you would want to convey to the other master builders?”

“Let me think…” the bald man cleared his throat. “Well, just write… we’ve lost a lot in the battle three years ago. Some friends are gone forever, and some are forced into hiding. We have contributed a lot to this city, and yet, we only got death and exile in return. You may put the words, death, and exile, in bold. You know, it increases the visual impact and creates unity… ahem…

“…these years haven’t been easy on all of us. In addition to the pressure we face each day, we have to avoid the evil scientist and his minions. They are everywhere, even at the rookie post. Honestly, this has gone way too far. For the past few years, I couldn’t even buy anything on the Double Eleven sales! The shadow of evil has only become stronger, and justice is all but bleak. I know that you have all wandered around, doubted, feared, and hoped that this is all just an awful nightmare. However, exclamation mark. Dash.

“…I also know that when this city is threatened again, all of you will still rise up and protect it without the slightest bit of hesitation. Just like what you’ve done before; unite, join your hands, and fight against evil together! I have received intel that the evil scientist will open the space portal in three days, destroying the world for his gain. Fortunately, we have also found the chosen ones.

“…you there, the elderly, we need your help now! Let us come together to end this malice once and for all! No more hiding, no more sadness. Because Spiderman once said that the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Now, the time has come for us to bear that responsibility. Dash. Your forever friend, Mobile Arsenal. Okay. why are you still standing there? Send these words out.”

The Messenger stood frozen when she heard the bald man’s long message.

“Uh… I think she meant that with the size of those bees, they might not be able to convey so much information,” the waiter interpreted.

“Well, then remove the last phrase and just say, ‘friends forever.’

“Take out Spiderman’s quote as well, although I must say I like that one a lot,” the bald man sighed. “That’s is the biggest concession I can make.”

The Messenger remained motionless.

“Well, fine! You win! Change the message to; we have found the chosen ones, come quickly!!!”