Chapter 349 Building Something

“The Evil Scientist always carried the Infinite Building Block with him, resulting in him becoming more and more powerful. Now, he’s unstoppable. Technically, we, too, will get our opportunity to strike when he opens the space portal this time since he’ll place the Infinite Building Block into the quantum collider. The moment the quantum collider starts to work, it will be impossible for him to take out the Infinite Building Block. There will be no such problem for us, though. Extracting the Infinite Building Block will also stop the quantum collider and save the whole city.”

“Let me start from the beginning. To open the space portal, we will need a quantum collider and an Infinite Building Block. Now, there are two quantum colliders. One is installed in Canto Tower, and the other, we have no idea where it is. So the best way to deal with it is to wait for the Evil Scientist to activate the quantum collider on Canto Tower. His power will be at its weakest at that time. Then, we defeat him, extract the Infinite Building Block from the quantum collider, close the space portal, and finally save the city?”

“Don’t forget that I need to return the smart toilet bowl that he gave me personally. And yes, that’s basically everything we need to do,” the bald man nodded.

“The Evil Scientist is mighty, and a group of bionics also fights alongside him. The few of us here are not powerful enough to defeat the Evil Scientist. We can’t even sneak into the Canto Tower,” the waiter replied in a worried tone.

“You’re right. It’s not enough to only have the chosen ones help us. We still need to find more allies,” the bald man said while looking at the waiter. “Actually, after finding the chosen one, I was planning to bring them to see you first.”

“You want to gather all the other surviving master builders to fight the Evil Scientists together?” The waiter was surprised. He frowned, continuing, “It’s a good idea, no doubt, but how are we supposed to achieve that? To avoid the Evil Scientist, everyone has chosen to stay hidden in recent years. I do have some of their contacts. Do you want me to help you find the Messenger?”

The bald man nodded, “The animal messengers built by the Messenger can help us to contact everyone in the shortest time possible. However, she seldom interacts with the other master builders. You have been on good terms with her since the beginning. We have to admit that many of us took wild guesses on the nature of your relationship.”

“Well, I do know where she lives,” the waiter scratched his head.

“Excellent, it shouldn’t be too late to go and look for her now,” smirked the bald man while smoothly taking a plate from the table next to him.

“The second test is coming.” Mei Nan said to Zhang Heng, “When we get to the Messenger’s house, we will run into the bionics that will attempt to catch her. There will be a battle.”

“Battle?” Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows. “But we are now with two master builders. They should be more powerful than me, right?” he said.

Mei Nan nodded, “Yes, although I didn’t commit to building LEGO, I have at least done it for a month. However, my current LEGO skills are still at Level 0. These two guys might look weak, but don’t be fooled. Their LEGO building skills are now least at LV2 since they acquired the title of master builder. In other words, they are equivalent to full-time LEGO players in the real world. They can assemble any LEGO model by themselves, shoot a short video, upload it on the Internet, attract a large number of fans, and become Internet celebrities. They are stronger than us, but…”


“You will know later,” Mei Nan sighed.

The four soon came up to a residential area that seemed to be quite old; its residents mainly elderly people. Every household had flowers and potted plants on the balcony. The waiter then pointed to the top floor of an old apartment with a pigeon loft.

“The Messenger lives there, and the pigeons in the loft are all created by her.”

“Uhh… did you tell the Messenger in advance that we’re coming for a visit? Is she planning to kill a few pigeons to serve us?” The bald man squinted. He was very observant. The pigeons in the loft were all stumbling around and there was also blood spattered on the cages.

“Not good.”

The waiter’s expression changed. As soon as the bald man was done talking, he saw a hooded person jumping out of the window. The person stepped on the raised edge of the window sill and attempted to climb over to the balcony next door. A man in black was following her from behind.

The bald man’s expression changed. “Those are the bionics serving the Evil Scientist. It seems that they are a step ahead of us; they found the Messenger first. The Evil Scientist must be worried that she might contact other master builders in this city to stop him.”

As he spoke, the waiter was already rushing over to her. He disassembled the plants, wall tiles, and fitness equipment along the way as he ran, and when he was downstairs, he already had an inflatable cushion with an image of Hello Kitty with him.

At this time, the hooded person was in a massive predicament. She tried her best to stick her body to the wall and moved step by step to the opposite balcony. However, the man in black extended his body out of the window and attempted to grab her.

The waiter yelled at the top of his lungs, “Jump, Messenger, jump!!!”

The Messenger looked down and hesitated. After all, she lived on the seventh floor. The man in black took the opportunity, managing to grab her shoulder. A grin broke on his face the moment he caught her, but the next moment, he only found a hooded jacket in his hand.

The Messenger gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and jumped from the stairs, landing on the freshly made inflatable cushion. Before everyone could take a breath, more people in black rushed out of the corridor towards the waiter and the Messenger.

Seconds later, there was the loud rattling of machine guns firing. The bald man made use of the time to build a Gatling gun and was shooting at the enemies. The LEGO bullets were larger than the usual, as big as a fist. However, they traveled slower and could be seen by the naked eye. That said, they were just as deadly as real bullets.

As soon as the bald man joined the fight, he immediately suppressed the men in black who were going after them. But as the first attack subsided, the surviving black-clothed bionic men began to look for shelter and drew their guns to fight back. Now, it was the bald man’s turn to feel the pressure. He said to the waiter, “Let the butcher out. There are too many of them!”

However, the waiter shook his head when he heard the suggestion. “No, the butcher’s combat power is too great, and I won’t be able to control him once I summon him. Besides, there are too many civilians in this place.”

In fact, not too far away from their battle, there was an older man who was sunbathing. At the beginning of the battle, he attempted to run for his life with a look of horror on his face. Unfortunately, his legs seemed to have lost their potency, only managing to move 50 centimeters after a long while.

The two of them seemed to have discussed the battle plan in advance. They turned around to look at Zhang Heng and Mei Nan. “Hurry up, build something. Whatever that can help to stop the enemies!” they shouted.